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浙江省富阳市新登镇中学2014届下学期初中九年级3月练习考试英语试卷 有答案

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英语试卷 有答案


Ⅰ. 听 力 部 分 (25分)



1. Which season is it?

A. Summer. B. Winter. C. Autumn.

2. What are the speakers talking about?

A. Health. B. TV programs. C. Science.

3. How tall was Peter when he was in London?

A. One foot. B. Five feet.

4. How long has Tom's mother worked in that factory?

A. Since 1981. B. Since 1979. C. For two years.

5. What's the woman's idea?

A. She doesn't agree with the man at all.

B. She thinks math is more interesting than English.

C. She likes English better than math.



6. What does Lisa want to do on Friday evening?

A. She wants to go shopping.

B. She wants to see a movie.

C. She wants to see a friend.

7. When did she get her driver’s license?

A. Last week. B. Last year. C. Last month.

8. Why isn’t Lisa allowed to drive her father’s car?

A. She lost her driver’s license.

B. She isn’t serious enough.

C. Her father wants to use it.


9. What are they mainly talking about?

A. Different cities. B. Summer holiday.

10. Where did the woman go last winter holiday?

1 C. Six feet. C. Travel experiences.

A. Paris. B. London. C. Sydney.

C. She hasn't decided yet. 11. What is the woman's decision? A. To go with the man. B. To stay at home.


听下面一段独白。听独白前, 你有20秒的时间阅读有关材料和4个小题。听完独白后,你有20秒钟的时间来选择有关选项。独白连读两遍。

12. How many materials do we need in this experiment?

A. Two. B. Three. C. Four.

13. What shape do we make the paper into?

14. According to the experiment, what will happen if we hold the funnel (漏斗) upside down while blowing hard enough into it?

A. The ball will fall out of the funnel.

B. The ball will stay inside the funnel.

C. The ball will be colder and colder.

15. Why can’t we blow the ball out of the funnel when we put the funnel upside down?

A. Because the air pressure inside the ball is lower.

B. Because the air pressure on the ball is lower.

C. Because the air pressure around the ball is lower.

Ⅱ. 笔 试 部 分 (95分)



16. The underlined part in the word ―rush‖ is pronounced as ________.

A. / t / B. / d / C. /?t/ D. /?d/

D. something 17. Nick is crazy about hiking. He thinks it is ________ to him. A. everything B. anything

Here Waiting‖.

A. to B. in C. by D. at

19. ---She didn’t come to school yesterday, did she?

---________, though she was not feeling very well.

A. No, she didn’t B. Yes, she didn’t C. No, she did

2 C. nothing 18. We looked at each other ________ surprise when we heard a one-year-old kid singing ―Right D. Yes, she did

20. I need a mobile phone, but now I haven’t got enough money to buy ________.

A. it B. one C. this

21. ---Do you know why he left that position?

---It seems that he ________ a better position at IBM.

A. offer B. offered

A. steal; call

C. offers D. was offered 22. On her way home Lucy saw a thief ________ in a shop. She stopped ________ 110 at once. B. to steal; call D. stealing; calling C. stealing; to call D. that

23. ---Can you come on Saturday or Sunday?

---I’m afraid ________ is possible. I will be busy these days.

A. either B. some

--- Terrible sorry.

A. must B. will C. can D. may

D. headache 25. The data of PM 2.5 is giving us a big ________. Can you do something about it? A. break B. excuse C. hand

26. ---Have you decided ________ the children in the poor area?

---By sending them books and schoolbags.

A. how you will help B. what you will help

C. how will you help D. what will you help

27. If we sit in ________ front of the bus, we’ll have ________ better view.

A. /; the B. /; a C. the; a D. the; the

28. ---Excuse me, Miss Smith. Could you tell me how to improve my spoken English? ---OK. The best way is to practice ________.

A. as soon as possible

29. ---Are you pleased with her work, sir?

---Not at all, it couldn’t be any ________.

A. better B. best C. worse D. worst

D. what 30. Have you ever been to the square ________ was built last year? A. which B. where C. when



There was a blind girl who hated herself because she was blind. In fact, she nobody except her boyfriend, for he was always to help her. She used to tell her boyfriend, ―if I could see the , I would marry you.‖

3 C. neither D. any 24. ---It’s the museum! So you ________ know smoking is not allowed here. B. as quickly as possible C. as much as possible D. as clear as possible

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