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九年级Unit 12易错点训练&能力提升

Ⅰ. 阅读理解 The French are sociable people, but they value their

privacy. They guard their moments of meditation, their daily
family discussions, their right to sit alone in a bar or cafe. They observe a strict code of etiquette and are adamant(固执 的,坚强的) that certain things are not done in public. French men do not comb their hair in the street. Neither do French

women apply their makeup(补妆). No matter how hot the day,

clothes are not discarded (脱掉)as one promenades(散步) along the street.

On the Metro and on French buses seats are reserved
for those wounded in the war and pregnant women. Should some gumchewing layabout sit in one of these seats, he will soon be asked to move by one better entitled to it that will have the manifested moral support of all the other

passengers. They respect the space of others by respecting

their own space and carefully monitoring what they do within
it, not so much in case someone is watching, but because they think everyone is bound to be watched. So, whereas drivers caught in an English traffic jam may resort to picking their noses as a way of passing the time, drivers caught in a

French traffic jam scrutinize(仔细检查) themselves in the
driving mirror, and make minor but important adjustment to their ties, hair, eyebrows or moustaches. The distinction is a question of style.

( B )1. The French are sociable people, but they also

value their ________.
A. parents C. friends B. privacy D. partners

( A )2. Which thing is Frenchmen not allowed to do in public?

A. comb hair.
C. talk loudly.

B. put on clothes.
D. adjust their ties.


A )3. There are some seats only for ________ on the Metro and French buses. A. the wounded and pregnant women B. children and pregnant women C. gumchewing layabout and boys D. the old and the wounded

( A )4. Frenchmen respect the space of others by respecting their own space and carefully

monitoring what they do within it because
________. A. they think everyone is bound to be watched B. they think respecting others' space is very polite C. they think respecting their own space is impolite

D. they think everyone is watching them how to
respect their space

( B )5. French manners are ________ other countries according to the article. A. the same as B. different from

C. better than

D. worse than

左栏是五位病人的健康问题,右栏是七位专科医 生的简介。请根据五位病人的健康问题为他们选择最合适 的专科医生。

( D )1. Kent has endless A. Dr. Yang has developed a new work to do every day, he treatment to help patients has trouble getting to give up drinking. She also does sleep at night and usually well in curing diseases caused stays awake till 2 am. by drinking. ( F )2. 8yearold B. If you break or lose your Dongdong has a sweet teeth, go to the Dr. Smith's. He tooth. He has already had has diff

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