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九年级Unit 2 易错点训练&能力提升

Ⅰ. 单项选择
( B )1. —Would you like to play computer games with me? —Sorry. I have ________playing them. A.made up C.picked up B.given up D.got up

( A )2. He came into the room ________ his nose red
because of cold. A.with B.of C.for D.to

( B )3. —Excuse me, what's this for? —It's a cleaner and it ________ to pick up dirt. A. uses B. is used

C. is using

D. used

( B )4. ________ my great surprise, the little girl won the game. A. In B. To C. On D. By

( C )5. —What do you think of ________ film about Zhan
Tianyou? —It's________ good film. A. the; the C. the; a B. a; the D. a; a

Ⅱ. 完形填空 __1__ of years ago, life was much harder than it is today. People didn't have modern machines. There was no modern medicine, __2___.

Life today has brought new __3__. One of the biggest is
pollution of our drinking water. __4__ pollution makes us talk louder and become angry more easily. Air pollution is the most serious kind of pollution. It's bad for all living things in the world.

Cars, planes and factories all pollute our air every day. Sometimes the polluted air is so thick that it is like a quilt

__5__ a city. This kind of quilt is called smog (烟雾).
Many countries are making rules to fight pollution. Factories must now clean their water before it is thrown away. They mustn't blow dirty __6__ into the air.

We need to do many other things. We can put waste things in the dustbin and not throw them on the ground. We

can go to work __7__ or with our friends in __8__ car. If
there are fewer people driving, there will be __9__ pollution. Rules are not __10__. Every person must help to fight pollution.

( C )1. A. Hundred C. Hundreds ( D )2. A. also B. as well

B. One hundred D. Two hundred C. too B. questions D. inventions D. either

( A )3. A. problems C. styles

( A )4. A. Noise
C. Litter ( D )5. A. around B. on

B. Dirty paper
D. Water C. through D. over

( B )6. A. noise ( C )7. A. by foot

B. smoke B. on bus

C. water C. by bus

D. wind D. by the bus

( B )8. A. same
( B )9. A. fewer ( D )10. A. much

B. the same C. a same
B. less B. many C. a few C. good

D. different
D. more D. enough

Ⅲ. 根据汉语意思完成句子

John _______ wear _ glasses. used ___ to__ ______ 2.即使你不累了, 也不要在大街上闲逛。 _____ __ you are ____ Even__ ______ though no _ _______ longer__ tired, you mustn't hang out in the street.

3.老师们总为学生们所做的每一件好事感到自豪。 The teachers always _ _____ ______ ____ everything take pride __ _in good the students do. 4.我从来没有放弃过帮助他们。

I never _____ __ ___ __ ______ __ to help them. give up trying

Ⅳ. 书面表达
李平在同班同学王朋的帮助下学习成绩有了显著提高, 请就此写一篇短文。 内容要点提示: 李平过去经常上课

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