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牛津英语8B八年级下Unit3 Online travel达标测试卷及答案解析

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Unit 3 Online travel




1.Don’t wake him up.He has just fallen__________.

2.Where does the talk________(大概)take place?

3.Such an advertisement most likely a________in a newspaper.

4.It’s really an________ (激动人心的)game.

5.He gave a concert which ________ (包括) the Fifth Symphony and the Piano Concert in G (G大提琴协奏曲).

6.She is________ (有关)with the Smiths.

7.Black ran himself out (筋疲力尽) before he reached the________(目标).

8.He has________ (创造)a new painting which is really creative.

答案: 1.asleep 2.probably 3.appears 4.exciting5.included

6.connected 7.goal 8.created


1.character a.get

2.earn b.information and understand in mind

3.knowledge c.a person in a film,book,ect.

4.machine d.not correct

5.incorrect e.include

6.cover f.summery of event or story

7.simple g.a device consisting of fixed and moving parts

8.conclusion h.easy

答案:1.c 2.a 3.b 4.g 5.d 6.e 7.h 8.f


1. ________ ________ ________ (被设计)by Nancy Jackson.

2.These words________ ________ (写在)on it.

3.When you play the game,you will________ ________ ________ ________ (扮演角色) Itchy Feet.

4. ________ ________ (例如), when you reach London,you will learn about the museum of London and many other interesting places.

5.Get it before it________ ________ ________ (卖光).

6.I hope I can have more ________ ________ (空余时间)to play.

答案:1.It is designed2.were written

3.play the role of4.For example5.is sold out6.free time


1. “You can’t smoke any more,” the doctor said to him.(同义句转换)

He was________ ________ ________ ________ smoking.

2.A book was given to me by the teacher.(改为主动语态)

The teacher________ ________a book.

3.This kind of silk________ ________ ________(产在) Suzhou and Hangzhou. 答案:1.1.told to give up 2.gave me3.is produced in或is made in




1.A.My name is Tom. B.I’m Mr Smith. C.My name is Tom Smith.

2.A.No,it’s not ours. B.History.

3.A.She was sixteen years old.

B.She is nice and kind.

C.She was very young.

4.A.Excuse me. B.Have a good time. C.Certainly.Here you are. C.Let’s take our books home.

5.A.No,it’s nothing serious.

B.Thank you,doctor.

C.Yes,a little better.Thanks.


A. 1.Mr Smith is my father.I am his son.What’s your name?

2.What class are you going to have this afternoon?

3.How old was she that year?

4.Excuse me.Can I borrow your dictionary?

5.Do you feel well today,Mary?

答案:1~ 5 CBACC


1.A.Twenty. B.Thirty-three.

C.Twenty-three. 2.A.Eighth floor. B.Eightieth floor.

3.A.At eight. C.Eighteenth floor. B.At half past seven. C.At half past eight.

B.A hundred kilometres. C.Fifty metres. 4.A.A hundred metres.

5.A.Because she often gives them books.

B.Because she often tells them stories.

C.Because she often takes them to the shop.


Miss Li is twenty-three years old.She lives on the eighteenth floor of this building.She lives with her father,mother and brother.

Every morning she gets into the lift and leaves her home at eight and gets back home at about half past five.She works very hard in a bookshop.The bookshop is about a hundred metres from her building,so she goes there on foot. She stands at the counter and there are many books behind her.She knows many books behind her.She knows many interesting stories and she has many books in her room.She often tells us stories,so children in this building all like her.


1.How old is Miss Li?

2.Which floor does Miss Li live on?

3.What time does she leave her home every day?

4.How far is her bookshop from her building?

5.Why do the children like her?

答案:1~5 CCAAB


1.Last Wednesday was my birthday.

2.I invited many friends to come to my birthday party.

3.Everything was ready for the party at five o’clock.

4.I received many beautiful presents.

5.We danced and sang and had a good time.


Last Saturday was my birthday.I had a birthday party.I invited many friends to come to the party.At four o’clock everything was ready and then my friends all came.They gave me

many beautiful presents.We ate the birthday cake.We also sang and danced.We laughed happily.We had a good time.

答案:1~5 FTFTT


1.(2006济南中考)—Will you come to the dinner party?

—I won’t come unless Jenny_________.

A.will be invited B.can be invited


2.(2006锦州中考) The International Horticultural Exposition(园艺博览会) ________in Shenyang in May,2006.Thousands of people have visited it.

A.held B.holds 


3.We were all________in travelling.It was really________.

A.interested;interested B.interesting;interesting

C.interested;interesting D.interesting;interested

答案:C 固定用法be interested in 意思是“对什么感兴趣”。形容物时,形容词应该用-ing形式的。

4.(2006贵州贵阳中考) Sam, please turn the radio ________a little.I am talking with your uncle.

A.off B.on


5.They should increase________by bringing in new skills.

A.produce B.production C.producing D.to produce C.down D.up C.is held D.was held C.invited D.is invited 答案: D 主句是一般将来时,从句要用一般现在时,再结合句子的意思应该是“Jenny答案:D 园艺博览会应该是被举行,所以要用被动语态,是过去的事情,所以用过去答案:C 由句子后面的话“我正和你叔叔谈话呢,Sam,把收音机调小一些。”, 可知C

答案:B “他们应该通过引进新技术提高生产”。此处需用名词形式production。

6.I can not get enough sleep.I always feel________.

A.sleep B.sleepy C.asleep D.sleeping

答案:B 觉得困,后面应用形容词作feel的表语。A是动词;C是 “熟睡的”含义不妥。

7.The book________ forty maps, ________three of Great Britain.

A.is containing;including B.contains;includes

C.includes;containing D.contains;including

答案:D contain强调的是内容;include强调的是含的一小部分。

8.Both English and French________in Canada.

A.are spoken B.is spoken

C.can speak D.speak

答案:A both...and...后面的谓语要用复数形式,又因为主语是动作的承受者,所以要用被动语态。

9.—Don’t________ until you________.

—OK.I’ll remember that.

A.tell;are spoken to B.speak;are spoken

C.say;are spoken D.speak;are spoken to

答案:D 句子所要表达的意思是“不要说话,知道有人和你说话”,所以第一个空应该用主动语态,第二个空应该用被动语态,要注意speak过去分词是特殊的。

10.You________to the meeting,why didn’t you go?

A.be invited B.will be invited

C.were invited D.are invited

答案:C 由Why didn’t you go?可推断动作已经发生了,所以要用过去时,又因为要表示的是被邀请,所以要用被动语态。


We live in the“computer” age.People like scientist, teachers, writers and even students people were interested in them and knew how to use them.

.like to use them.Some people even have them at home.

write.Teachers use them to study and children use them to play games.Computers can also remember what you put and helpful.They are our good friends and good helpers.

a computer?But don’t spend too much time playing computer games.That is a waste of time and life.

1.A.many of B.all kinds of C.a lot of D.hard


3.A.few B.teachers C.students D.computers B.little C.a few D.a little

4.A.higher B.cheaper

5.A.But B.And

C.lower D.more expensive D.If D.faster C.Since

6.A.slowly 7.A.help 8.A.over B.more slowly C.use C.up

C.fast B.make B.into D.stop D.on D.heavy 9.A.beautiful

10.A.pay B.careful C.useful B.sell C.lend D.have

答案:1.B 由句中的“People like scientist, teachers, writers and even students”等信息可以作出判断:各种职业的人们都使用计算机来做各种各样的工作。故答案应选用all kinds of表示“各种各样的”。

2.D 从后句“They were very big and expensive”可知,这里的代词they应该代替第2个空。科学家、老师或学生不可能又大又贵,只可能是电脑。此句话的意思是“当时的计算机性能不好”。

3.A few/a few用来修饰可数名词。little/a little用来修饰不可数名词。few/little都具有否定的含义。根据上文“They were very big and expensive”判断:由于计算机又大又昂贵,所以几乎没有人对它感兴趣和懂得如何去使用它。表示“几乎没有人(people)”应选用few。

4.B 从上文“They were very big and expensive”可以看出:过去的计算机又大又昂贵。与此相对,当今的计算机又小又便宜。故应选用cheaper。

5.C 这半句话与后面的many people like to use them存在一种逻辑上的因果关系。四个选项只有since可以表示“既然;由于”,表示因果关系。

6.D 从句中的信息词than可以看出:该句是一个比较级的句子。再根据事实:计算机变得非常重要是因为它们能比人脑工作更快、犯的错误更少。故答案应选faster。

7.A 由该句的语境可以判断:计算机是人类的得力助手。表示“帮助某人做某事”应选用help sb.(to)do sth.短语,故答案应选help。

8.B 计算机也能记住你输入的内容。表示“把……输入……”应选用put...into...。

9.C 此句是指计算机的用途很广泛,且并列连词and前后的形容词应该意思相近。故答案应选用useful才与语境相符合。

10.D 由上下文语境可知此句意为“你想拥有一台电脑吗”,表示“拥有”应选用动词have。




Mr.Ma, a famous mental doctor from Beijing once said at an important meeting, “Now many young students can have problems with their minds.Some students become worried because they have to study very hard.Others have trouble getting on well with people around them like their parents and classmates.Parents and teachers should care more about this problem.”

Then Mr.Ma gave some examples.One patient, a middle school student from Xi’an was doing badly in his lessons.He thought his teachers and friends often laughed at him, and he became so nervous and worried that one night he left his homes without telling

parents.Another student, a 14-year-old schoolgirl from Shanghai, was very afraid of exams.While she was reading the exam paper, she couldn’t think of anything to write.

A recent report from Jiefang Daily says about 18% of the young students in Shanghai have mental problems.They often fell worried and very unhappy.Unluckily many of them won’t go and ask for help.Some think they will look won’t talk about their secrets.

At the end of the meeting, Mr.Ma offered some good ideas to young people:

◆ Talk to your parents or teacher often.

◆ Take part in group activities.

◆ Try to get on well with the people around you.

◆ Go to see a doctor if you often feel unhappy.

1.The students who often become worried or have trouble getting on with others may have ________.

A.no parents B.no secrets

C.poor memories D.mental problems 答案:D 由文章第一段可以知道现在学生的学习压力,以及和周围的人的关系处理不好,会产生忧虑,从而导致精神问题。

2.The schoolgirl’s problem happened whenever she ________.

A.studied very hard B.had exams

C.talked with her parents D.went to see the doctor

答案:B 由第二段的最后几句话“Another student,a14-year-old schoolgirl from Shanghai, was very afraid of exams.While she was reading the exam paper, she couldn’t think of anything to write.” 可以知道B是正确答案。

3.Some of those with mental problems won’t ask for help because ________ .

A.they don’t want to tell their secrets to others

B.their parents are too busy to look after them

C.doctors can’t help them with the problems

D.they can do with the problems themselves

答案:A 从第三段的最后几句话“Unluckily many of them won’t go and ask for help.Some think they will look stupid if they go to see a doctor...”,他们之所以不求救,是因为他们不想让别人知道他们的秘密。

4.The underlined word “stupid” in this passage means________.

A.pretty B.happy


5.According to the last part, which of the followings is a good idea?

A.It’s important for children to live with their parents.

B.It’s helpful for people to see doctors every day.

C.It’s useful for students to keep quiet in class.

D.It’s necessary for young people to have group activities.

答案:D 从医生建议中可以得到D项是正确答案。


We are all busy talking about and using the Internet,but how many of us know about the history of the Internet?

Many people are surprised when they find that the Internet was set up in the 1960s.At that time,computers were large and expensive.Computer networks(网络) didn’t work well.If one computer in the network broke down,then the whole network stopped.So a new network system(系统) had to be set up.It should be good enough to be used by many different computers.If part of the network was not working,information could be sent through another part.In this way the computer network system would keep on working all the time.

At first,the Internet was only used by the government,but,in the early

1970s,universities,hospitals and banks were allowed to use it too.However,computers were still expensive and the Internet was difficult to use.By the start of the 1990s,computers become cheaper and easier to use.Scientists had also developed software(软件) that made “surfing(浏览)” the Internet more convenient(方便). day.Sending e-mail is more and more popular among students.

The Internet has now become one of the most important parts of people’s life.

1.The Internet has a history of________years.

A.about 40 B.less than 30 C.not clever D.not friendly 答案:C stupid意思是“愚蠢的”,原话的意思是“如果他们去看医生,他们就觉得别人

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