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1.Now there are a number of __________(工厂) in our hometown. 2. Danny and Daniel are brothers, and their________(妻子) are sisters. That’s interesting. 3. It’s our duty to ___________(改善)our ___________(环境). 4. -What’s on TV? -Chairman Hu Jintao is having an ___________(会见,交流) with President George Bush. 5.Guangzhou is in the _________ (南方的) part of China. 6. The old man lives alone, but he never feels a bit ________(孤单). 7.Where’s Sandy? He has gone ________ (国外) with his parens. 8.Parents often find it difficult to ___________ (沟通) with their children. 9.It’s good to see the amazing _________ (变化) in the town. 10. Because of the serious air __________ (污染),many people have got ill. live)live)for 10 years. 12. You change, not )your mind, haven’t you? 13. Such a thing (happen, never)in the village before. study)begin)to study English when she was ten. 15. Jim isn’t here. He go)go)there an hour ago. (travel, never)on a train in her life. 17. I buy)the bike two weeks ago. I have)this bike since the beginning of this month. I have)it for two weeks. 18. Many changes ____________ (take) place in our daily life since the invention of the computer. 19.Suzhou is _______________(beauty) city that I ______ ever_________(visit). 20.All of her childern’s have already got______(marry).Their________(marry) are very happy.


( ) 1.- You have never visited there,________?- ______. I have been there twice.

A. have you; Yes, I have. B. haven’t you; No, I haven’t.

C. have you; No, I haven’t D. haven’t you; Yes, I have.

( )2. -Excuse me, does Mr Green’s daughter live here?

-She _________ be here, but she has moved away already.

A. has to B. used to C. are used to D. happened to

( )3. He has _______ for two years.. Two years _______ a long time.

A. left home, are B. left home , is

C. been away from home , is D. been away from home , are

( )4. --- I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.--- Oh, not at all. I _____ here only a few minutes.

A. have come B. had been C. was D. have been

( .

A. was used to being B. has used to be

C. has been used to be D. used to be

( )6. 一Tina’s never been abroad, 一Sorry, I don’t know.

A. has she B. is she C. hasn’t she D. isn’t she

( )7. Do you know Betty very well? Yes, she and I____ friends since we met in Guangzhou

last summer.

A. have made B. have become C. have been D. have turned

( )8. 一Excuse me, but where’s Mrs. Liu? I want to ask her for some advice.

一 A. has been to B. has gone to C. was in D. went to

( )9. Mrs Smith ____ her keys in the office so she had to wait until her husband


A. has left; comes B. left; had come C. had left; would come D. had left; came

( ) 10. Do you know how long ?

A. has he fallen asleep B. has he been asleep

C. he has fallen asleep D. he has been asleep

( to him.

A. is happened B. has been taken place C. has taken place D. has happened

( in America this time last year.

A. travelled B. would travel C. has travelled D. was travelling

( ) 13. — Where ’s your mother ?

— She ________ Shanghai . She won’t be back ________ next week .

A. has gone to, until B. has been to, until

C. has been to ,after D. has gone to, after

( ) 14. Simon ________ the Football Club since last year.

A. has been in B. has joined C. has been a member of D. both A and C

( ) 15. It's the third time you late for shool this week.

A.were B.are C. had been D. have been

( ) 16.I the bad cold for a week and still can't get rid of it.

A.caught B. have caught C.had caught D. have had

( 1996. I have

studied here about 10 years.

A. ago, since, for B. ago ,for ,since, C. ago, before, for D ago, in, after

( ) 18.Mr Li Kunming. He the city three times. This time he ____

Kunming for three days.

A. has been to ,have gone to ,have been in B. have gone to ,has been to , have been in

C. have been in, has been to ,have gone to D have gone to, have been in , has been to

( )19.The child has come to school by bike his own.

A.in B.by C.on D.of

( )20.They didn't until they got a new house.

A.marring B.be married C.get married D.marry to


When I was small, my mum used to give the family something special for meals — she

would make breakfast food for dinner.

I still remember one night my mum some bread in front of my dad, something

very burnt. I waited to see if anybody noticed. To my surprise, my dad just took his smiled at my mum and then turned to ask me how my day at school had been. I’ve what I told him that night. I do remember watching him put some butter on that bread. He as usual, every single bit.

After dinner, my mum said to my dad for burning the bread. And I never forget

what he said, “I burnt bread, dear. It doesn’t matter at all. ”

, I went to kiss Dad good night. I asked him if he really liked his bread burnt. He

“Your mum worked very hard all day. She's really . And you see — a bit of burnt food never hurt anyone!”

Now I know life is not perfect. is perfect, either. As for me, I often forget

birthdays or some other special days. But I’ve learned something over these years.

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