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思致超越 知行合一





book→books,girl→girls,boy→boys,pen→pens,doctor→doctors, boy→boys。

② 以s,x,ch,sh,+es



city→cities, factory→factories, country→countries, family→families

boy→boys, day→days。

④o: hero→heroes,potato→potatoes,tomato→tomatoes


⑤ f或fe结尾

knife→knives,leaf→leaves, half→halves roof →roofs belief →beliefs


man→men,tooth→teeth,foot→feet,child→children,mouse→mice, sheep→ sheep, deer →deer

an Englishman→two Englishmen,German→Germans, a Chinese-two Chinese,a Japanese-two Japanese

a woman doctor→ women doctors a banana tree→ banana trees

【例】:These _________ have saved many children’s lives.

A. woman doctors B. women doctor C. women doctors D. woman doctor

---Are there any ________ on the farm? ---Yes, there are some.

A. horse B. duck C. chicken D. sheep ’ve got five.

A. sheeps B. sheep C. pig D. chicken

They are from ________. They’re _______.

A. Germany; Germans B. Germans; Germany C. German; Germany D. Germany; Germen

⑦集合名词:people, police,cattle

【例】:How many___were there in the street when the accident happened?

A. policeman B. polices C. police D. peoples


ten-minute walk= ten minutes` walk, an 8-year-old girl, a ten-mile walk。




physics, mathematics/maths,news,the United States,politics(政治)

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思致超越 知行合一

2. 能够修饰可数名词的:

some any lots of a lot of plenty of many a few few

a great many (of) a number of

【例】: Could you take _______ for these _______? They are very beautiful.

A. any photos, tomatos B. some photos, tomatoes

C. some photos, tomatos D. any photos, tomatoes

3. 能够修饰不可数名词的:

some any lots of a lot of plenty of much a little little

a great deal of an amount of=amounts of a large quantity of(单数谓语)

quantities of(复数谓语)

a piece of / a cup of / a glass of / a bottle of / a kilo of

【例】:–How many ________ are there in the kitchen? -Only two.

A. bag of rice B. bags of rice C. bags of rice


Teachers` Day yesterday's newspaper Lily and Lucy` bedroom Lily`s and Lucy` bedrooms 所有格表地点:my aunt`s (home) the teachers`(office)

【例】:This is _________ bedroom. The twin sisters like it very much.

A. Anne and Jane B. Anne’s and Jane’s C. Anne’s and Jane D. Anne and Jane’s


news fish chicken advice information rubbish work

juice meat bread paper tea money change 零钱 fruit furniture traffic weather homework food coffee


【例】: We need to come up with a/an ______ and make a decision at once.

A. information B. advice C. idea D. news


home family house job work

problem question voice noise sound

place room space seat

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思致超越 知行合一

【例】: –You look worried. What’s your ______? -I have trouble learning English.

A. name B. question C. problem D. job


1. ---What would you like to drink, ________ or orange? ---Orange, please.

A. hamburger B. chip C. tea

2. --- Where have you been, Tim? --- I’ve been to ______.

A. the Henry house B. the Henry family C. The Henry’s home D. Henry’s

3. You looked for it twice, but you haven’t found it. Why not try ____ .

A. three times B. a third time C. the third time D. once

4. -- They are thirsty. Will you please give them ______ ? --- Certainly.

A. some bottles of waters B. some bottles of water

C. some bottle of water D. some bottle of waters

5. There is some _______ on the plate.

A. cakes B. meat C. potato D. pears

6. The______ has two _______ .

A. boys; watches B. boy; watch C. boy; watches D. boys; watch

7. Are they going to have a picnic on _______ ?

A. Children’s Day B. Childrens’s Day C. the Children’s Day D. the Childrens` Day

8. What’s in the cupboard? A few ________, but little ________.

A. apples; coffee B. coffee; apples C. apple; coffees D. coffees; apple

9. Look at the flowers! They are in different ______: red, yellow, pink …

A. colors B. sizes C. prices D. names

10. -Emma, who are you taking _________ of at home? -My grandma, she got hurt in an accident.

A. place B. part C. seat D. care

11. –You look worried. What’s your ______? -I have trouble learning English.

A. name B. question C. problem D. job

12. -How do western people celebrate______? -They usually make special pumpkin lanterns.

A. Christmas B. Thanksgiving Day C. Halloween D. New Year’s Day

13. When I hurriedly got to the airport, the lady at the window told me that there were no ________ left on

that plane.

A. places B. seats C. space D. room

14. The music made me think of the ________ of a running stream.

A. shout B. noise C. voice D. sound

15. The lady with long _____ found her husband had already got three gray _____.

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思致超越 知行合一

A. hair, hair B. hair, hairs C. hairs, hair D. hairs, hair

16. He always has a ________ with him. I think he must enjoy taking photos.

A. computer B. dictionary C. camera

17. _______ mothers couldn't go to the meeting, because they have gone to Shanghai .

A. Mary and Peter's B. Mary and Peter C. Mary's and Peter D. Mary's and Peter's

18. Li Lei has been to __________ many times this month.

A. her uncle B. her uncle's C. her uncles D. aunt’s

19. A group of _________ are talking with two ___________.

A. Frenchmen, Germans B. Germans ,Frenchmans

C. Frenchmans , Germen D. Germen , Frenchmen

20. Where are the students? Are they in _______ ?

A. the Room 406 B. Room 406 C. the 406 Room D. 406 Room

21. Can you imagine what life will be like in ________ time?

A. 20 years’ B. 20 year’s C. 20-year’ D. 20-years

22.. The_______ of most trees will fall in autumn.

A leaf B. leafs C leaves

23. — It's a wise ________ to wear the white tie. It matches your shirt well.

— Thank you very much.

A. choice B. support C. mixture D. honour

24. ——Of course! You always look beautiful in red.

A. size B. design C. price D. color

25. Being honest is the first ______ if you want to make friends with others.

A. step B. time C. job D. hand

26. —Tommy, you can never let others know what I have told you today.

—Don’t worry. I will keep the ______.

A. secret B. money C. address D. grade

27. ---- I have great ______ in finishing the work by myself. Could you help me ?

—No problem.

A. fun. B. success. C. advice. D. difficulty.

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