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九年级Unit 5 易错点训练&能力提升

( A )1. Health is very important to us. We should eat more vegetables and fruit instead of ________ meat. A.too much C.very much B.much too D.too many

( A )2. The police found out the thief according to the
________ on the ground when he walked. A. footsteps B. smell C. garbage D. noise

( C )3. You can't wake up a person who is pretending ________. A.sleeping B.asleep

C.to be asleep

D.being sleeping

( A )4. If we use ________ the resources, our children will have nothing to use. A.up B.to C.for D.as

( A )5. She seemed to be too anxious ________do anything.






Dear Alice,
You really have two different questions here, so we'll discuss them one at a time. Your problems at school may be a result of a number of things. You don't say much about how these classmates get along with each other. It's

possible that all the students are feeling a little cautious (谨
慎的) in the first term.

It's also possible that the others are unkind. If so, you have to find out why you are the class “outsider”.

In your letter you say you often help others with their
work. Is it possible that your classmates didn't understand your offers? Could it seem that you were trying to “buy” friends with these offers?

Is it possible that you took no notice of your

classmates when you had your good friend near you? They
may have felt hurt at that time. It may take a time for them to believe in you. If so, try to ask one classmate directly what the problem is. If you hear a negative(负面的)answer, at least you'll know what to do.

Yours truly,

( D )1. From the letter we know that Alice was very ________. A. lucky C. clever B. unkind D. unhappy

( C )2. From the letter we can conclude(得出结论)that

A. Alice wasn't pleased with her teachers B. Alice's parents made her study too hard C. Alice didn't get along well with her classmates D. Alice didn't want to go to school any more

( A )3. In the letter Sheila talked about ________ possible reasons for Alice's problems. A. four C. seven B. six D. eight

( C )4. Which of the following is NOT true according to the letter? A. Alice felt her classmates weren't kind to her.

B. Alice was very warmhearted to help her
classmates. C. Alice didn't want to get along well with her classmates. D. The girl asked two questions in her letter.

( A )5. Sheila's advice to Alice is that ________.
A. Alice should find out the true reason for her problems B. Alice should leave school as soon as possible C. Alice should get one negative answer

D. Alice should “buy” friends with her offers

Ⅲ.任务型阅读 (A) A smart dog named Huahua can't seem to forget the doctor that took good care of it.

The dog walked 50 kilometres over 15 days to return
to the pet hospital to look for the doctor after it was

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