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九年级Unit 3易错点训练&能力提升

( D )1. I had a very unusual _______ yesterday. I saw a UFO land in front of me. A. decision C. friend B. test D. experience

( A )2. This house isn't ______ for us. We need another one.
A.big enough C.small enough B. enough big D. enough small

( D )3. When I am tired, I like listening to music _______ books. A. instead read C. instead of read B. instead to read D. instead of reading

( A )4. He isn't ______ stay out late. A. allowed to C. allowed B.allow to D.allowing

( B )5. It is warm. He feels _______.
A. sleep C. sleeping B. sleepy D.slept

( A )6. —I think we should get up and go to bed early every day.

—I agree _______ you.
A. with B. on C. about D. for

Ⅱ. 完形填空

The traffic problem has become a serious problem in
big cities. Streets are always __1__ in the morning or evening and we can see so many cars and buses on the street. What's more, traffic accidents have made the street become one of the most __2__ places. But why is this

problem becoming more and more serious?

One reason is that the streets are old and many of them were __3__ many years ago. But the rapidly __4__

population is the main reason. “More people” means
“heavier traffic”. More people have to drive cars or take buses. More space __5__ be used to build houses and factories, so it's almost __6__ to build more streets. It makes the traffic problem even __7__ .

How to __8__ the problem? Here are some ways.

Firstly, strict rules should be set down to make people
more careful on the __9__, so there will be fewer traffic accidents. And then the most important thing is that we should __10__ some measures to control the population.

( B )1. A. important B. crowded C. dirty ( C )2. A. famous B. beautiful

D. empty

C. dangerous
( A )3. A. built B. brought

D. exciting
C. painted D. bought C. going C. has to D. increasing D. may

( D )4. A. improving B. coming ( C )5. A. needn't B. can't

( B )6. A. possible
C. necessary

B. impossible
D. unnecessary D. worse

( D )7. A. better B. nearer C. shorter ( B )8. A. learn from C. care about ( D )9. A. bus ( A )10. A. take B. river B. work B. deal with

D. worry about C. train C. bring D. street D. get

Ⅲ. 阅读理解 There are a lot of school rules around the world. For

example, in Australia, Canada, Japan and the United States,
students have to wear uniforms, and they are not allowed to wear earrings. Some schools in Japan and other countries have rules about hair. For example, students are not allowed to change

the color of their hair. In the United States, boys can not have
their hair grow long.

For safety at some US schools, students must have a
pair of indoor shoes at school every day. This makes sure students won't fall over on the wet floors and keeps the schools clean. Gum chewing is not allowed in many US school

buildings, as it is difficult to clean up.

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