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九年级Unit 14易错点训练&能力提升

Ⅰ. 单项选择
( D )1. Please ________ the stove after cooking, or it may be dangerous. A. turn on C. turn down B. turn up D. turn off


B )2. —What are you doing now?
—I am writing to my cousin. She moved to

America two weeks ago. She must be
________ receiving my email. A. listening to C. hoping to B. looking forward to D. thanks to

( C )3. __________ the English teacher's help, Li Lei passed the English exam in the end.

A. Thanks for
C. Thanks to

B. Thank for
D. Thank to

( D )4.—Would you like to go and see Kung Fu Panda Ⅱ

with me tonight?
—Thank you very much, but I ________it already. A.see C.am seeing B.will see D.have seen

( A )5. —What's wrong with that boy?

—He ________ by a car yesterday.
A. was hit B. hits C. is hit D. hit


In America, parents want their children to do something
they can. For example,they want them to use money wisely (精明地). When the children __1__ very young, parents __2__ telling them the kinds of money. Parents also tell them __3__

money can be used.

When the children __4__ a little older, parents teach them

to save up money. If the children want to buy something, they
can use __5__ money. Parents will tell them what they should buy and what they __6__. When children use their money, parents often tell them to share(分享)with others. Parents are glad __7__ their children

share their money and help others. __8__ this way, the
children can learn to be helpful. Parents also teach their children to make a plan for __9__ money. It is good for them.

In America, people often sell some of their __10__ things.

So the children often put the old toys in front of their house. If
people buy them, they can get some money. Some children help others wash cars or sell newspapers to get money.

( A )1. A.are still C.are yet

B.still are D.yet are

( C ) 2.A.began
C.have begun

B.has begun
D.will begin D.where

( C )3.A.what B.when C.how ( A )4.A.become C.change

B.will become D.will change

( B )5.A.his own
C.own his

B.their own
D.own their

( D )6.A.mustn't


( B )7.A.seeing C.looking ( C )8. A. For B. By

B.to see D.to look C. In C. to use D. On D. used

( A )9. A. using B. use

( A )10. A. old

B. new

C. useful

D. good

Ⅲ. 阅读理解 Sydney is in the southeast of Australia. It is the oldest

and largest city in Australia. People from all over the world
come and visit this city. The city's most famous building is the Sydney Opera House. Lots of people come to visit it. So, if you are visiting Sydney, you know where to go first. A visit to Sydney is

incomplete without a visit to the beach. The Bondi Beach is

famous in the world. You can spend a day here. The restaurants, bars, and cafes are near the beach. From the

beach, you can visit the Darling Harbor.
The Sydney Aquarium is a long tunnel

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