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牛津版7B Unit4 单元综合测试

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7B Unit4 单元综合测试


A. 根据你所听到的对话,选择正确答案

( )1. Where are they talking?

A. In a library. B. At the doctor's. C. At a post office.

( )2. Where are they talking now?

A. At home. B. At school. C. At hospital.

( )3. What does the sign mean?

A. Straight on. B. No right turn. C. No left turn.

( )4. Where does the woman go?

A. To a bookshop. B. To Sunshine Hospital. C. To a cinema.

( )5. What does Neil mean?

A. He will come to the party this Sunday.

B. He doesn't want to visit his grandparents.

C. He can't go to the party.

B. 根据你所听到的对话,选择正确答案

( )6. Where does the man want to go?

A. Amy's home. B. The People's Hospital. C. The supermarket.

( )7. Where is the supermarket?

A. Near Amy's home. B. Next to the No.6 Middle School.

C. Behind the People's Hospital.

C. 根据你所听到的短文内容,选择正确答案,完成信息记录表

( )8. A. swim B. walk C. run

( )9. A. reading the newspaper B. watching TV C. listening to the radio

( )10. A. yesterday's B. today's C. tomorrow's


1. It's_______(相当)cold in winter in my hometown.

2. There are three_______(银行)in our town.

3. Look! There is a little girl crying_______(在外面)the shop. She is cold and hungry.

4. There is an_______(出口)on each floor of the building.

5. Look at the_______ (指示牌).I think we can take that road to Shanghai.

6. Don't keep the little bird in the_______(笼子).


7. You have to do all the exercises before you open the_______(宝藏)box.

8. -How is your grandpa?

-He's well. But he can't_______ things clearly. He always asks me how old I am.

9.-Tony, you'd better go to work by underground. The _______ is very heavy today because of the rain.

-Thank you, Jane.I will.

10. -Why do pandas like eating_______?

-I don't know. You can ask our teacher.


1. What can you see_______ (cross) the bridge?

2. Wang Baoqiang is a_______ (fun) actor(演员).He often makes people laugh.

3. Maybe we take a wrong_______ (turn). What can we do then?

4. Do you think the bags are those_______ (visit)?

5. You can see two tall_______ (build) of ICBC(工商银行)in front of you.


( ) 1._______ elephant has_______ long nose.

A An; an B. An; a C. /; a D. The; the

( ) 2. When I stand_______ the window, I see some boys running_______ the street*

A. next to; along B on; at C. in; on D. to; in

( ) 3. The children often walk_______ the bookshop on their way home.

A. past B. across C. on D. over

( ) 4. Excuse me, can you tell me _______ get to the post office?

A. the way B. how can't C. how to D. where is to

( ) 5.-_______ is the library from our school?

-It’s quite near. Just go _______ the road.

A. How long; across B. How far; across

C. How long; cross D. How far; cross

( ) 6._______ cute the little panda is! It looks like its mother.

A What B. Why C. How D. If

( ) 7. The shirt is too small. Would you please show me_______, Madam?

A. the other one B. another one C. one another D. other one

( ) 8. We would like you _______ and we look forward _______ you.

A. to come; to see B come to seeing C. come; to see D. to come; to seeing

( ) 9. Jim and I share the desk, so he sits _______ me.

A. beside B. behind C. between D. over

( )10. Father buys _______ iPad for me. But I think _______ iPad is too expensive.

A. an; the B a; an C. the; the D. the; an

( )11. It's very hot today. The temperature (温度) may be _______ 30℃.

A. on B. above C. at D. under

( )12. There is an old bridge _______ the river. Be careful (小心) when you _______ it. 2

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