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思致超越 知行合一

7B U4


1. Can you tell me the w______ to the hospital?

2.________ ears are like big fans. (elephant)

3. I can’t hear the ________ (声音) of the birds. It is so quiet here.

4. Pandas enjoy _________ (lie) down all day long.

5. Lots of ________ (visit) come to visit the Great Wall every year.

6. You can’t make your friend _________ (wait) for a long time.

7. The giraffes like eating the ________ (leaf) from trees.

8. ___________ (not be) afraid .I’ll help you.

9. The temperature is ______ zero. It’s so cold.

10. Which way should I go ______ the traffic lights?(用合适的介词填空)

11. Thanks for ________ (invite) me to the party.

12. Monkeys are clever and they are always ________ (跳) around.

13. It’s easy to walk from your building to _________.(my)

14. Your mother ________ (water) flowers every day, doesn’t she?

15. They ________________ food and drinks for the coming holiday now.


1. My brother is afraid ________.

A of swim B swimming C of swimming D swim

2. The students in our school _____ do much homework.

A needn’t to B mustn’t to C don’t have to D doesn’t have to

3. The monkey is making faces. It makes us all _______.

A laugh B laughing C to laugh D to laughing

4. The twins ______ their parents very much.

A are likes B likes C are liking D look like

5. The map shows you ______ the shopping mall.

A how to get B how get to C how can get to D how to get to

6. How long does it take you ______ to work every day?

A to ride B ride C rides D for riding

7. There is a teacher’s desk _______ our classroom.

A in front of B far C on D in the front of

8. There are many birds _______ the tree with many apples ______ it.

A on; on B in; in C in; on D on; in

9. The boss makes his worker ______ the room for him.

A cleans B to clean C clean D cleaning


1. My father has to work on Saturday.(改为否定句)

My father _________ ________ to work on Saturday.

2. She rides a bike to work.(对划线部分提问)

_________ ________ she ________ to work ?

3. You can’t write on the desk.(改为祈使句)

________ ________ on the desk.

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