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九年级Unit 4易错点训练&能力提升

Ⅰ.单项选择 ( B )1. I'd rather go there than ________ at home. A.staying B.stay

C.to stay


( B )2. What would you do if you ________ on the moon? A.live C.have lived B.lived D.will live

( C )3. —Your friends would probably say that you're difficult to________. —I disagree. A.get along B.come up

C.get along with

D.come up with

( C )4. I won't go to the party if Jim________ to go there. A.invites C.isn't invited B.won't invite D.won't be invited

( B )5.When spring comes,flowers come ________. A.in B.out C.up D.to ( C )6. —Have you seen the CCTV news on TV?

—Yes, ________ children had a good festival
on the ________ Children's Day. A. millions of; sixty C. millions of; sixtieth B. ten million; sixty D. ten millions; sixtieth

( B )7. I want to know ________ he ________ here next

A.that; will come C.if; comes B.if; will come D.if; came

( D )8. Did Mary visit that old town by ________ last week?

A. her

B. she

C. hers

D. herself

( C )9. We should ask the doctor ________ advice. A.to B.of C.for D.in

( A )10. The two girls stopped ________ to me when they
saw me. A.to talk C.talk B.talking D.talks

If you go out to eat with someone, you should be clear who's paying. If the other person suggests you __1__ lunch with him or her, you might __2__ say something like this, “I'm afraid it'll have to be someplace inexpensive as I

have very __3__ money.” The other person may say, “OK.
I'll meet you __4__ McDonald's.” This means that each person pays for his own meal. If the person says, “Oh, no,

I'll __5__ you to lunch in a little restaurant I like very

much”, it means that the person intends to pay the bill
for __6__ of you. If you feel friendly toward this person, there is no reason why you shouldn't __7__ this invitation by saying “Thank you. That would be very nice.” If a person invites you to his or her home, it is understood

that the person is paying; if you invite someone out for
lunch, you must make __8__ clear by saying “Let's have

lunch together tomorrow at Burger King. It's __9__ me.”

American women used to __10__ men to pay for all meals,
but today most women will pay for themselves.

( B )1. A. had

B. have

C. will have C. strongly

D. have had D. easily

( A )2. A. simply B. friendly

( D )3. A. small
( C )4. A. on ( A )5. A. take

B. none
B. to B. bring

C. few
C. at C. carry

D. little
D. for D. see

( B )6. A. either

B. both

C. neither

D. all

( C )7. A. receive B. make
( B )8. A. you ( D )9. A. for B. to

C. accept

D. get

B. yourself C. your own D. your C. from C. make D. on D. order

( A )10. A. expect B. express

Ⅲ.阅读理解 A Students in school have one thing in common—an interest in sports. According to their different aims in doing sports, they

fall into three g

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