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一、 单项选择。

1— What ___your English teacher look like?

--She is quite handsome.

A do B is Cdoes

2—What do you think of the color of my new dress?

--Sorry,but what did you say ?I ____about something else.

A think B thought C was thinking

3In the19th World Table tennis Championship Wang Liqin____Ma lin and ____the champion of the Men?s Singles.

A beat;beat B won; won C beat ;won

4—How do you like the song Two Butterflies?

--Great!I ____such a beautiful song before.

A don?t ;hear B never hear C have never heard

5After th hero?s story____on CCTV,many people are learning from him.

A reports B was reporting C was reported

6—Listen,who____in the room?

--Let?s go and see.

A is crying B cries C crying

7—Li Lei, you?d better go to bed early.

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