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(The Simple Present Tense) 1.表示现在的状态: He’s twelve. She’s at work. 2.表经常或习惯性的动作: I get up at 6:30 every day. He reads English every morning.

3.表主语具备的性格和能力等: She likes noodles. They speak French. 4.普遍真理和自然规律: Two plus four is six. The moon goes around the earth.

1.be 动词的一般现在时的句式: 肯定句:主语+be+表语(n., adj.等)

He is a worker.
You are thirteen. They are in the classroom.

1.be 动词的一般现在时的句式: ?否定句:主语+be+ not+表语 He is not a worker.

You aren’t thirteen.
They aren’t in the classroom.

1.be 动词的一般现在时的句式: 一般疑问句:Be+主语+表语? Is he a worker? Yes, he is./No, he isn’t. Are you thirteen? Yes, they are

Are they in the classroom? No, they aren’t.

1.be 动词的一般现在时的句式: ?特殊疑问句:疑问词+be+主语?


What is he?
What colour is that bird? How old are you? Where are they ?

肯定句: 主语(I/We/You/They)+行为动词原形+其他 I stay at home on Saturdays. They do exercises every day.

主语(He/She/It)+行为动词三单形式+其他 He stays at home on Saturdays. Lucy has sports every day.


否定句: ?主语(I/We/You/They)+do+ not+动词原形+其他 e.g. I don’t stay at home on Saturdays. They don’t have sports every day. ?主语(He/She/It)+does +not+动词原形+其他
e.g. He doesn’t stay at home on Saturdays. Lucy doesn’t have sports every day.

2.行为动词的一般现在时句式: 一般疑问句: ?Do+主语(I/we/you/they)+动词原形+其他?

e.g. Do you stay at home on Saturdays? Do they have sports every day? ?Does+主语(he/she/it)+动词原形+其他?
e.g. Does he stay at home on Saturdays? Does Lucy have sports every day?

特殊疑问句: 疑问词+ do/does+主语+动词原形+其他? e.g. What do you want? What does she want? What time do you have lunch? What time does she have lunch? What do you do? What does she do?

去掉do not/does not,注意去does not ,句 子的行为动词要改为三单形式。

is some milk in the ? 1.There _____ bottle. (be) ? 2.Would you like something _________?(drink) to drink ? 3.______she __________a Is reading book? Yes, she is. (read)

? 4.___________it like that. (not do) Don’t do ? 5.He________________his doesn’t do homework at school. (not do) ? 6.Fang Ming _________________(not like )rice doesn’t like at all.

? 7.Do you like riding ___________(ride) a bike? ? 8.We________(go)to school at 7:30 go in the morning . ? 9.Listen!Lucy ____________(sing )now. is singing ? 10.Let me _______(help) you. help

? 11.Where is Lily? She ___________(read) under the tree. is reading ? 12.______Sam and Jim Are

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