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思致超越 知行合一

7BU4 Finding your way


1. follow me

follow sb. to do sth 跟着某人做某事

Would you please______ ( follow) me __________ (go) into the park?

2. be afraid

be afraid of sb./sth

be afraid of doing sth

be afraid to do sth

be afraid that +从句

3. have to




4. A be north of B 在···北边

be north of = be to the north of

north south west east

东北: 西北: 西南: 东南:

A be in the north of B A地属于B地

A is on the east of B A地和B地接壤

A is to the east of B A地与B地不接壤

A. in B. on C. to D. /

A. in B. on C. to D. /

5. three kilometres away

three kilometres far away ????


6. in front of in the front of

方位词: behind inside out side above below over under There is a tree (在···前面)our classroom.

There is a blackboard (在···前面)our classroom.

7. lie down lie→lying

There is a panda 躺) on the grass.

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思致超越 知行合一

8. turn left turn right

on the left on my left on the right on my right

9. make beautiful sounds

make people laugh/cry

make +V原

sound v 听起来 n 声音

. It makes (我们) (笑).

10. fun funny

Shopping is It`s a 11. cross the bridge cross = go/ walk across

across go across crossing

through go through

Cross the bridge, you will see some monkeys.

the bridge, you will see some monkeys.

12. go straight on

walk along the road

walk past

13. on the grass

on the lake

on the farm

on the desk

14. a an the

There is panda lying on the grass. panda is eating.

15. How cute!感叹句

________________ sunny weather it is!

________________ sunny the weather is!

________________ hard work it is!

________________ hard the work is!

________________ a beautiful flower it is!

________________ beautiful the flower is!

________________ well the girls are dancing!

________________ good children they are!

________________ nice the pictures are!

________________ cold it is today!

________________ heavy snow it is!

________________ an interesting story it is!

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思致超越 知行合一

________________ a clever girl she is!

________________ a tall building!

________________ high the bird is flying!

________________ a beautiful girl!

________________ delicious food!

________________ happy they are!

16. in the tree on the tree

There are some apples the tree .

There are some birds the tree .

17. one···the other

On the left, a bird is singing in one tree. On the right, two boys are sitting under the other tree. 我有两个哥哥。一个是医生,另一个是老师。

18. path road

19. Take the second turning on the right.

= Turn right at the second crossing.

20. see a film

watch a film

21. prepare plenty of food and drinks for us

prepare sth for sb

plenty of

22. 23. by bus take a bus in the bus

by bike ride a bike on the bike

24. 短语:

go down

go up

all day long

king of the animal world

go near

world of birds

monkeys`s forest

jump around

run fast

eat the leaves from trees

be like

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思致超越 知行合一

have a nice trip

all kinds of animals

start their visit from the North Gate

in a very big cage

I see

over there

under the ground

an English Corner

go out

at the traffic lights

at the first crossing

at the corner of the street

see you then

have a birthday party

this weekend

invite you to the party

look forward to seeing you at the party

at noon



Mary _______ ( be ) afraid to go out at night .

Walk down the ________________(小路) and you will see a bridge. The dog _________ ( follow ) his master all the time .

The zoo is __________(东南) of the city .

(桥) in the picture on the wall.

She _________ ( have ) to get up early every day .

Do you like eating ________ ( west ) food .

She isn’t good at __________ ( sing ) .

Thanks for _________(邀请) me to your birthday party.

Let _________ ( we ) go by bike .

Timmy, with his parents, ________ (go ) to the zoo once a week .

I think you’ll ___________(have) to _____________(clean) the floor now. To get to the park, turn left when you come to the __________(十字路口)。 Don’t ______________(横穿) the street.

We __________(see)them tomorrow.

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思致超越 知行合一

Take the first ___________ (turn) on the left .

We hope you________(come )to my party tomorrow.

Cross the road at the ___________(交通) lights


Say it ___________ ( once more ) , please .

We have ______________ ( not the same ) ideas .


1. _______ does ________ bag of apples cost ?

A. How much ; a B. How much ; an C. How many ; an D. How many ; the

2. Beijing is ________ the north of Nanjing .

A. in B. to C. on D. of

3. They go home _________ air every year .

A. for B. by C. in D. on

4. The students are going _______the road.

A. across B. on C. through D. cross

5. Are you going to see the doctor tomorrow ?

A. Yes, you are. B. Yes. I am. C. Yes, I will. D. Yes, you will.

6. Go ______the street and then you’ll see the library at the end of the street.

A .under B. along C .above D .across

7. A train is going ________a tunnel (隧道).

A. over B. across C. on D. through

8. Can you come to my house ________Saturday morning ?

A. in B at C. on D. out

9. Look !He is _______the river.

A. swim across B. swimming across C. swimming across D. swimming through

A. the way to B. the way C.the way to get D.the way getting to

A. by the bike B.by an bike C.on bike D.on the bike

’A.am looking for,find B. am finding ,look for C. am looking for,look for D. am finding ,find

13. —A. Will B. Shall C. Did D. Are

14. My father hope you _________ to my home.

A. will can come B. are come C. to come D. will come

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思致超越 知行合一

15. I have two bikes .One is black,_________ is blue.

A. other B. else C. another D. the other

16. Millie usually goes to work ___________________.

A. ride a bike B. on bicycle C. by a bike D. on her bike

17. Lily’s rulers are short. __________ are longer than ___________.

A. My; her B. My; hers C. Mine; she D. Mine; hers

18. Walk _____ the road and turn left ____No.4 street, you can see the hospital ____ the left.

A. along; into; at B. straight; into; on

C. in; into; in D. along; into; on

19. I’m afraid he may _____ ill at home.

A. / B. is C. be D. being

20. There is _____ s" and _____ u"in _____ word"bus"?

A. a;an;a B. an;a;the C. an;an;a D. a;a;the

21. Tony is______ American boy. He studies ______Chinese in______ university in Beijing now.

A. a; a; an B. an;/; a C. the; the; a D. an; the;/

dinner at half past seven.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

23. —I just have ______ cup of milk and ______ egg for ______ breakfast.

—That's not enough.

A. a; an; the B. a; the; an C. a; an; / D. the; an; /

24. _____ it is to have a cold drink on such a hot day!

A. What a fun B. How fun C. What fun D. How a fun

(三)句型转换 提问)

you get there? 对划线提问)

it from your school? 对划线提问)

going to ? 对划线提问)

your trip to Sunshine Zoo? 对划线提问)

like to go to? 对划线提问)

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思致超越 知行合一

______ _______we meet ?

7. Take the second turning on the right. (同义句)


8. Shall we visit the Palace Museum? (同义句)

_______ _______ visiting the Palace Museum?

_______ _______ visit the Palace Museum?

9. They go to the park by bus. ( 改为同义句 )

They _________ _________ _________ to the park.

They go to the park __________ __________ __________.

10. She dances well.(变感叹句)

she dances!

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思致超越 知行合一


1. 下个星期六,我的家人和我朋友的家人将去位于南通北边的阳光动物园。

2. 我们将在早上八点,在动物园南门集合。

3. 我们会看到大熊猫。它们一整天都躺着草地上吃竹子和睡觉。

4. 我们还可以看到猴子。猴子很有趣,会逗我们笑。

5. 我希望我们还能看到长颈鹿、大象、各种各样的鸟。

6. 我正期望着我们的动物园之旅。

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