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第一部分 听对话回答问题



)1 What does Peter like to read?


) 2. How does Simon go to school?


) 3. What is the boy doing?


) 4. Where is Tom's mother working now?

( ) 5. How many foreign countries has Bill been to?

A. Two B. Three. C. Four.

( ) 6. What does Daniel usually use his computer for?

A. To search for information.

B. To play computer games.

C. To send and receive e-mails.

( ) 7. What programme is the boy watching?


A. A football match. B. A game show. C. An interesting film.

( ) 8. Who keeps the book now?

A. Sandy. B. Daniel. C. Mary.

( ) 9. Whose desk is it?

A. David's. B. Miss Smith's. C. Lucy's.

( )10. What does Marthin do well in?

A. Drawing cartoons. B. Playing cards. C. Playing chess.

第二部分 听对话和短文答题。



( )11. What does Lisa use a computer for?

A. Chatting with her friends.

B.Writing articles.

C.Sending e-mails.

( )12. What sport does Lisa like?

A. Basketball. B. Football. C. Volleyball.

听第一篇短文,回答第13 -15小题。请根据短文内容,选择正确答案,完成信息记录表。

( )13. A. Australia B England

( )14. A. visit Disneyland B. do shopping

( )15. A. southern B. northern

听第二篇短文, 回答第 16-20小题。

( )16. Where was Helen's hometown?

A. In the north of America. B. In the south of America.

( )17. How was Helen when she was born?

A. She was all right.

B. She couldn't see or hear anything.

C. She couldn't learn to say any words,

( )18. Who were worried about Helen a lot?

A. Her grandparents. B. Her parents.

( )19. When did Miss Sullivan come into Helen's life?

2 C. America C. celebrate Christmas C. western C. In the west of America. C. Her mother.

A. When Helen was nearly 5.

B. When Helen was nearly 6.

C. When Helen was nearly 7.

( )20. What did Helen become?

A. A speaker. B. A reporter. C. A writer.


( ) 1. -What do you think of_______ film Iron Man an 3?

-Oh, it's_______ exciting f Im. I like it very much.

A. the; a B. a; the C. the; an D. a; an

( ) 2. Not only the students but also the teacher_______ the Great Wall twice.

A. has been to B. has gone to

C. have gone to D. have been to

( ) 3. -Have you finished your homework_______, Betty?

-Of course, Mum. I have done it_______.

A. already; already B. yet; already

C. yet; yet D. already; yet

( ) 4. The policeman asked the child_______ cross the street_______ the traffic lights turned


A. not; when B. don't; before C. not to; until D. not to; after

( ) 5. -Have you visited _______ in Denmark?

-Yes, I like it very much.

A. the Opera House B. the Leaning Tower of Pisa

C. the Statue of Liberty D. the Little Mermaid

( ) 6. -I'm sure the man at the gate_______ be our English teacher. He is always standing

there every morning.

-No, it_______ be him. He is having a class now.

A. must; can't B. must; mustn't C. can; can't D. can; mustn't

( ) 7. -You look very nice in your new dress today.

-Oh, really? I_______ it when it was on sale (降价).

A. buy B. bought C. have bought D. will buy

( ) 8. The children couldn't stop_______ when they saw the funny Christmas Father.

A. laugh B. laughed C. to laugh D. laughing

( ) 9. Mike English, but now he is better at it than_______ in his class.

A. is used to hate; any student

B. used to hate; the other students

C. is used to hating; all the other students

D. used to hate, all the students

( )10. The car is quite old. _______, there is nothing wrong with it.

A. But B. Till C. However D. While


( )11. He has taught English_______ over thirty years, and his students have been

from every country around the world.

A. since B. before C. for D. at

( )12. My teacher tells me that past_______ the guide for the future.

A. experiences are B. experience are

C. experiences is D. experience were

( )13. I can't decide_______.

A. to choose which toy B. which toy to choose

C. to which toy to choose D. choose which toy

( )14. How much English_______ you_______ since you_______ here?

A. did; learn; have come B have; learned; come

C. have; learned; came D. did, learn; came

( )15. When Mr Wu wanted to_______ something, the students stopped_______ and became


A. speak; telling B. talk; speaking C. say; to talk D. say; talking

( )16. -Do you know him well?

-Sure. We_______ friends since two years ago.

A. were B. have become C. have made D. have been

( )17. -I'm sorry. I don't know_______ the hospital.

-You may ask the policeman.

A. where to arrive B. how to get to C. when to get to D. why to reach

( )18. -How do you like working in this office?

-It's wonderful. But I just think the job is boring_______.

A. on the way B. in the way

C. in some ways D. by the way

( )19. -When_______ you_______ your friend Judy?

-Last week. I_______ her letter for five days.

A. did, hear from; got B. have, heard from; have received

C. have, got a letter from; have got D. did, hear from; have had

( )20. -Would you mind me_______ here?

-_______. Let me take my bag away.

A. to sit; Better not B. sitting; I'm afraid not

C. sitting; Not at all D. to sit; I hope so


Have the water directly from a river? I'm sure your answer is "Yes". the water from a well (井), or from a tap (水龙头, as I know, most of you only drink hot water or the bottled (罐装的) water from a shop now.

were very clear and the water was very clean. If you were thirsty(渴), you could just bend (弯曲) 4

down by the riverside and drink some water with It was cool and !

( ) 1. A already B. just C. ever D. even

( ) 2. A. try B. tried C. tired D. trew

( ) 3. A. However B. And C. Since D. Yet

( ) 4. A. same B. easy C. different D. difficult

( ) 5. A. between B. around C. among D. by

( ) 6. A. hands B. nose C. eyes D. ears

( ) 7. A. What B. How C. Why D. What a

( ) 8. A. have exchanged B. have turned C. have got D. have changed

( ) 9. A. clean enough B. dirty enough C. enough clean D. enough dirty

( )10. A. pity B. present C. problem D. matter

四、阅读理解 (30分)


Bob thought that he was very clever. He thought that no one could fool(愚弄) him because he was too clever. One day he said to Dick, the man on watch at the gate, "You can never fool me, Dick. You are too foolish ! "

"Wait here by this gate," answered Dick, "I will find a way to fool you." Then he went home.

Two hours later, another young man came along.

"Why are you standing here?" he asked Bob.

"I'm waiting for Dick, "answered Bob, "He is going to try to fool me."

"Dick has gone home, "said the young man."He has already fooled you."

( ) 1. Bob thought that no one could fool him because _______.

A. he was too clever B. he was foolish

C. he was a good boy D. he was not clever

( ) 2. Bob was standing there because _______.

A. he was a gatekeeper B. he was waiting for Dick

C. he was playing there D. he didn't want to go home

( ) 3. Which sentence is true?

A. Bob is clever. B. Dick is foolish.

C. Bob is cleverer than Dick. D. Dick is cleverer than Bob.


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