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一、be动词:am, is, are


1.肯定句:表示肯定的意思, 即不含有否定词“不”。

比如:我是一个学生 I am a student.

他去上学 He goes to school.


比如:我不是一个男孩。 I am not a boy

他不去上学 He does not go to school.

3. 一般疑问句:回答为“是yes”或者“否no”的问句。

比如:你是一个学生吗? Are you a student?

你喜欢英语吗? Do you like English?

4. 特殊疑问句:回答不是“是yes”或者“否no”的问句,根据提问内容具体回答。 比如:现在几点了? What’s the time?

哪一支笔是你的? Which is your pen?


有am, is, are的句子,

am, is, are后面加上not,其余按顺序照抄。

肯定句变一般疑问句:把am, is, are提前放到句首并大写Am, Is, Are,其余照抄。 肯定句变特殊疑问句(就划线部分提问):分3步骤




注意:1.一定先变一般疑问句。但是,如果问的是主语或主语的定语时,语序不变, 为"特殊疑问词(+主语)+陈述句"。

如:Li ming 's not here today. Who's not here today? 今天谁没来?





肯定句:This is a book.

否定句:This is not a book.

一般疑问句:Is this a book?

肯定回答:Yes, it is.

否定回答:No, it isn’t.


This is a book. 第一步:变一般疑问句 Is this a book?

第二步:找合适的特殊疑问词 Is this what ?

第三步:特殊疑问词提前放到句首,并大写,其余按顺序照抄,省略划线部分。What is this?

没有am, is, are的句子,

肯定句变否定句:在主语后面加上do not或者does not,其余按顺序照抄动词用原形 肯定句变一般疑问句:在句首加do或者does并大写,其余照抄。注意:动词用原形 3步骤




注意:1.一定先变一般疑问句。但是,如果问的是主语或主语的定语时,语序不变,为 2



非单三时用do, 单三时用does

非单三 I like English.

Do you like English?

否定句:I do not like English.

单三 He likes English.

一般疑问句:Does he like English?

否定句:He does not like English.

就划线部分提问:I like English.

第一步:先变一般疑问句 Do you like English?

第二步:找合适的特殊疑问词代替划线部分Do you like what?

第三步:特殊疑问词提前放到句首,并大写,其余按顺序照抄,省略划线部分。 What do you like?



There are some birds in the tree.→There aren't any birds in the tree.

但是,若在表示请邀请、请求的句子中,some可以不变。如: Would you like some orange juice?

与此相关的一些不定代词如something, somebody等也要进行相应变化。


I have a knife and a ruler.→I don't have a knife or a ruler.

3.a lot of (=lots of)变为many或much。如:

They have a lot of friends.(可数名词)→They don't have many friends. There is lots of orange in the bottle.(不可数名词)

→There isn't much orange in the bottle.


I have been there already.→I haven't been there yet.




1. is _______ 2. are_______ 3.does _______

4. do _______ 5. was_______ 6. were _______

7.will _______ 8.must _______ 9. dare_______

10.can_______ 11.should_______ 12. did _______


( )1. Where’s the sofa? It’s _________.

A. on the desk B. in the fridge C. near the bookcase

( )2. There _______ an egg and some noodles on the plate.

A. is B. are C. am

( )3. —Is that your water bottle?


A. Yes, it is. B. No, it is. C. Yes, you are.

( )4. What time do you have lunch?

A. At eleven thirty-five. B. Eleven thirty-five. C. I have lunch at twelve. ( )5. Whose coat is it?

A. It’s my father. B. They’re my father. C. It’s my father’s.


1. They are nurses. (改为单数句)


2. Mike does his homework t the weekend. (改为否定句)


3. You can draw on the wall. (改为否定祈使句)


4. They don’t like watching TV.(改为肯定句)


5. It’s big and bright. (改为意思相反的句子)



1. her, these, pictures, are


2. is, my, this, Jim, friend

__________________________________________________________ 3 in, is, pen, a, English, this, not




1. The bird is in the tree.


2. These boys are Chinese.


3. I can have two eggs.



1. Glad to meet you. ______ to _______you.

2. This is my ruler. The _______ is _______.

3. Give me that clock. Give the clock _______ _______.

4. I am Nancy. _______ _______ is Nancy.

5. Yang Ling is in Row 2. I am in Row 2, too.

Yang Ling and I are in _______ _______ _______.

6. This is my pen. Give it to Miss Gao.

Give my pen _______ Miss Gao.


My 兄弟, Ray, is a student of Grade Five. We go to the same school. He is eleven years old. He works hard at school. My father always says to me, “Jill, you should learn from your brother.” Last weekend, I wanted to fly a kite. But I didn’t know how to fly it. So I asked my brother to teach me. He was glad to help me fly the kite. Then we went to the park. There I learnt very fast. I ran and ran with my kite. At last we sat on the grass. My brother taught me English song. I was so happy that day!

( )1. Ray is my sister.

( )2. Ray is a student of Grade Six.

( )3. Ray is twelve years old.

( )4. Ray is a good student at school.

( )5. I know how to fly the kite.

( )6. My brother doesn’t want to teach me.

( )7. We went to the park to fly the kite.

( )8. Ray taught me to learn English song.

( )9. I was very happy that day.



一、1. isn’t 2. aren’t 3. doesn’t 4. don’t 5. wasn’t 6. weren’t

7. won’t 8.mustn’t 9. daren’t 10. can’t 11. shouldn’t 12. didn’t

二、 1. C 2. A 3.A 4. C 5.C


1. She is a nurse.

2. Mike doesn’t do his homework at the weekend.

3. Don’t draw on the wall.

4. They like watching TV.

5. It’s small and dark.


1. These are her pictures.

2. This is my friend Jim.

3. This is not a pen in English.

五、1. The bird isn’t in the tree.

2. These boys aren’t Chinese.

3. I can’t have two eggs.


1. Nice, see 2. ruler, mine 3. to me

七、1. F 2. F 3. F 4. T 5. F 6. F

4. My name 5. the same row 7.T 8. T 9. T 6 6. to

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