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初三总复习:动词短语单项选择 4页

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1. --- Diaoyu Island belongs to China.

--- Surely it does! We Chinese will never it up.

A. cut B. fix C. give D. set

2. --- Mr Li, I can't understand everything in class.

--- Don't worry! I'll the main points at the end.

A. record B. review C. require D. remember

3. She hurriedly the child and took him downstairs.

A. put on B. wore C. dressed D. had on

4. Here is the book. First it and then tell me what you think of it.

A. look into B. look through C. look up D. look after

5. On the top of the hill an ancient tower with a history of more than l,000 years.

A. stood B. ran C. came D. lived

6. --- Would you please see the film Iron Man 3 with me tonight, Kate?

--- I'd love to, but I've Linda's invitation to dinner.

A. suffered B. earned C. received D. accepted

7. When you visit a museum you should the instructions and don't be against them

A. compare with B. look forward to C. pay attention to D. try out

8. --- Can I your bike?

--- With pleasure. But you mustn't it to others.

A. lend; borrow B. borrow; lend C. lend; lend D. borrow; borrow

9. --- I don't know where to go this summer vacation

--- Why not visiting Huanggang? There are many places of interest there.

A. suggest B. wonder C. consider D. regard

10. --- I trunk I've got a bad cold, Doctor. Shall I take some medicine?

--- No need. Your body itself is able to the virus. Just drink more water and rest.

A. catch B. fight C. lose D. hide

11. His family are worried about him because they haven't letters from him for a long time.

A. accepted B. received C. written D. collected

12. --- Would you mind the music a little? Don't you think it's too loud? --- Sorry! I'll do it in a minute.

A. turning on B. turning off C. turning up D. turning down

13. In April, the weather in some places in Shanxi was really changeable. People still remember they have four seasons in a week.

A. organized B. experienced C. described D. had

14. --- Do you know why he didn't a word when he to? --- Because he was too nervous.

A. speak; speaks B. say; was spoken C. say; spoke D. speak; is spoken

15. If you want to change the world, you have to yourself first.

A. enjoy B. check C. help D. change

16. I will meet Jane at the station. Please what time she will arrive.

A. count B. choose C. check D. catch

17. --- Sam, my iphone is in my bedroom. Could you it for me? --- No problem

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