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初一英语7B Unit1 Dream homes单元检测题含答案

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7B Unit1 Dream homes单元检测卷

满分:100分 时间:90分钟 得分:_________



2.Jim! Don’t put your books here and there.


4.Tuesday and Thursday.

5.Put the__________(made of wood)chair into my room.

6.I live in the same flat with Millie.She lives three floor________(在……的上面)me.

7.You should keep__________(安静的)in the library.

8.There is a small______(花园)in front of my house,and my mother grows some flowers in it.

9.He wants lo climb up the tree with a________(梯子)to pick the apples.

10.Keep your room clean and_________(整洁的).


1.May is the__________(five)month of a year.

2.I________(real)like to live in a fiat like this.

3.My neighbours are all________(friend)to us.

4.In China__________(many)families have only one child.

5.Do you like_________(sit)in the armchair?

6.I would like you________(cook)the fish for me.

7.I can’t wait_________(see)Uncle John.

8.That tree is over three________(metre)tall.

9.A sitting room is a good place_________(meet)friends.

10.There are at________(little)three hundred people m the hall.


1.I want to make a__________ house for my dog.

2.There is a bridge________ the river.

3.Monday is the__________ day of a week.

4.It’s nice to watch TV in the_________ room.

5.There are at________ four computer rooms in his school.



__________would you like to live?


__________is the capital of the USA?


_________do you often go to school?

4.Kitty has a TV in her bedroom.(改为否定句)

Kitty_________ __________a TV in her bedroom.


( )1.The capital of Russia is_________.

A.Bangkok B.London C.Moscow D.Paris

( )2.—Which is your favourite place,Eddie?

—I like eating.My favourhe place is the_________.

A.post office B.library C.hospital D.restaurant

( )3.—Where________ you often chat with your friends? —On the balcony.

A.is B.are C.does D.do

( )4.There is a wooden house_______ the river.It’s Madee’s home.

A.on B.in C.at D.over

( )5.My father is reading newspapers_________ my mother is watching TV.

A.when B.where C.while D.why

( )6.—Where do you live? —I live________ my family________ a small house.

A.with;with B.in;in C.with;in D.in;with

( )7.—When is your birthday? —It’s________ the tenth of March.

A.in B.on C.at D.with

( )8.—How do you say 3,365 in English? —It’s________.

A.three thousand,three hundred and sixty five

B.three thousand and three hundred sixty five

C.three thousand,three hundred and sixty-five

D.three thousand and three hundreds and sixty-five

( )9.—Where can I have a shower? —In the________.

A.sitting room B.dining room C.bathroom D.kitchen

( )10.—What_________ your dream home________?

—It’s very large.There are many rooms in it.

A.is;like B.does;like C.are;like D.do;like


I’m an English boy..I’my mother.My .22 Middle Schoolis an English teacher.And I study there.I’m in Class Two,Grade Seven.My English teacher is Miss Black..She is fun.very much.Miss Black’.But my Chinese is not good.me with my Chinese.Miss Black likes Chinese history.She says it’..

( )1.A.am B.is C.are D.be

( )2.A.with B.and C.or D.but

( )3.A.plays B.likes C.works D.calls

( )4.A.I B.She C.He D.They

( )5.A.also B.too C.Or D.a

( )6.A.her B.him C.us D.them

( )7.A.good B.fine C.well D.difficult

( )8.A.brings B.tells C.takes D.helps

( )9.A.interesting B.boring C.scary D.short

( )10.A.English B.Chinese History C.Art D.Music



Why do children go to school? Do you know? You may say they go to school to learn Chinese,English and other subjects.This answer is right.But do they learn a11 things at school? The answer is‘No’.Children must learn how to learn at school.No one can learn everything at school.When they leave school.they must go on(继续)learning.So a good teacher at school teaches his students to learn something and teaches them the ways of study.Then the children can go on learning well after they leave school.

( )1.What do children 1earn at school?

A.Chinese. B.English. C.Maths. D.Many subjects.

( )2.Do children learn all things at school?

A.Yes,they do. B.No,they don’t. C.I don’t know. D.I think so.

( )3.What does a good teacher do at school?

A.To teach his students to learn something. B.To teach his students how to learn.

C.To teach everything. D.Both A and B.

( )4.Who can learn everything at school?

A.Teachers. B.Students. C.Scientists. D.No one.

( )5.Which of the following is TRUE?

A.Students go to school to learn everything.

B.Children don’t need to 1earn after they leave school.

C.Children must learn how to learn.

D.Teachers should teach everything.


I have a good friend.Her name is Linda.She has a red backpack(背包).It is on the sofa.She has two blue dictionaries.They are on the desk in her room.She has a yellow quilt(被子).It is on her beck She likes tennis.She has four tennis rackets and eight tennis balls.They are under her bed.She likes volleyball,too.But she doesn’t like soccer.She thinks it is for boys.She often plays tennis with her sister in the morning and plays volleyball with me in the afternoon.

( )6.What colour is Linda’s backpack?

A.Red. B.Black. C.Blue. D.Yellow.

( )7.Where are Linda’s dictionaries?

A.On the sofa. B.On the desk. C.On the bed. D.Under the bed.

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