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英语组 介词

1--_____one of the people from Wuhu ,I?m proud of _____ “Chery(奇瑞)”.—Me ,too.

A For ;to B As ; of C With ;for

2—Can you finish the work _____two days ?

--Yes ,I can >

A for B about C in

3—How long have you learned English?--____ about five years .

A From B Since C For 4 It is impotant ____us students to make a plan _____our studies before a new term starts.

A for ;for B of ;for C to :of

5—Oh,so many people in the amusement park .

--Nobody likes to study at home _____Sunday morning.

A in B on C at

6______ Children?s Day ,all the children are very happy .

A To B In C On

7—Look at my new digital camera.I bought it _____June 1,Children?s Day .

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