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1. You've just finished your listening exam. Please get yourself ready for the next part, A. shall we

B. will you

C. do you

D. are you D. How much

2. do you have a face-to-face talk with your parent(s)? A. How often B. How soon expressions. A. to learn Edison A. an; a

B. the; the

C. a; the

D. an; the

5. ---How do you like your English teacher?

---He is great. We friends since three years ago. A. were A. her

B. have made

B. him

C. have been

C. his

D. have become

D. hers

6. ---Hi, Jim! Is this your bike or Mary's? --- It's mine, not 7. We can't work out the physics problem. Can you tell us A. how to do B. what to do it A. wear

B. put on

C. how to do it C. wearing

D. what should to do D. putting on

8. Mary is used to a T-shirt and jeans.

9. Of the two coats, she'd like to choose the one to save money for a book. A. cheapest A. sometime

B. cheaper

C. more expensive D. most expensive

D. some times

D. is going to have

10. He said he would come to see us the next afternoon.

B. some time

C. sometimes

11. There a basketball match between Class One and Class Three this afternoon. A. is going to be

B. will have

C. are going to be

A. So do I B. So have I A. Who are you, please? C. Who is it, please? government.

A. is taking good care C. is taking good care of

C. How many

3. One of the difficulties we have English is how to remember new words and

B. in learning

C. learn

D. learned

4. Our Chinese teacher told us interesting story and story was about Thomas

C. So I do D. So I have

B. Of course, you can. D. Sorry, you can't.

14. In many places in China, the old over 90 not only by their family but also by the

B. are taken good care of D. are taken good care


15. ―Don't to strangers on your way to and from school‖, mother often to me.

A. speak; says B. speak; tells

A. who B. whose C. talk; speaks C. which D. talk; tells D. whom 16. Jane is one of the students in the class have ever been to China.

17. ---May I come in? I'm sorry I am late.

---Come in, please. But could you please tell me ?

A. how do you come to school

C. who you talked with B. what were you doing then D. why you are late again

18. Keep off the drugs(毒品), you and your family will be in great danger?

A. and B. or

C. but D. so 19. ---Excuse me. Is the library open all day? --- . Only from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. A. Yes, of course B. That's right C. Sorry, I'm not sure

A. will; grow


1. A【解析】反意疑问句的用法。祈使句的反意疑问部分是will you,因此选A。

2. A【解析】词义辨析。how often―多久一次‖,对频率提问;how soon―多久‖,对将来时态中的―in+一段时间‖提问;how many―多少,对可数名词提问;how much―多少‖,对不可数名词提问。句意―你多长时间与你的父母进行一次面对面地交流‖,因此选A。

3. B【解析】定语从句的用法。句中的主语含有一个定语从句,省略了关系代词that,one of the difficulties是作为定语从句中的宾语。have difficulty ( in ) doing sth.做某事有困难,句意―我们学习英语的一个困难是怎样记住新的单词和表达‖,因此选B。

4. D【解析】冠词的用法。句意―我们的语文老师给我们讲了一个有趣的故事,这个故事是关于托马斯·爱迪生的‖,因此选D。

5. C【解析】现在完成时态的用法。由答句中的since three years ago知,主语用现在完成时态,且动词用延续性动词,因此选C。

6. D【解析】名词性物主代词。答句意为―是我的,不是她的‖,此处用名女性的名词性物主代词,因此选D。

7. C【解析】疑问词后接动词不定式。句意―我们不能算出这个物理难题,你能告诉我们怎样算出来‖,what可作为do的宾语,how不可作为do的宾语,因此后需加代词it,因此选C。

8. C【解析】词义辨析。句意―玛丽习惯于穿T恤衫和牛仔裤‖,be used to doing sth.习惯于 D. Sorry, I'm afraid not C. is; growing D. is; grown 20. The population of the world still now. B. has; grown 2

做某事,因此排除选项A、B,wear强调状态,put on强调动作,由句意知―此处应用状态‖,因此选C。

9. B【解析】比较级的用法。由save money―节省钱‖知,在两件外套中,她想选择便宜的那件,因此选B。

10. A【解析】词义辨析。句意―他说明天下午的某个时间将来看我们‖,sometime某个时间,some time一段时间,sometimes有时,some times几次,因此选A。

11. A【解析】There be的将来时态。There be的将来时态是There is going to/ will be…(名词单数),因此选A。

12. B【解析】倒装句的用法。答句意为―我也改变了工作‖,上句是由have构成的完成时态,因此答句由have/ has构成完全倒装句,因此选B。

13. C【解析】情景对话。此对话为电话用语,在不明白对方是谁的情况下可用it,因此选C。

14. B【解析】被动语态的用法。句意―在中国的许多地方,超过90岁的人不仅被家庭好好照顾着,而且也被政府照顾着‖。the old指一类人,因此是复数形式,故排除A、C,被动语态中的动作须是及物动词,因此选B。

15. A【解析】词义辨析。句意:―在你上学或放学的途中,不要对陌生人讲话‖,妈妈常常对我说。speak to sb.对某人讲,say侧重于讲话的内容,因此A。

16. A【解析】关系代词的用法。此句是定语从句,先行词是students,且在定语从句中作主语,因此用关系词who。

17. D【解析】宾语从句的用法。由宾语从句用陈述句的语序可排除选项A、C,又由上句―我迟到了‖知,宾语从句意为―你为什么迟到了‖,因此选D。

18. B【解析】连词的用法。句意―远离毒品,否则你和你的家人将会很危险的‖,or否则,因此选B。

19. D【解析】情景对话。由后句―只是从上午8点到下午4点‖,前句意为―对不起,我恐怕不是的‖,因此选D。

20. C【解析】现在进行时态的用法。句意―现在世界的人口数量还在不断增长‖,因此选C。 单项填空

21. ---You’ve dropped _________―s‖in the word ―necessary‖.

--- Oh, _________ letter ―s‖ is doubled.

A. a; a B. a; the C. an; the D. the; the

22.—to send this post card to New York by airmail?

--Let me check. Oh, it’s one dollar.

A how long it takes B how much it costs

C who can help me D if there’s a post office

23. ---Andy, where is your sister?

--- She ___________ university. She won’t return until July 15.


A. has gone to B. has been to C. went to D. goes to

24. David ___________a letter to his friend from eight to nine last night. When he got up this morning he continued writing it.

A. wrote B. read C. was reading D. was writing

25. ---Must I be home before eight o’clock?

--- Yes, you ____________.

A. must B. should C. need D. can

26. Zhao Benshan is ___________ actor I have known, I can’t help laughing when I watch him perform on TV.

A. the most expensive B. the funniest

A. Because B. When C. the warmest D. the fastest D. If 27. __________ many children like KFC, I think they’d better try not to eat it too often. C. Although

28. –How often do I need the birds?

A must be given B must give C mustn’t give D mustn’t be given

29. --- _________ will you be away?

--- In a couple of weeks.

A. What time B. How soon C. How often D. How long

30. --- Can I help you?

--- I’d like___________ for my twin daughters.

A. two pair of shoes

C. two pair of shoe B. two pairs of shoe D. two pairs of shoes

A did B didn’t C hasn’t D has

it for 7 years.

A. bought, had B bought, has C has bought, has had D bought, has had

33. I felt it hard to keep up with my classmates. But whenever I want to _________, my teacher always encourages me to work harder.

A. go on

A. is B. give up B. are

B. bigger C. run away D. give back 34. How time flies! Three years__________ really a short time. C. was D. were D. big 35. Beijing, the capital of China, is one of ___________ cities in the world. A. the biggest


21---25. CBADA


4 C. much bigger 26---30. BCABD 31---35. D DBAA


36. ----May I borrow your pen, Mike ?

---Yes, of course. Here are some and you can take ______ of them.

A. every B. all C. any D. either

37. _______ try this one ? I think it’s better.

A. What about B. How about C. Why not D. Why don’t

38. 500,000dollars ____ a lot of money, but it’s far less than they need.

A. is B. are C. were D. was

39. In order to make Chongqing more beautiful, lots of trees _____ on both sides of the street.

A. should build B. have built C. must be built D. will build

40. ----Mum, it’s so hot and I am very thirty.

---- Here’s the money, Tom. Go and buy _____ an ice ream.

A. you B. me yourself D. myself

41. Mr. Smith is handsome and kind and he is one of _______ in our school .

A. a popular teacher B. more popular teacher

C. most popular teachers D. the most popular teachers

42. ---Can you see ______ ?

---No. Let’s go and have a look. Maybe we can help them.

A. what are they doing there B. why are they talking there

C. what is happening there D. what are they talking about

43. ----How often were you late for school last term. Lisa?

---- _______. I got to school early every day.

A. Always B. usually C. Sometimes D. Never

44. These days my classmates are busy ____ ready for the graduation exam.

A. to get B. get C. getting D. got

45. ----My father has decided to ______ smoking.

----That’s good news for us.

A. give up B. hand up C. put up D. look up

46. To be honest, I don’t want to tell him unless he ______ me.

A. asked B. asks C. will ask D. has asked

47. ---I hope to visit Beijing one day.

--- ________.

A. So I do B. So do I C. Yes, I hope to do D. Yes, I will

48. ----What a nice bike! How long have you ______ it ?

---- For a week. I spent all my money on it.

A. bought B. had C. taken D. kept


49. ---I’m sorry I broke your tea cup.

--- Oh, _______.

A. it doesn’t matter B. I don’t know C. don’t say that D. you’re welcome

50. ---___________ ?

---It’s cloudy.

A. What’s the weather B. what was the weather like

C. How’s the weather like D. How is the weather

51. It’s a fine day today. Let’s play _____ soccer.

A. an B. a C. the D. /

52. _______ are English people’s favorite , and they are often cooked in different ways.

A. Tomato B. Potatoes C. Beef D. Chicken

53. Look! The children are listening _____ their teacher carefully.

A. for B. to C. at D. in

54. ----You missed the first train this morning , didn’t you ?

---- _______. My parents failed to wake me up.

A. Yes, I did B. Yes, I didn’t C. No, I did D. No, I didn’t

55. It has been 4 years _____ the earthquake happened in Wenchuan

A. when B. since C. after D. while


36---40: CCACC;

41—45: DCDCA;


51---55: DBBAB;


56. Don't ____ the people in trouble, Try to help them.

A. hear from B. go over

C. laugh at D. look like 57. ---Mr. Wang, I have trouble ______ the text.---Remember ______ it three times at least. A. to understand; reading C. understanding; to read A. look out them C. look them up B. understanding; reading D. to understand; read 58. When we meet some new words, we'd better ______ in a dictionary B. look them at D. look up them

D. to speak 59. I often watch him _____English with his friend. A. speaking B. speak

60. I don’t know _____ next.

A. how to do B. what to do C. what can I do D. how I can do C. speaks

English songs.


A. listen B. listen to C. listening D. listening to

in China. A. travel B. traveling

C. to travel

D. traveled

63. The smile on her face shows that she is ________her work. A. worried about

B. pleased with C. sorry for

D. afraid of

 A. How

B. Who

C. When

D. where

65. Does your English teacher like to teach the new words _____ flashcards? A. making

B. by making

C. to make

D. on making

66.I’m reading now. Please tell him ______the TV a bit. A. turn up

B. turn off

C. to turn down

D. to turn on

67. I watched some boys _______ football on the playground. A. play the

B. played

C. playing

D. to play the

68. I’m afraid ______ that you have made ______ grammar of this sentence. A. to say; a mistake C. to say; a mistake in

B. saying; mistakes in D. saying; mistakes to

69. ---I don't have a partner to practice English with. ---Maybe you should ______ an English club. A. have

B. take B. this

C. join C. one

D. make D. that

70.We found ________ difficult to learn English well in such a short time. A. it

71.He speaks too quickly _______. A. understand C. to understand A. yet

B. write them down D. and write

D. always D. read

72. Have you _______ studied with a group?

B. already B. have read

C. ever

73. ---Have you read these books? ---Yes, I ______ it three years ago. A. have done

C. readed

74. I _______English for about six years and I really love it. A. learn

B. learnt

C. have been learning

D. am learning

75. _______ our surprise, he didn't pass the Eng exam. A. In

B. With

C. By

D. To

76. You’ve learnt surfing from him,______? A. aren’t you A. hundreds

B. don’t you

C. haven’t you D. hasn’t you

D. hundred of

77. Our school has nine ______ teachers and students.

B. hundred

C. hundreds of


78. Our teacher are not only strict ______their work, but also strict _______their students. A. with; with A. feel, fall A. do you

B. in; with

C. with; in

D. in; in D. fell, felt

D. haven’t you D. how to do it D. is going to buy D. is closing

79. Mr. Rivera _____ very angry when he ______from the stairs.

B. fall, feel

C. felt, fell

80. You’ve never seen such a beautiful place before, __?

B. aren’t you B. to do how

C. have you C. do how

81. He doesn’t knowA. how to do A. buys A. open

a new shirt for me tomorrow.

B. is bought C. is buy B. opened

C. close

. 84. His mother’s never come back home,______? A. isn’t she A. to sing A. dead

B. is she B. sing

C. hasn’t she C. singing

D. has she D. sings

D. been dead

86. How long has he______?

B. died

C. been death

87.You may be______ if you have a_______ problem. A. exciting; excited C. worrying; worried A. on

B. excited; exciting

D. worried; worrying

D. for

D. interesting D. don’t you

88. Guo Jingjing is ________the national swim team.

B. to

C. in

89.---What do you think of the story written by Mark Twain?---It is _____. I like it. A. boring. A. didn’t you

B. bored B. usedn’t I

C. interested C. didn’t I

90. You used to like tests, _______?

91. My old grandpa is______, but he doesn’t feel______ A. alone; lonely B. alone; alone C. lonely; alone 92. I remember ____the door, but in fact I forget ______it. A. to lock; locking C. locking; locking A. buying

B. locking; to lock D.to lock; to lock

D. bought D. lonely; lonely

93. His mother didn’t allow himan MP3.

B. to buy

C. buy

94. The river near our village is about________ long. A. three-hundreds-meters C. three-hundred-meters

B. three-hundred-meter D. three hundred meters


95. Many young trees _______ in our school every year. A. should plant C. should planted

96.We kept _____ English until the teacher came in . A. read

B. reads

C. reading

D. to read

97.There are many students ___ on the playground now.

A. play B. to play C. are playing D. playing 98.Li Lei was late for school _____ the bad traffic . A. because A. made up A. to wear A. pride A. of

B. for C. because that D. because of B. stayed up B. wearing B. proud B. for

C. gave up C. wear

D. turned up D. to wearing D. proudly

99. I until midnight to finish a report. that silly earring. 101. Lei Feng is the______ of all the people in China.

C. prideful C. about

D. to

103. Please ___who will go to Hong Kong instead of me. A. look for

B. think of C. find out D. get ready

C. Ten-years-olds D. Ten-years-old

D. So I am

D. away, happy

104. _______ should be allowed to choose their clothes A. Ten-year-olds B. Ten-year-old A. So do I

B. So I do

105.—I usually get up late on Sundays, and you?—____.

C. So am I

106. He has not had a night______ for two weeks, but he still feels______. A. off, happy A. of

B. away, happily C. off, happily

C. from

D. to

107.We were very proud _______ Lei Feng.

B. with

108.Attention, please! All the mobile phones _______ during the meeting. A. must keep off

B. have kept off D. must be kept off B. had my bike repairs D. has my bike repaired C. mend D. mended

D. Did so we

C. are keeping off

B. should be planted

109. I ______ yesterday. It was broken. A. had my bike repair C. had my bike repaired

110.I need time ______ my computer. A. to mend B. mending

111.---He went to see the man who was in hospital yesterday.---______. A. So did we B. So we did C. We did so


112.You mustn't go out ________ school nights. A. to A. At

B. with B. On

C. of C. From

D. on D. For

113._______ present our vacations are too short.

114.Mr.Wang is very strict _____us. And he is very strict _______ everything he does. A. with; with A. to

B. with; in C. in; in D. in; with

C. on C. noises C. at

D. at

D. noising D. in

D. used to be

D. in way D. So I am

115.You must concentrate more ____ your English study.

B. in

116.Don't get ________when you study with a group. A. noise B. noisy A. off B. on

117.My father is very busy, he hasn't had a day _______ for two months. 118.Her father _______ a farmer, but now he is a teacher. A. is used to B. is used to be C. used to being A. on the way

119.Sometimes watching TV can get ______ of children's school work.

B. in the way C. by the way

C. So am I

120. —You seem to like fruit.—________. A. So I do B. So do I A. to speak

B. saying

121. A young man is practicing _____English with Mr. King on the train.

C. to say

D. speaking

122. ---How do you study_____ a test? ---I study _____ working_____ a group. A. for, in, with B. for, by, at A. ended up B. end up

C. for, by, with D. of, in, by C. is ended up D. ending up

123. We _____the party with a beautiful song.

124. On her way home Lucy saw a thief ____in a shop. She stopped _____110 at once. A. steal; call

B. to steal; call C. stealing; to call

D. stealing; calling

125. ---You look sad, Kate.--Yeah, I have made _____ mistakes in my report A. a little

参考答案 56-60 CCCBB 81-85 DDADC 96-100 CDDBB

61-65 DCBAB

B. little

C. a few

D. few

66-70 CCCCA 71-75 CCDCD 76-80 CBBCC

106-110 AADCA

86-90 DDADA 91-95 ABBBB 101-105 ACCAA

116-120 BADBA 121-125 DCACC

111-115 ADABC


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