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2013-2014学年八年级下学期英语复习题(第08周)Unit 5 What were you doing when the rainstorm came

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Unit 5 What were you doing when the rainstorm came ?


1. — What were you doing at eight last night?

— I was taking a shower.

2. When it began to rain, Ben was helping his mom make dinner.

3. — What was Jenny doing while Linda was sleeping?

— While Linda was sleeping, Jenny was helping M a ry with her homework.

语法 过去进行时

定义: 过去进行时,是表示过去某个具体时刻正在进行的事情或动作。

结构: was/were +doing (现在分词)

when 和while的用法区别 两者的区别如下:

①when是at or during the time that, 既指时间点,也可指一段时间;

while是during the time that,只指一段时间,因此when引导的时间状语从句中的动词可以是终止性动词,也可以是延续性动词,而while从句中的动词必须是延续性动词。

②when 说明从句的动作和主句的动作可以是同时,也可以是先后发生;while 则强调主句的动作在从句动作的发生的过程中或主从句两个动作同时发生。


a. When the teacher came in, we were talking. 当此句改变主从句的位置时,则为:

While we were talking, the teacher came in.

b They were singing while we were dancing.



三、 选择题。

1. I ______ cooked a meal when you _____ me.

a. cooked, were ringing b. was cooking, rang c. was cooking, were ringing d. cooked, rang

2. He said he _____ to draw a plane on the blackboard at that time.

a. tries b. tried c. was trying d. will try

3. While she ______ TV, she ______ a sound outside the room.

A. was watching, was hearing B.watched, was hearing C. watched, heard D..was watching, heard

4. They _____ a football game from 7 to 9 last night.

a. were watching b. watch c. watched d. are watching

5. What book ____ you ______ when I ____ you at four yesterday afternoon?

a. did, read, was seeing b. did, read, saw c. were, reading, saw d. were, reading, was seeing

6. It was Friday evening. Mr and Mrs. Green _____ ready to fly to England.

a. are getting b. get c. were getting d. got

7. Lei Feng _____ always _____ of others when he ______ in the army.

a. is, thinking, was b. was, thinking, is c. did, think, is d. was, thinking, was

8. A girl ______ my pen fall off the table when she _____ me.

a. saw, passed b. was seeing, passed c. was seeing, passed d. was seeing, was passing

9. We ____ for tom at ten last Sunday. He often kept us ______.

a. were waiting, waiting b. were waiting, wait c. waited, waiting d. waited, wait

10. He ____ his father on the farm the whole afternoon last Saturday.

a. helps b. would help c. was helping d. is helping

11. While mother _______ some washing, I _____ a kite for Kate.

a. did, made b. was doing, made c. was doing, was making d. did, was making

12. “_______ you angry then?” “they ______ too much noise.”

a. are, were making b. were, were making c. are, made d. were, made

13. He ____ some cooking at that time, so _____ me

a. did, heard b. did, didn?t hear c. was doing, heard d. was doing, didn?t hear

14. This time yesterday jack _____ his bike. He _____ TV

a. repaired, didn?t watch b. was repairing, watched

c. repaired, watched d. was repairing, wasn?t watching

15. His parents wanted to know how he _____ on with his new classmates.

a. was getting b. gets c. is getting d. will get

16.Eddie was sleeping ________Millie was reading a magazine .

A until B while C. before D after

17. Were you in the supermarket _____you heard a strange sound ?

A when B. while C. then D. which

18.I can;t speak English well , and LiLei can?t _____ A. too B. also C. as well D.either

19.Lily wants to go to the park, and I want to go there , _____(同上)

20.There are many people downstairs . What do you think _____?

A to happen B. happening C.is happened D. has happened

21.Could you _______ the ball on the ground for me ? A put up B. put away C.take up D.pick up

22.she had to sell the house even though it was ______ own wishes

A on B. above C. against D. for

23.The old man looked for his pet dog ________ A.everywhere B.anywhere C.smoewhere

24.He was surprised _______his best friend again . A to see B.seeing C. see D. sees

25.Try _____ late for school again .A.not to be B.not be C.not being D.to be not

26.The car accident happened ____a cold winter morning . Luckily , no one was hurt .

A. in B. on C. at D. of

27.His brother was angry because he didn?t ____the truth .A speak B.say C.tell D.talk


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