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Unit 4 Why don’t you talk to your parents?
Section A

Lead in Look at these problems. Can you

give some advice? too much homework

Maybe you could talk about it with your teacher.

not have enough sleep

Maybe you should go to bed earlier.

I got into a fight with my best friend.

Can you give me some advice?

1. You should say you are sorry. 2. You could write a letter to her. 3. Maybe you could go to her house and say sorry. ...



1.What problems do students think are the most serious? 2.Why?
3.What advice can you think of ?

should should

could could

d ______
______ e

a ___ c _____
_____ b

3a Read the letters and complete the chart. Problems Advice

talk about these feelings I can’t get on with my with your family family. do more jobs around the My parents fight a lot. house My elder brother is not sit down and communicate very nice to me. with your brother

Discuss in groups

communicate refuse nervous get on with

—You look tired. What’s the matter? —I studied until midnight last night so I didn’t get enough sleep. should do? —What _______I Why don ’tyou forget about it? —______ _____ Although she’s wrong, it’s not a big deal.

should he do? —What ______ —He should talk to his friend so that he can say he’s sorry. —Maybe you ______ could go to his house. —I guess I could, but I don’t want to surprise him.

so that




4c Choose one of the problems and ask your classmates for advice. Decide which classmate has the best advice.
Problems You left your homework at home. Your best friend is more popular than you. You are afraid of speaking in front of people. Your best friend does not trust you any more. Your parents always argue. For example: A: My best friend is more popular than me. I want to be like him. What should I do? B: You could try to be friendlier. C:You should just be yourself.


I want to buy a new guitar but I don’t have
enough money.

What should I do

get a part-time job. borrow some money from your You could / should brother. ask your parents for some money. sell your CDs.


Language points
1.should aux. 应该 (1)should是情态动词,没有人称和数的变化,后接动 词原形。

(2)其否定形式为:“should +not+动词原形”(should
not=shouldn’t) 。should有多种含义,意为“应该;应当” 时,常用来提出建议,强调主观看法。 e.g. You should have a good rest.

You shouldn’t fight with others.

2. 情态动词could (1)情态动词could可用于礼貌地向对方提出要求或请求。 Could you please open the door?

Could I watch TV now?
(2)could也可用提出建议,语气委婉。 Maybe you could send him an e-mail.

3. maybe与 may be辨析 (1)maybe 可能;也许;大概,是个副词,一般放 在句首,引导句子。 Maybe he is John’s father.他也许是约翰的父亲。 (2)may be 可能是;也许是

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