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1. --- Do you often watch movies on TV?

--- Sometimes. It’s comfortable at home. But I _____ the cinema.

A. enjoy B. prefer C. miss D. want

2. --- Who’s still in the classroom?

--- It __________ be Mike. He’s always the last to leave.

A. must B. could C. might

--- Oh, that’s my history teacher.

A. What B. which C. who D. whom

4. --- We have missed the last bus. What shall we do?

--- I’m afraid we have no _______ but to take a taxi.

A. reason B. choice C. advice D. decision

5. --- Could you help me, Jimmy? Something is wrong with my computer.

--- ______. I can put it right.

A. That’s OK. B. Never mind. C. Don’t worry. D. What a pity!

6. --- I used to be afraid of going out at night.

--- So ___________ I.

A. did B. was C. do D. am

7. --- Does Peter always finish his homework on time ?

--- Yes, of course. He leaves today’s work for tomorrow.

A. also B. usually C. only D. hardly

8. ---.When will your new novel _______?

--- In about two weeks.

A. come out B. come along C. come true D. come over

9. --- Look! Jack is running fastest of all.

--- It’s hard to _____ that both his legs were once broken.

A. know B. realize C. imagine D. find

10. --- ____ protect the environment, people in Japan have to pay for their trash. --- Really? We can follow them.

A. Instead of B. According to C. Because of D. In order to

11. Many people watched the boys ______ the mountain at that time.

A.climb B.climbing C.to climb D.climbed D. could 3. --- Do you know the woman ____ is walking on the other side of the street?


12. India had the second ______population in the world.

A.largest B.larger C.most D.smallest

13. ——____I put my coat here?

——Sorry, you ______.

A.Must; mustn’t B.Do; don’t

C.can; needn’t D.May; can’t

14. Could you tell me if it _____tomorrow?

A. rain B.will rain C.raining D.rains

15. —Would you please help me with my drawing skills?

— _________. You can come to my studio every Saturday.

A. That’s all right B. No problem C. No, thanks D. Quite well ( )16. What _____ nice gift it is! .

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( )17. — My cousin could dress ____ when he was five.

— Really? I can’t believe it.

A. myself B. herself C. himself D. yourself

( )18. —Which city is your favorite?

—Hangzhou, of course. It’s the ______ place that I want to visit.

A. worse B. worst C. better D. best

( )19. — Did you see Mr. Black just now?

—Yes, He ___ his car when I met him.

A. parked B. was parking C. parks D. will park

( )20. --Hurry up, because time is ____.

-- Yes, let’s start.

A. coming out B. giving out C. giving out D. running out


1----5 BACBC 6----10 ADACD

11---15BADBB 16---20 B C DBD

21. It’s not as _______ as yesterday, so there are _______ children playing with their parents in the People’s Square.

A. warm; fewer B. warm; less C. warmer; fewer D. warmer; less

22. Could you please ________ such a thing again?

A. not to do B. don’t do C. not doing D. not do

23. He failed in the English speech contest, ________ he did his best to prepare for it. 2

A. though B. but C. because D. so

24. The article is ________ more difficult than that one, so I think I can understand it with the help of a dictionary.

A. much B. quite C. very D. a little

25. Let’s ask Michael. I think he can _______ a good idea about how to deal with this problem.

A. begin with B. agree with C. come up with D. get along with

26. ---Where’s Lucy?

---I’m not sure. She ________ in the school library.

A. maybe B. must be C. may be D. will be

27. This kind of bananas _______ nice. I want to taste one.

A. sound B. smell C. looks D. tastes

28. ---Is that Jack speaking?

---Sorry, he _______ in. He _______ back in half an hour.

A. isn’t; will be B. wasn’t; will C. isn’t; is D. wasn’t; was

29. _______ bright sunshine! Let’s have a picnic.

A. What B. How C. What a D. How a

30. ---Excuse me. Where is Lily?

---Oh, she _______ the volleyball match on the playground when I saw him just now.

A. watches B. will watch C. is watching D. was watching

31. Many students didn’t realize the importance of study _______ they left school.

A. when B. until C. after D. unless

32. My father _______ to Shanghai. He _______ for over 2 months

A. has been, has left B. has gone, has gone

C. has gone, has been away D. has been, has gone

33. Do you know the girl _______ is reading under the tree?

A. which B. who C. what D. whom

34. The injured man _______ to hospital by a driver yesterday.

A. takes B. took C. is taken D. was taken

35. ---Could you tell me _______?

---Of course, last night.

A. when you reached China B. when did you reach China

C. how you came to China D. how did you come to China

36. _______ old man in front of Tom is _______ artist.

A. An, an B. A, the C. The, an D. The, a

37. Her room is beautiful. But I don’t think her room is bigger than _______.

A. mine B. me C. I D. my


38. There _______ a number of volunteers in the club and the number of them _______ growing larger and larger.

A. is; are B. are; is C. have; is D. have; are 39. ---Vegetables are good _______our health. ---Yes. I agree _______ you.

A. for; with B. at; with C. for; to D. at; to

40. ---Could you please move over a little and make some _______ for me? ---Sure, please. A. place B. seat C. room D. ground 参考答案

21----25 ACBDC 26----30 CCAAD 31----35 DCBDA 36----40 CABAC

41. Shopping online is ________ useful and convenient way for us to buy things. A a A with

B an B to B few

C the C for

D / D buy D little

42. Smoking too much really does great harm _______ both himself and people around. 43. I don’t like the whether in February this year because there were ________ rainy days. A much and food.

A the others in NBA. A thousands A excited A high

B thousand B exciting B higher B gentler B need B What an B or

C thousands of D Thousand of C frightened C highest C gently C can

D frightening D the highest D more gently D may D How an D but

46. Jessie got the top prize in the writing competition. She felt very_________. 47. Nowadays the oil price in the world is getting much _________ than before. 48. Please walk as _________ as possible because her baby is sleeping in the room. A gentle A must A What a A and

49. It ________ be fantastic if more students join in the charity show tomorrow. 50. ______amazing story he told us the day before yesterday!

C How a C so


C many

44. Some gave money to the people in the earthquake areas and _________ offered clothes

B another

C other

D others

45. ________ people lined at the gate to meet Jeremy Lin, the popular basketball player

51. Online games are very interesting, ________we can’t spend too much time on it.

52. ________ do you go for a swim, once a week or twice a week? A How long

B How much

C How soon

D How often

53. You’d better ________ look up every new world in the dictionary because you can guess it from the context. A don’t A plant

B not

C to not

D not to D had planted D showed D writes

54. People _________ a lot of trees on the countryside by the end of last month.

B planted B show B writing

C have planted C shows C to write

55. Eric won’t start the experiment until his teacher ___________ him how to do it. A will show A write

56. Jenny can ask her teacher for help if she can’t finish ___________ the report by herself. 57. If Tony isn’t careful enough with his lesson, more mistakes _________ later. A have made

B will make

C have been made D will be made

B what did the teacher say D what my teacher says

58. I didn’t understand __________ in class, so I raised my hand. A what my teacher said C what does my teacher say --_____________ A Good idea. C Not at all. --______

A Yes, I’d like to. C Yes, please 参考答案

41----45 ADCDC 46----50 ABCAB 51----55 DDBDC 56----60 BDAAC

61. There is __________ international school near the new housing estate. A. an A. in A. few A. me

B. a

C. the C. to

D. /

62. Don't add too much salt __________ the soup, or it will be too salty.

B. on

D. at

63. There is __________ snow in Shenzhen in winter, is there?

B. a few B. mine

C. little D. a little C. I

D. my


59.—The sun shines brightly. Why not go out for a walk in the Zhongshan Park?

B That’s all right. D Thank you very much.

60. –Would you like me to bring you a cup of tea?

B It’s a pleasure. D It doesn’t matter.

64. My deskmate Flora's handwriting is much better than __________.

65. At the foot of the hill, you can hear nothing but the __________ of the running water. A. speech A. care A. swim

B. talk

C. voice C. careless

D. sound

D. carefully

D. to swimming

66. Don't worry, Wendy can look after your bird __________ when you're out.

B. careful

67. Tourists enjoy __________ in the sea at the beautiful beaches in Bangkok.

B. to swim

C. swimming

68. The iPad is one of __________ among the young people all over the world. A. the most popular tablet computers B. the most popular tablet computer C. the more popular tablet computers D. the more popular tablet computer

69. —__________ has the foreign teacher been in Shanghai? —For one year.

A. How often B. How soon A. makes A. well A. need to A. spend A. at first A. copies A. took up

B. is making B. sweet

C. How long C. was making

D. badly

D. need D. How far D. made

70. When I arrived home yesterday, Grandpa __________ a phone call. 71. The cheese cake smelt so __________ that the kid asked for more.

C. awful

72. Plants and flowers __________ water and sun when they start growing.

B. don't need

C. pay

C. needn't

D. cost D. at most

D. copying

D. took away

73. My parents __________ about 30,000 yuan for my college education in UK each year.

B. take B. at last B. copy

74. She must be __________ forty, but she likes dressing up as a young girl.

C. at least C. to copy

75. It's not a good idea to make the boy __________ the new words again and again. 76. Young Jimmy __________ painting two weeks ago, but soon he lost interest in it.

B. took off

C. took out

77. Shu-How Lin __________ by two NBA teams years ago, but now he has become a bright star in the Knicks.

A. is refused B. was refused vacation.

A. but

B. because

C. so

D. though

79. Excuse me, could you please tell us __________? A. how can we get to the airport

B. how we can get to the airport

C. how could we get to the airport D. how we could get to the airport


C. has been refused D. will be refused

78. I like summer best among the four seasons, __________ I can enjoy the long summer

80. —Would you like me to help you with the housework?


A. That's very kind of you.

C. You're welcome.


61~65 ACCBD 66~70 DCACC

71~75 BDCCB 76~80ABBBA

81. I can’t remember when exactly she left ________city. I only remember it was ________Sunday

A. the ; a B. the ; the C. \ ; a D. the ; \

82 —Have you ever seen a panda , Linda?

—Yes , I just saw _________at the zoo last Sunday .

A. him B. one C. it D. that

8 3、.—What would you like to eat ?

—I don’t mind . __________ what you have .

A. Anything B. Something C. Nothing D. Everything

84、—You don’t look very __________ .Anything wrong ?

—Nothing . I’m just a little tired.

A. good B. well C. strong D. ill

85、.Although we’re quite busy with our study , some parents ________give us more pressure .

A. never B. also C. always D. still

86、. —What’s the picture about ?

—Stand over there ________you’ll be able to see the picture better .

A. while B. but C. and D. or

87、.—Are you still busy ?

—Yes, I _______ my work and it won’t take long .

A. just finish B. am just finishing

C. have just finished D. finished

88、. _________ more information about the hotel, please call 86234786 .

A. Get B. Getting C. Got D. To get

89、.—Is your friend looking forward to going on vacation this summer ?

—Yes, she’s _______the days .

A. enjoying B. spending C. living D. counting B. That's a good idea. D. Not at all.


90.—Can you tell me _________________?

—Sure , she is a nurse in No.1 hospital .

A. what your mother is B. what is your mother

C. who your mother is D. who is your mother

91. These young orange trees need special care _______ they can live through winter .

A. for B. because C. so that D. unless

92.—Where are you hurrying ?

—To take the driving test .

— ____________ .

A. Be careful B. Have a good tome C. Congratulation D. Good luck

93. Many countries are using natural gas , wind and other forms of ________ .

A. model B. force C. energy D. subject

94. —Do you think I should get a good camera ?

—Yes , of course ._______, you also need a good map and comfortable shoes.

A. By the way B. On the way C. What’s more D In the end

95. —What sports is Tonny interested in ?

— ____________basketball .

A. Play B. Plays C. Playing D. To play

96. ---Joan, you are late again!

---Sorry, I _______next time.

A. don't B. won’t C. am not D. can’t

97. The digital camera cost ______ that I didn’t buy it.

A. so little money B. such little money C. so much money D. such much money

98. If you want to be thinner and healthier, you'd better eat_______ food and take______exercise.

A. more; fewer B. more; less C. fewer; more D. less; more

99. – May I go out and play games?

-- No, you _________. You’ve got a lot of work to do.

A. can’t B. needn’t C. wouldn’t D. don’t

1000. ---What number should appear next after eighty-one?

---It’s ___________.

A. two hundreds and fourty-three B. two hundred and forty-seven

C. two hundred and forty-eight D. two hundred and forty-three


81---85 ABABD 86---90 CBDDA

91---95 CDCCC 96---100 BCDAD


101. ―Oh, my God! We have missed the last bus. What shall we do?

―I’m afraid we have noA. choice B. decision C. reason D. idea.

102.―How about―I should say it wasA. the; a B. the; / C. a; a D. a; /

A. 20 years’ B. 100 years C. 100-years’ D. 20 year’s

A. neither B. none C. all D. both

105. I can’t believemany books.

A. so; so B. such; such C. so; such D. such; so

106. I like flowers. I’m going to buy a housea small garden in front of it.

A. in B. near C. with D. between

107.―Tim, do you think time is money?

―Yes, but I think it ismoney.

A. more important than B. very important as

C. the same as D. not important as

108.―The cake looks.

―Yes, and it tastes evenA. well; good B. nice; better C. good; worse D. better; best

109.――No, youA. Can; needn’t B. Must; mustn’t C. Could; won’t D. May; mustn’t

110. The old man was very kind and some of his money to poor children in the country .

A. ran away B. gave away C. took away D. put away

111.―Lots of trees and flowerson both sides of Huanshan Road last year.

―Oh, that’s beautiful.

A. are planted B. were planting C. were planted D. have planted

112.―Did you go to the flower show in the City Square?

―No, I how to make food at that time.

A. learn B. learned C. was learning D. am learning

113.―Mark, please don’t play basketball on the road. It’s very dangerous.

A. Have a great time B. Sorry, I won’t do that


C. I’d like to D. Ok, with pleasure

is written by Guo Jingming.

A. who B. what C. that D./

115.―That actor often joins in different activities in Beijing. Do you know―For 5 years.

A. how soon he will come back B. how long he has stayed there

C. when he went there D. when he will come here

116. This is ____ interesting book and it is also ______ useful one.

A. a; a B. an; an C. an; a D. an, the

117. ---How many ______are there near the house? ---None.

A. duck B. chicken C. horse D. sheep

118. ---The panda is a kind of animal _______ I like best.

A. who B. which C. where D. what

in China .

A. the large city B. the largest cities

C. the largest city D. the large cities

120. She told us a story. Her voice sounded ___________.

A. sweet B. small C. clearly D. sadly


101-105 AAABD 106-110 CABDB

11-115 CCBCB 116—120 CDBBA


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