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八年级英语上册_Unit4period1 What’s the best theater

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What’s the best

movie theater?

Which is heavy and which is heavier? The pig is heavy. The horse is heavier than the pig.

Birth: 1954,04,07 Height: 1.73m Weight: 63kg

Birth: 1961,09,27 Height: 1.74m Weight: 64kg

taller shorter heavier thinner older younger more athletic …

Birth: 1954,04,07 Height: 1.73m Weight: 63kg

Birth: 1961,09,27 Height: 1.74m Weight: 64kg

Who is the oldest and who is the youngest?

Birth: 1980,08,29 Height: 1.745m Weight: 68kg

Height: Chen Long is the shortest and Xie Tingfeng is the tallest. Weight: Chen Long is the thinnest and Xie Tingfeng is the heaviest.
Hair: Chen Long has the longest hair and Liu Dehua has the shortest Character:
I think … is the most athletic / handsome.

Chen Long is the oldest and Xie Tingfeng is the youngest.

A: cheap short quick thick light cool warm quiet wild calm

the -- est


heavy easy tidy dry busy happy

y -- i-- est



C: large
late nice

-- st


big hot thin wet fat


biggest hottest thinnest wettest fattest

delicious dangerous interesting popular beautiful careful outgoing

the most -- adj .


good well bad ill many much far

better worse

best worst

more most farther farthest




? 1. good


best biggest happiest cheapest most most difficult least

? 2. comfortable

more comfortable most comfortable

? 3. big

? 4. happy

? 5. cheap

? 6. many

? 7. difficult

? 8. little

bigger happier cheaper more more difficult less

Who is the tallest basketball

player in China .

the tallest basketball player

Who runs the fastest in 110-meter race.
the fastest runner

Who is the most popular actor, and he’s famous for playing Chinese gong fu.

the most popular actor

Where do we often see a movie ?

movie theater = cinema


Screen City(电影城)

Town Cinema(市电影院) Movie World(电影世界)

Town Cinema


It is close to my home. ________________

My home

Town Cinema

It is…


What does a good movie theater have?

It has comfortable seats.

It has a big screen.

It has friendly service.

It has new movies.

The ticket to Movie World cheap is_________. ¥30

The ticket to Screen City cheaper is________.
¥20 The ticket to Town Cinema the cheapest is___________. ¥10

Yifu Theater has many new movies. _____________
Wan Da Movie City has

more new movies. _________
Ningbo Movie World has the most new movies. ________

Movie World has friendly service(服务).

Screen City has ________ friendlier service.

Town Cinema has ____________ the friendliest service.

Movie World has a big screen(屏幕). screen
Town Cinema has a bigger ________ screen.

Screen City has the biggest screen. ___________


Screen city has comfortable seats. 舒适的

Town Cinema more comfortable seats. has ____________
Movie Palace ______________ the most comfortable seats.

Town Cinema

Movie Pa

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