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1. My ________(学生) like me and I like them.

2. Jim and David are my ___________ (同班同学).

3. These are my friends. ___________(他们的) names are Han Mei and Wei Hua.

4. Is Jim Kate' s ___________(兄弟) ?

5.--6. Those are _________(香蕉) and these are ___________(桔子).

7. These two ___________(妇女) are my teachers..

8. Is ___________(每人) here today?

9. That's my bird, ______________(它的) name is Polly.

10. What's this in English? It's a __________(钟).

11. That' s not your classroom, it' s _____________(我们的).

12. There are many ___________(动物) over there.

13. What's in the ___________(双胞胎的) bedroom?

14. What's your ____________(最喜欢的) colour?

15. Are Tim and Tom in different ___________(学校)?

16. --What's the time? --It's a _____________(一刻钟) to seven.

17. Are there any ___________(警察) in the room? X k B 1 . c o m

18. His ____________(衣服) are grey. What about yours?

19. Can you count from one to a ____________(百) ?

20. Whose ____________(女儿) are the girls? Mr King's.

21. There are many people in that ____________(市场)

22. Chinese is our first ___________(语言).

23. The teachers say we must do morning ____________(操) every day.

24. Those young men are ____________(士兵).

25. He __________(教) us English well, so our English is very good.

26. Walking after supper is good for our ____________(健康)

27. How much are the ________________(西红柿) ?

28. The Greens are going to London for their ____________(假日).

29. They are from Canada, so they are ____________(加拿大人).

30. I want to buy a _____________(字典) for my son.

31. We must do our homework ____________(仔细).

32. Are you _____________(渴) or hungry?

33. Their _____________(小刀) are all old, I want a new one.

34. Is that ___________(建筑物) a hotel or a shop?

35. There are many farmers in the ___________(田地).

36. Good morning, _____________(孩子), are we all here now?

37. Today is __________(星期二), February 18th. I'm on duty.

38. I'd like an ______________(空的) box.

39. How many ____________(动物园) are there in that city?

40. What ____________(别的) can you see in the picture?

41. My bike isn't ___________(坏的), it's OK.

42. Put your __________(书本) away, Lily and Kate.

43. Yon can eat the cakes if you are _____________(饿)

44. Do you want any ____________(水果)?

45. I have porridge and eggs for ____________(早餐).

46 There are some _____________(块) of bread on the plate.

47. Those boys are good at ___________(游泳).

48. Don' t _________(扔) the yo - yo like that.

49. Michael Jordan is one of the best basketball __________(选手).

50. Are the boys ____________(骑) bikes?

51. Jim is _____________(浇) the flowers.

52. The shop in our school ___________(关门) at 9 p.m.

53. We have a class ____________(会议) every week.

54. To many people, the meaning of a name is ___________(重要的).

55. I don't want to go to Gansu, because the weather there is too ___________(坏).

56. My grandpa often ___________(讲) us stories.

57. You can give him your best _________(祝愿).

58. Be quiet, the students are ________(上) lessons.

59. They are going to their _________(故乡) next week.

60. ________(或许) that man is a teacher; I think.

61. Would you like to go for a _________(野炊) with us tomorrow?

62. I'm very ________(累), and I want to have a good rest.

63. Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan are all big _______(城市).

64. I'm going to give my English teacher some ________(漂亮的) flowers for Teachers Day.

65. Beijing is very ________(远). We have to go there by air.

66. Let's go _______(划船) on the river.

67. The monkeys climb up the trees __________(快).

68. September is the ________(九) month of the year.

69. Let's meet ________(在…外面) the school gate.

70. Which month is hotter, _________(十月) or September?

71. We are going to have a party to ________(庆祝) Teachers' Day.

72. They are going shopping ________(一起) tomorrow.

73. Who' s _________(高), Lily or Lucy?

74. Who is the ________(年轻) in your class?

75. Our teacher comes into the classroom ________(拿着) a book in his hand.

76. I think his story is _________(有趣) of the three.

77. You must wait at home ________(直到) he comes back.

78. His door is closed, ________(没有人) is in.

79. The farmers ________(种) potatoes on this farm.

80. It's not a truck but a ________(拖拉机).

81. How many _________(星星) can you see in the sky?

82. Tom runs _________(快) than Jim.

83. 'John wants to ________(饲养) the animals on the farm,

84. Of all the animals, tigers are the _________(危险).

85. Tomorrow we are going to learn the _________(十二) lesson.

86. --Shall we go to the _________(电影院) this afternoon? --OK.

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