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第一部分 客观题(65分)

一. 听力(每小题约有8秒钟的答题时间)

(一) 录音中有五个句子,听一遍,选出能对每个句子作出适当反应的答语。(5分)

1. A. I’m twelve. B. It’s windy. C. It’s Friday.

2. A. You are welcome. B. What about you? C. Good idea.

3. A. He likes English. B. He is of medium height. C. He is a doctor.

4. A. Basketball. B. Great. C. Yes, I am.

5. A. Not at all. B. Thank you. C. I study it very hard.


6. How does the girl go to school every day?

A. By bike. B. By bus. C. On foot.

7. What does the girl want to borrow from the boy?

A. A pen. B. A pencil. C. A pen and a pencil.

8. Who likes Chinese food?

A. The woman. B. The man. C. Both of the woman and the man.

9. Where is the man going to spend his winter holiday?

A. In Sydney. B. In Tokyo. C. In Russia.

10. Which sweater does the woman want?

A. The green one. B. The yellow one. C. Neither



11. Why didn’t the woman have the report of the population last Friday?

A. Because she wasn’t told about it.

B. Because she was busy with her work.

C. Because she didn’t want to.


12. What is the girl going to do for the holiday?

A.Go to see her grandparents. B. Go to see her uncle.

C. Talk to her mother.

13. What does the girl ask the boy for?

A.Summer holiday. B. Some photos. C. Nanjing


14. When does the man think is the good time to go to Mexico City?

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