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( )1.Where is the girl’

s new foreign teacher from?

( )2. How does Li Lei’

s mother go to work when it rains?

( )3. What would the girl want to buy for her sister’

s birthday?

( )4. What’

s Jim going to do this weekend?

( )5. Where are the two speakers now?

A. In the shop B. In the school C. In the park

( )6.What’s the date today?

A. March 9th B. March 8th C. March.7th

( )7.Where is the man going?

A. To the cinema B. To the library C. To the museum

( )8. Where is the man from?

A. America B. Canada C. England

( )9.What’s Miss Green’s mobile phone number?

A.95436278 B.95342678 C.95346278

( )10. Why didn’t the man go to watch the basketball game yesterday evening?

A. Because he didn’t like it.

B. Because he had a lot of homework to do

C. Because he felt sick.



( )11. They are going to have the party on A. Sunday evening B. Saturday evening C. Thursday evening

( )12. They are going to have the party .

A. in the man’s flat B. in the woman’s flat C. in Mary’s flat

听第二段对话,回答第13 -15题。

( )13. What’s the man’s wife going to do?

A. To get a new job B. To do Christmas shopping C. To have a baby

( )14. When is the talk taking place?

A. Before Christmas B. On Christmas Day C. After Christmas

( )15.What will the woman do during the holiday?

A. To give them a ring B. To visit Jack and Susan C. To go back to China


( )16.Where did Bob and Kate catch the young boy?

A. In the police station B. In the park C. At the bus stop

( )17. Who lost a bike?

A. Bob B. Kate C. Peter

( )18. Why did Bob and Kate catch the young boy?

A. Because they thought he was a thief.

B. Because he was riding around in the park.

C. Because there was no name on the seat.

( )19. What did the boy write on the seat of the bike?

A. The middle name B. His name C. Peter’s name

( )20. How did Peter know that the bike was not his/

A. There was the boy’s name on the seat.

B. Peter’s name was on the seat.

C. The middle letter of the name was not clear.

二.基础知识运用 (共30小题,每题1分,满分30分)

A.单项选择 (共20分 从所给的A. B. C.D四个选项中选出最佳选项)

( sea and far from Washington.

A. a; the B. the; the C. /;/ D. the;/

( ) 22. Japan is ______ the east of China and Guangzhou is ______the south of China.

A. in, to B. in, in C. to, in D. to, to

( ) 23. I ________ my pen, but I can’t _________ it.

A. am finding; find B. am finding; look for

C. am looking for; look for D. am looking for; find

( ) 24. Daniel often invites me __________ computer games with him .

A. to play B. play C. playing D. played

( ) 25. Who will ___ at the meeting first and what is she or he going to _____?

A. speak , talk B. say, tell C. talk , speak D. speak , say

( ) 26. The boy the toys this.

A. like; like B. like; likes C. likes; like D. is like; are like

( ) 27. They arrived________ London_______ the morning of July 1.

A. in; in B. on; in C. in; on D. at; on

( ) 28. Where are our teachers? Are they in ________?

A. the room 809 B. Room 809 C. the 809 room D. 406 room

( ) 29. — ______ your phone number, please?

— Oh, you can call me at 58648877 any time.

A. How many is B. How much is C. How is D. What is

( ) 30. --What subjects do you like?—Nothing except English.

A. else, other B. other, else C. other, others D. else, others

( ) 31. Our teacher told us that the moon around the earth.

A. went B. goes C. go D. going

( A. the USA B. Russia C. Canada D. France

( ) 33.Lily, I can’t reach the apples on the tree. I need a .

A. ladder B. knife C. house D. bedroom

( ) 34. Every spring, people plant ______trees to make our city more beautiful.

A. five thousands of B. five thousands C. thousand of D. thousands of

( ) 35. .Jack with his friends ______ see Mr Li tomorrow.

A. is going to B. are going to C. go to D. will goes

( ) 36. The bicycle________ me 300 yuan.

A. spent B. took C. left D. cost

( ) 37. ______ is very difficult.

A. Lesson fifth B. The lesson fifth C. Five lesson D. The fifth lesson

( ) 38. How do we say the number“110,206”?

A. One hundred and ten thousand,two hundred and six

B. One hundred and ten thousands and two hundred arid six

C. One hundred and ten thousand and two hundred and six

D. One hundred,ten thousand,two hundred and six

( ) 39. Will you please ______ so much noise?

A. to make B. not to make C. not making D. not make

( ) 40. –The price each shirt each shopper is too high.

A. for, of B. for, for C. of, of D. of, for

B完型填空 ( 10')

Why children go to school? Do you know? You may that they go to school to learn Chinese, English and subjects. This answer .But do you they learn all these things? And are these things all that they can learn school. The answer is ―No‖. Children must learn from school. When they school they must continue to learn. So a good teacher at school his students to learn something and teaches them how to learn something. Then children can continue to learn after they leave school.

( )41.A.can B. do C. may D. does

( )42.A.talk B. say C. speak D. tell

( )43.A.others B. the others C. other D. another

( )44.A.right B. wrong C. easy D. hard

( )45.A.which B. who C. what D. why

( )46.A.for B. to C. at D. on

( )47.A.something B. anything C. nothing D. everything

( )48.A.leave B. begin C. start D. go to

( )49.A.teach B. teaches C. teaching D. is teaching

( )50.A.good B. kind C. nice D. well



Scott put two baskets of grapes(葡萄) on his donkey(驴子) and went to market. At midday it was very hot, so he stopped in the shade(阴凉处) of a big tree. There were several other men there, and all of them had donkeys with some grapes on them too. After their lunch they went to sleep. After some time, Scott began to take grapes out of the other men’s baskets and put them in his baskets.

Suddenly one of the men woke up and saw him. ―What are you doing?‖ he said angrily.

―Oh,‖ said Scott, ―Don’t worry about me. I am half mad, and I do a lot of strange things. ‖

―Oh, really?‖ said the other man. ―Then why don’t you sometimes take grapes out of your baskets and put them in somebody else’s basket?‖

―You did not understand me,‖ said Scott, ―I said that I was half mad, not quite mad.‖

( A. to sell his donkey B. to buy something

C. to sell his grapes D. to find a job

( )52. Scott stopped .

A. under a big tree B. near a big tree

C. around a big tree D. in a big tree

( )53. Scott said that he did a lot of strange things because .

A. he was clever B. he was quite mad

C. he was foolish D. he was half mad


Once an American was in Africa. He wanted to go to a small village in the hills. He got on a bus and the driver said, ―The yellow ticket is one dollar. I have two other tickets. The red one is fifty cents, and the green, ten cents.‖

―A green one, please,‖ said the man..

The bus started to go up a hill. Suddenly it stopped. ―Red ticket passengers, get out and walk, green ticket passengers, get out, close the door, and push the bus! ‖shouted the driver.

( )54. How many kinds of tickets did the driver have?

A. Only one. B. Two. C. Three. D. More than three.

( )55. The American bought the green ticket because A. it looked better than the others B. he had too much money

C. the driver didn’t give him the other tickets D. it was the cheapest

( )56.From the story we know at last the Ame.

A. help to push the bus up the road B. run up the road

C. drive the bus himself D. buy a yellow ticket


When I was a middle school student, I often had evening classes. Lily and I often walked home together so I was not afraid.

But one evening, Lily didn’t go to school. I had to go home by myself after school. It was nearly 8:30p.m.. I walked quickly as I was a little afraid. Suddenly I heard something strange behind me. I began to walk faster than before. And I still could hear the sound. ―Maybe someone is walking after me.‖ I said to myself. But I was afraid and didn’t dare(敢) to look back. I began to run .But when I was running the sound still came behind, and became louder than before. It seemed that he was also running. Some sand came into my shoes. But I didn’t want to stop and just ran home.

Ten minutes later, I got home out of breath. My father asked me, ―What’s wrong with you, dear?‖ ―Someone, someone is running after me.‖ My father hurried outside. Nobody was there. Then he asked me to tell him about it. I told him everything. After that, he laughed, ―Silly girl. There isn’t ghost in the world at all.‖

( )57. The writer went home alone one day.

A. with Lily B. by bus

C. after morning classes D. on foot

( )58.The writer went home alone one night because A. she had evening classes B. she didn’t want to go with Lily

C. Lily didn’t go to school D. she came home late

( )59. What happened on her way home?

A. Some sand came into her shoes. B. She fell down on the way.

C. Someone ran after her and she was afraid. D. She couldn’t see the road.

( )60.She got home at about .

A. 8:30p.m. B.8:40p.m. C.9:00p.m. D.8:50p.m.

第二部分 非选择题(共60分)


61. [ 'm?nit?z ] must do better than us. 62. She has beautiful [ 'ɡ?uld?n ] hair..

63.----- Let’ [ kaunt ] these apples . -----Ok.

64. There is much fik ] on the road. You should be careful.

[ 'neib?z ].

66. Mr. Li had his (四十)birthday yesterday.

67. Xinjiang is in the (西北)of China.

68. We will go to London 明天).

径直地) until you find it.

70. There are many new buildings on both 边)of the road.


71. Take the fourth 72. The (wait) in KFC are very friendly.

73. The girl is (surprise) to see his old friends.

74. Look! The old man is sitting (quiet),reading today’s newspaper.

75. The coats are the [来源:学。科。网]


76. We _______ (not have) any classes tomorrow afternoon.

77. The map shows you how (get) to my school.

78. Madee 79. His brother often goes to school without 80. They stop (talk) when they meet on the street.

81. Neil spends half an hour 82. Her father likes (go) for a picnic in Sunshine Park.

(stay) at home and does his homework on Sundays.

85.Our English teacher makes us (read) English every day.

七、根据要求变化下列句子。(每空0.5分,共5分) 对划线部分提问)

________ _______ his father do?

87. The shoes belong to my mother.(同义句)

The shoes 88. I’d like to live in a modern town.(一般疑问句)

_______ _______ to live in a modern town? .(对划线部分提问)

_______ _______ is her sister?















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