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九年级Unit 1易错点训练&能力提升

Ⅰ. 单项选择
( C )1. We should try our best _______ the problem. A. solve C. to solve B. solution D. solving

( D )2. She has a good singing _______. It _______ very

A.sound; sounds C.sound; voices B.voice; voices D.voice; sounds

( C )3. Last year my sister tried to lose weight(减肥), but _______ putting weight back on.

A.cut up
C.ended up

B.looked up
D.made up

( C )4. —I hope you don't mind my pointing out your mistakes. — ______

A.That's all right.
C.Of course not.

B.You're welcome.
D.It's a pleasure.

( D )5. No matter what happens, the doctors will do ______ best _______ the sick person.

A.they; help
C.their; help

B.they; to help
D.their; to help

( B )6. Don't ______ ; try again. Maybe you will be successful soon. A.get up B.give up

C.pick up

D.look up

Ⅱ. 完形填空 There are four key points to study English: listening,

speaking, reading and writing.
Firstly, we should be brave to talk with others __1__ English. By doing this, we can __2__ our speaking and listening skills. Secondly, we should try to __3__ all kinds of English

programmes as __4__ as possible. In this way, we can
gradually improve our __5__ .

Thirdly, we should often read English books. When we
__6__ a new word, we should __7__ its meaning through the context (上下文) first. Then look it up in the __8__ to have a check. I think it is a good way of reading. Fourthly, we should __9__ our writing skills. Whenever we have any idea, we should get the pen and write it down at once. It is very important to avoid writing in Chinese way.

As long as we listen, speak, read and write more, we are
sure to __10__ remarkable progress.

( B )1. A. with
( C )2. A. raise ( A )3. A. listen to C. meet with ( D )4. A. soon

B. in
B. find

C. for
C. improve B. look over

D. to
D. deal

D. learn about C. long D. much

B. many

( A )5. A. pronunciation
C. voice

B. spelling
D. sound

( B )6. A. happen to C. watch out ( B )7. A. ask ( D )8. A. book B. guess

B. come across D. go for C. understand D. tell D. dictionary

B. notebook C. exam

( D )9. A. use

B. train

C. try
C. move

D. practice
D. develop

( A )10. A. make B. do

Ⅲ. 根据汉语提示完成句子 was angry with 生气) himself for making such a 1.He _______________(

2. With _______________ the help of (在……帮助下) his parents, he made a nice model plane. 3.Mrs Brown never stops ________________ complaining about (抱怨) prices. 4.They __________ broke off (中断) a friendship of twenty years.

5.You should learn how to _________ deal with (处理) your problems.
6.You should _____________ try your best (尽力) to do the work well.

goes by 逝去), and good friendships may be lost. 7.Time ________(

8.Ice can ___________ change into (变成) water when heated.
9.If you keep telling lies, you'll end ___

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