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英 语

(时间:100分钟 总分:100分)

第一卷 (选择题部分 共60分)


A 听录音,选择合适答案。每段对话听二遍。

( ) 1. Where may they speak now?

A. In the office. B. On the playground. C. On the road.

( ) 2. At what time will the football match begin?

A. 7:00. B. 7:15. C. 7:30.

( ) 3. Who has been chosen as the host?

A. Mary. B. Jack. C. John.

( ) 4. How many countries has the man been to?

A. One. B. Two. C. Three.

( ) 5. Whose birthday is it tomorrow?

A. Sandy?s. B. Simon?s. C. Sandy?s friend?s.

B 根据所听到的对话或独白选择正确答案。每段材料听两遍。 听第一段对话,回答6、7小题。

( ) 6. What colour trousers did the man buy?

A. Black trousers. B. Brown trousers. C. White trousers.

( ) 7. How much did the man pay for the trousers?

A.$35. B.$45. C.$46.

( ) 8. A. Alice's home B. the office C. the airport

( ) 9. A. America B. France C. England

( ) 10. A. 8:50 am B. 7:50 am C. 7:30 am C听下面一篇短文,回答第11-15小题。

( ) 11. Who is Harry Potter?

A. He?s a cartoon character.

B. He?s JK Rowling?s son.


C. He?s created by JK Rowling

( )12. Where is the doctor from?

A. England B. America. C. .Japan

( )13. What did three children get while reading the Harry Potter books for long


A. a headache B. a cold C. a toothache

( )14. How long did each patient spend reading the Harry Potter books a day?

A. less than four hours. B. more than four hours C. four hours

( )15. When did the headache go away?

A. before they began to read the books.

B. while they were reading the books.

C. after they finished reading the books


( )16.---Do your parents have the same hobby?

---No.My father likes playing____ football while my mother enjoys playing _____piano.

A./;the B./;/ C.the;/ D.the;the

( )17. ---Have you returned the book to the library _______?

---Yes, I have _______ retuned it.

A. yet, yet B. already, already C. already, yet D. yet, already

( )18. When did your father _______ your mother?

A. marry B. marry to C. marry with D. get married

( )19. We spend as much time as we can _______ English.

A. read B. to read C. reading D. have read

( )20. --- Can I see the headmaster at the moment, please?

--- I'm afraid not. He _______out. He _______ in 10 minutes.

A. goes; comes B. has gone; came

C. went; will come D. has gone; will come back

( )21. The boy on the playground ____ be Tom, because he saw him in the library

just now.

A. must B. can't C. can D. might

( )22. ---Can I help you?

--- I want to buy something _______ presents _______my mother.

A. for; for B. as; for C. as; to D. like; to

( )23.---Is Mr Smith still in Shanghai?

---Yes,he _______there for two months.

A.has been B.has gone C.has been to D.has gone to

( )24 --- I?m flying to Hongkong this weekend. ---Wonderful ! _________.

A. I hope so B. With pleasure C. Have a good trip D. Ok

( )25. Good to see you again It's almost three years_____ we met last time

A until B. before C. while D. since

( )26. ---Would you like to watch Painted Skin Ⅱ with me?


---Certainly. I don't mind seeing again although I_______ it twice.

A. saw B. was seeing C. have seen D. see

( )27. There is __ homework for us to do .It?s ___ to finish it in such a short time.

A. much too, unable B. too much, possible

C. too many, impossible D. too much, impossible

( )28 ---When ________your mother _______ you that computer?

---Oh, I have forgotten.

A. does, buy B. has, bought C. has, had D. did, buy

( _I had left my ticket at home.

A. understood B. realized C. believed D. seemed

( )30. --- I am very tired these days because of studying for Maths.

---Why not _______music? It can make you _______.

A. listen to, to relax B. to listen to, relax

C. listen to, relax D. to listen to, to relax


The teacher stood before his class and was going to hand out the final exam papers. ?I you have worked to prepare for this test,? he said. ?And because I know you can do it well, I am willing to offer a B to those who prefer not to take .?

Many students thanked the teacher and left. The teacher looked at the remaining students and said, ?Does anyone else want to get a ?B?? This is your last ? Two more students decided to go.

Seven students remained. The teacher then handed out the papers. There were only three sentences on the paper: Congratulations! You have just an ?A? in this class. Keep believing in I never had a teacher like that, but I think it is a test that any teacher could give. in what they have learned are ?B? students at best (充其量).

in our daily life. The ?A? students are those who believe in what they are doing because they have both successes and failures. They have learned life?s lessons, not only from normal education, and have become ( )31. A. luckily B. terribly C. quietly D. hard

( )32. A. rest B. book C. test D. mark

( )33. A. chance B. trouble C. test D. idea

( )34. A. given B. sent C. discovered D. received

( )35. A. himself B. yourself C. themselves D. ourselves

( )36. A. confident B. lucky C. serious D. easy

( )37. A. unusual B. impossible C. true D. good

( )38. A. broken off B. dreamed of C. learned from D. cared about

( )39. A. and B. or C. but D. also

( )40. A. ruder B. braver C. worse D. better


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