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初中毕业升学考试指导英语 数词、名词复习 6页

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1. Susan lives on the floor and we are neighbours.

A. four B. fourth C. fourteen D. forty

2. --- How many people were invited to the meeting? --- About six .

A. hundred B. hundreds C. hundred of D. hundreds of

3. To many foreigners, Guangzhou has become their home town.

A. two B. second C. the second D. a second

4. Linda's mother looks young, but actually she is in her .

A sixties B. sixtieth C. sixty years old D. sixtieths

5. soldiers and doctors went to Ya'an to help the people there two months ago.

A. Thousands of B. Two thousands C. Thousand of D. Two thousand of

6. The number of the cars in our neighbourhood is about eight , and of them are new cars.

A hundred; two thirds B. hundred; two third

C. hundreds; two thirds D. hundreds; two third

7. On Feb 25, 2013, a Chinese director, won the best director again. It is his time to win an Oscar.

A. first B. three C. twice D. second

8. --- How old is your daughter?

--- . We had a special party for her birthday yesterday.

A. Nine; nine B. Nine; ninth C. Ninth; ninth D. Ninth: nine

9. --- Where is Class ? --- It's on the floor.

A. Six; third B. Sixth; third C. Six; three D. Sixth; three

10. It's said that of the water around the world polluted.

A. two third; has B. two thirds; have C. two third; are D. two thirds; is

11. This tall building has _______ floors. And Tony lives on the _______ floor.

A. twelve; twelve B. twelfth; twelfth C. twelfth; twelve D. twelve; twelfth

12. --- Hurry up! It's . We're asked to finish it by 5 o'clock.

--- You mean we've only got 20 minutes left.

A. 5:20 B. 4:20 C. 4:40 D. 5:40

13. --- Excuse me, sir. Here's a package for Lin Tao. Which room does he live in? --- .

A. 308 Room B. Room 308 C. The Room 308 D. The 308 Room

14. Kate is girl. She's very happy at school.

A. a eighteen-year-old B. an eighteen-year-old

C. an eighteen-years-old D. a eighteen-years-old

15. --- Mother's Day is celebrated across the world on the Sunday in May. --- That's right. People show their love for their mothers by giving some presents.

A. first B. second C. third D. last

16. Unit is easy but unit is difficult.

A. Sixth; seven B. Six; seven C. Sixth; the seventh D. Six; the seventh

17. --- of volunteers will be needed for 2014 International Horticulture Exposition in Qingdao.

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