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8B牛津版 Unit1-4 全国各地中考试题选编及答案

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8B Unit1-4 全国各地中考试题选编


( )1.(2013义乌)一Sam,can you tell me_______?

一Try Music World on Huangyuan Street.

A.why to buy a CD B.where to get a CD

C.how to choose a CD D.when to record a CD

( )2.(2013连云港)一Would you please see the film Iron Man 3 with me tonight,Kate? 一I’d love to,but I've_______Linda’s invitation(邀请)to dinner.

A.suffered B.earned C.received D.accepted

( )3.(2013连云港)From March 23rd 2013,anyone under the age of 14_______go into Disney's US parks alone.

A.couldn’t B.mustn’t C.needn’t D.mightn’t

( )4.(2012金华)一Please________the paper,Jimmy!

一But I haven’t checked it yet,Mr Black.

A.hand in B.take out C.look at D.go through

( )5.(2013贵阳)I always forget some new words.I'm very upset(不安)and don’t know_____.

A.how to do B.when to do

C.what to do D.how to do with it

( )6.(2013苏州)If you_______go,at 1east wait until the rain stops.

A.can B.may C.must D.will

( )7.(2013德州)You won’t want to visit any other mountain if you have seen wu yue,but,you won’t wish to see even wu yue_________returning from Mount Huangshan.

A.about B.before C.since D.after

( )8.(2011宿迁)Paul isn’t as______as Sandy.He often makes mistakes in his homework.

A.careless B.more careful C.more careless D.careful

( )9.(2012呼和浩特) 一Which dress do you 1ike best,Madam?

一Sorry,I can’t decide_________now.

A.to buy which one B.buy which one

C.which one bus D.which I should buy it

( )10.(2013盐城)I thought the actor was famous,_____none of my friends has ever heard of him.

A.and B. or C.so D.but

( )11.(2013镇江)That performance(表演)was_______great success.The audience(观众)couldn’t stop clapping their hands.

A.a B./ C.an D.the

( )12.(2013宁波)That T-shirt______be expensive because it’s by a famous designer.

A.can’t B.mustn’t C.must D.should

( )13.(2013呼和浩特)一I’m afraid the class has begun.

一Don’t worry.It________until the bell.

A.doesn’t begin;rings B.won’t begin:;will ring

C.won’t begin;rings D.doesn’t begin;will ring

( )14.(2013河南)一Dad,must we wait until the light becomes green?

一Yes,I’m afraid we_______.That’s the traffic rule.

A.can B.may C.have to D.need

( )15.(2011无锡)They don’t seem_______who________for help.

A.know;to talk B.know;to talk to

C.to know;to talk D.to know;to talk to

( )16.(2013宿迁)The lady in the sitting room_______be over sixty.She looks so young.

A.can’t B.must C.may D.needn’t

( )17.(2012广东) 一________I swim here?

一I’m sorry.Children________swim alone here.

A.Must;can’t B.May;must

C.Can;mustn’t D.Can’t;can

( )18.(2013青岛)If you have trouble pronouncing these words,you can repeat them over and over again_______you are comfortable with them.

A.unless B.if C.until D.while


1.(2013兰州)Details decide________(成功)or not.If we take everything seriously,we’ll achieve our goals(达到目标).

2.(2013镇江)Sam hardly has any good friends because he always_________(拒绝)to help other people.

3.(2012新疆)It’s a good_________(习惯)to exercise every day.

4.(2012无锡)What a terrible painting! This is the_______(ugly)painting I’ve ever seen.

5.(2012临沂)Anna had a fever yesterday,so she was________(able)to go to school.


1.(2011无锡)Xiao Li promised(承诺)to chat with me on the Internet,but so far he_____(not do)so.

2.(2011无锡)The Women’s World Cup________(not begin)until 1991 when China hosted(举办)it in Guangzhou.


1.(2013连云港)Peter was so tired that he_________(直到……才醒来)half past eight yesterday.


The writer_______________________________________________


As a student,you must_________your homework on time.

4.(2013连云港)一How can I speak English_________(与你……一样好),Rose?

一Practice makes perfect.


When the singer was asked about her marriage,she____________________to it.


Do you know______________________________________this kind of stamp?




一、1—5 BDBAC 6—10 CDDCD 11—15 ACCCD 16—18 ACC 二、1.success 2.refuses 3.habit 4.ugliest 5.unable 三、1.hasn’t done 2.didn’t begin

四、1.didn’t wake up until

2.wasn’t famous until he got the prize

3.hand in

4.as well as you

5.refused to reply

6.where to buy’

7.It’s a good habit to get,to school on time every day.

8.We don’t know how to look after/take care of ourselves.

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