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【2013广东广州】17. I always tell my students ______ on the road because it’s really dangerous.

A. not to playB. to play not C. not playing D. not play

【2013广东】41. —I didn’t hear you come in just now.

— That’s good. We tried _______ any noise, for you were sleeping.

A. not make B. not to make C. to make D. making

【2013湖北孝感】39. —Dad, why must I stop ______ computer games? —For your health, my boy.

A. play B. to play C. to playing D. playing

【2013湖北襄阳】38. —Driving less, walking more is good for our health.

— a car.

A. take, drive B. take, to drive C. take, driving D. taking, driving

【2013山东济宁】23. — I will go to Harbin for my summer vacation. What about you?

—I haven’t decided where ________.

A. go B. went C. going D. to go

【2013江西】38. Lucy is shy. She would not invite her classmates _____dancing with her.

A. practice B. practices C. practicing D. to practice

【2013 湖北黄冈】38.—How is your grandma?

—She’s fine. She used to _____ TV at home after supper. But now she is used to _____ out for a walk.

A. watch; go B. watching; go C. watching; going D. watch; going

【2013广西贺州】 33. Our teacher often tells us _____ in the river. It’s dangerous.

A. don’t swim B. not swim C. not to swim D. not swimming

【2013江苏扬州】13. The Greens used to live in London and now they ________ in Beijing.

A. used to live B. are used to live C. are used to living D. are used for living

【2013江苏扬州】12. — What are you going to do when you grow up?

— A singer, but my parents wish me ________ a teacher.

A. am

A. to destroy B. to be C. will be D. be 【2013江苏无锡】9. Don’t throw away the waste paper. It needs so that it can be reused. B. destroying C. to collect D. collecting

【2013江苏苏州】7. Paul made a nice cage______ the little sick bird till it could fly.

A. keep B. kept C. keeping D. to keep

【2013山东济南】52. It was time for class. Mr. King asked all the children ___________ down quietly.

A. sit B. sat C. to sit D. sitting

【2013湖南株洲】21. All the Chinese people must work hard China Dream.

A. to realize B. realize C. realizing

【2013山东临沂】31. My parents often tell me too much junk food because it’s bad for my health.

A. not eating

B. not to eat C. eating 1 D. to eat

【2013浙江杭州】24. She’s not strong enough _________ walking up mountains.

A. to go B. going

C. go D. went D.stay 【2013重庆】38.He lost his key.It made him _____in the cold to wait for his wife’s return. A.to stay B stayed C.stays

【2013湖南邵阳】25. — What about a rest? —Let's go for a walk.

A. to take B. take C. taking

【2013 浙江衢州】28. Many children are left alone in the countryside. Let’s try our best them.

A. help B. helping C. to help D. helps

【2013四川内江】39. Our English teacher often says to us, “____ English well is very important”

A. Learn B. Learning C. Learned D. To learning

【2013四川内江】36. He hurried back home ____ his schoolbag.

A. fetched B. to fetch C. fetching D. fetches

【2013四川凉山】35.Everyone may feel time very quickly when they do something interesting.

A. go by B. to go by C. went by

【2013四川广安】29.— I’m looking forward to _____my parents soon. What about you? — Me too.

A. seeing

A. walk; telling

A. give up B. see C. saw D. walking; talking D. giving up 【2013湖北黄石】( D ) 29. Seeing their teacher _______ into the classroom, they stopped _______ at once. B. entering; to speak C. enter; to tell B. gave up C. to give up

D. taking 【2013 上海】47. Even Tony’s granddaughter, a five-year-old girl, asked him ________smoking. 【2013 上海】48. The retired couple enjoy _______ photos. They always go out with their cameras A. take B. took C. to take

A. sleeping B. to sleep C. slept D. sleep

【2013江苏淮安】12. At times, parents find it difficult ________ with their teenage children.

A. talk B. talked C. talking D. to talk

【2013湖南益阳】35. He used to _____in a small village, but now he has been used to ____in a big city.

A. live; living B. live; live C. living; living

【2013湖南益阳】28.You look too tired. Why not______a rest?

A. stop to have B. to stop having C. stop having

【2013湖南娄底】26. —Would you mind_________ the window? It's very hot. —No, not at all.

A. open B. to open C. opening

【2013 湖南衡阳】25. —Laura enjoys story books. —Me, too.

A. reading B. read C. to read

【2013 湖南衡阳】26. My parents asked computer games.

A. not playing B. not to play C. not play

How kind you are! You always do what you can __________ others.

A. help B. helping C. helps D. to help

【2013湖北孝感】33. —What a heavy rain! —So it is. I prefer ______ rather than ____ on such a rainy day.

A. to go out; stay at home B. to stay at home; go out

C. going out; stay at home D. staying at home ; go out

2 【2013江苏徐州】8. I'm sleepy. I prefer ________ at home to going out for a walk.

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