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(时量:60分钟 总分:100分)

班级: 姓名: 学号: 温馨提示:请同学们认真审题、细心思考,保持卷面整洁。用最真实的成绩


一 听力技能(1×10=10)


1 What does Bob look like?

A Short and fat.

B Tall and thin.

C Tall and fat.

2 Who is funnier, Nick or Bob?

A Nick

B Bob

C They look the same.


3 Who has longer hair?

A Sam.

B James

C Jim

4 Is Jim more outgoing than Sam?

A Yes.

B No.

C Not mentioned.

5 Who is the tallest?

A Mary.

B Sam.

C Jim.



11. ---_______ do you go shopping? ---Twice a month.

A. How often B. How C. How long 1

12. Tom watches TV there ______four______ a week.

A. and, times B. or; time C.or; times

13. She says milk is _______ her health and she drinks it every day.

A. good to B. good for C.well for

14. Although I have a healthy habit, _______ I’m not very healthy.

A. but B. so C./

15. Tom wants ________ to school.

A. riding B. to ride C. rides

16. This movie is than that one.

A.more interesting B. interesting C. interested

17. Carol is as _______ as his cousin.

A.tall B. taller C.tallest

18. Where did you go ______ vacation?

A. at B. on C.in

19---This is the _______movie theater in our town?

A. bad B. worse C. worst

20. What _______ you ________ last weekend?

A. does; do B. did; do C. did; did

三、完形填空 阅读短文,选择最佳答案。(1×10=10)

Amy’s family on vacation last week.They went to the beach. Amy went and on Friday. She there for five days.

Amy’s father worked Monday Thursday. He went on vacation on Friday and came home on Sunday.

Amy’s mother was on vacation on Monday.She stayed and came back home They a good time last week.

21. A.goes B.go C.went

22. A.all B.both C.none

23. A.on Friday B.on Tuesday C.on Monday

24. A.come home B.came to home C.came home

25. A.staied B.stayed C.stay

26. A.from B.about C.on

27. A.from B.to C.on

28. A.all week B.all a week C.week

29. A.on Thursday B.on Friday C.on Sunday

30. A.had B.are have C.are having


A/ 根据短文内容判断正(T)误(F)。

One day, a rich man asked Sam, “You are very clever and nothing is difficult for you. Can you tell me why you are so clever?”

Sam answered with a smile(微笑), “Oh, I am not clever, instead(相反) you are too silly(傻的).” The rich man got very angry.


Sam said,”Sir, please don’t be angry. If you don’t believe, now let me ask you a question: if you have a group of sheep, I give you another group of sheep.Then how many groups of sheep do you have?”

“Ha! It’s too easy for me, one and one is two. Anybody knows that I have two groups.”

Sam laughed and said, “You are quite wrong, sir. It is still one group. That’s the easiest question in the world.”

( )31. Sam is rich and clever man.

( )32. The rich man got angry with Sam’s words.

( )33. The rich man thinks Sam’s question is very difficult.

( )34. Sam thinks the rich man is right.

( )35. In life(在生活中) one and one is not always two.

B/ 阅读短文,选择最恰当的答案。

One day a very rich family went on a trip to the countryside. The father wanted to show his son how poor people lived, so they spent a day and a night on the farm in a very poor family.

When they got back from their trip, the father asked his son, ”My dear son, how was your trip?” “Very good, Dad!” “Did you see how poor people lived?” the father asked. “Yeah!” “And what did you learn?” The son answered, “We have a dog at home, and they have four. We have a pool that is in the middle of the garden and they have a river that has no end(尽头). We have expensive lamps(灯) in the garden and they have stars.

36 How long was their trip to the countryside?

A. About 24 hours. B. About 36 hours.

C. About 48 hours.

37 The father wanted to show his son _______________.

A. how poor their family was B. how rich their family was

C. how the poor people lived

38. The word “ means_______________.

A. 寡言少语的 B. 毫无兴趣的 C. 无话可说的

39 How many dogs did the farm have?


B. Four

C. Five.

40. What do you think of this boy?

A. Foolish(愚蠢的) B. Childish(幼稚的) C. Active


I am a girl.My English name is Linda.I am eleven years old.I have eight subjects at school.They are Chinese,math,English,P.E.,music,art,science and history. My favorite subject is Chinese.I think it is interesting.I also like English.But it's a little difficult for me.I can speak only a little English.History is interesting ,too.I like 3

it.Math is difficult.Mr Wang is our math teacher.He is very strict.I'm usually tired after his class.But I work hard.I think I can study it well.

4⒈Linda is ______.

A.11 B.12 C.13

4⒉Linda has ______subjects at school.

A.six B.seven C.eight

4⒊Linda's favorite subject is ______.

A.Chinese B.English C.math

4⒋Linda thinks English is ______.

A.difficult B.interesting C.a little difficult

4⒌______ is NOT true.

A.Linda can speak a little English.

B.Mr Wang is Linda's history teacher.

C.Linda thinks she can study math well.

C/ 阅读短文,回答问题。

But I’m pretty healthy. I exercise every day, usually when I come home from school. My eating habits are pretty good. I try to eat a lot of vegetables. I eat fruit and drink milk every day. I never drink coffee. Of course, I love junk food too,and I eat it two or three times a week. Oh, and I sleep nine hours every night. So you see, I look after my health. And my healthy lifestyle helps me get good grades. Good food and exercise help me to study better.

47. Does she drink coffee?


51. 你们昨晚玩得开心吗?(翻译)

Did you ______ a good ______ last night?

52. I am heavier than her.(同义句转换)

She is ______ than ______.


_______ _____ do you go to the movies?

54. Tom is short. Jim is shorter. (合并为一句话)

Jim is ________ _______ Tom.

55. Who cleans the room the ________ ________ (carefully),Rose, Sam or Tom?(用单词的正确形式填空)


A: Good morning! I’m a reporter. Can I 56_______ you some questions?

B: Yes,please.

A:57 ________ the best clothing store 58________ town?

B: I think Sijimei Clothes Store is 59________ best.


A:60________do you think so ?

B:Because it has the best quality 61________and it is cheaper 62 ________ the other stores.

A: What do you think 63________ Liuliu Clothing Store?

B:It 64 ________friendly service.

B:,Thank you.

A: You’re 65________.



Lucy and Lily

Lucy and Lily are twins(双胞胎) .They are both tall,but



(时量:60分钟 总分:100分)

班级: 姓名: 学号:

第二卷 非选择题答题卡 (40分)


52.__________ ___________ 54.___________ __________ 55__________ ___________

六、交际运用 补全对话(每空1分,共计10分)

_ 七、书面表达 (10分)

Lucy and Lily

Lucy and Lily are twins(双胞胎) .They are both tall,but


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