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Unit5why do you like pandas Section A1

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一、快乐起航,自主学习 I、预习交流 根据音标拼读单词并牢记。 II、翻译官
giraffe 1. 欢迎来到动物园_________________ welcome to the zoo 8. 长颈鹿_________ 2. 我最喜爱的动物__________________9. 考拉___________ my favorite animal koala 3. 想去看他们______________________10. 动物___________ want to see them animal tiger cute 4. 老虎 ________ 11.可爱的_________ elephant lazy 5. 大象 _________ 12.懒惰的_________ 6. 狮子 ________ 13.美丽的_________ lion beautiful 7. 熊猫 _________ 14.聪明的_________ panda smart

Welcome To The Zoo

What animals can you see in the zoo?






We’re all animals. panda




He’s scary. He eats meat. tiger He is a _______.

She is kind of shy.
She likes eating bamboo. panda She is a ________.

It’s an elephant.

It’s a lion.

It’s a tiger.

It’s a koala.

Match the words with the animals in 1a the picture.
1. tiger ___ a 2. elephant ___ f 3. koala ___ c 4. panda ____ e 5. lion ____ d 6. giraffe ____ b

Group work

I like … best.\My favorite animals are …

Because they’re ….

cute smart beautiful scary interesting strong shy lovely friendly lazy cool


Listen and check (√) the animals you hear in 1a.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

tiger ___ elephant ___ √ koala ___ √ panda ____ lion ____ √ giraffe _____

1c. Pairwork
cute interesting
fun smart

lazy beauiful

A: Let’s see the pandas. B: Why do you want to see them? A: Because they are interesting.

Group work

A: Let’s see the…
B: Why do you want to see them?

A: Because they’re… and …

cute beautiful


fun interesting Lovely Strong

why 是疑问副词,

用来询问原因 其回答通常以 because开头。 同学们, 请记住喔!

Short Play

七、当堂测试,反馈检测 (一)单项选择 1. Let’s ____ B after school. A. to play basketball B. play basketball C. play a C see the giraffes. 2. ____ A. Let B. Let we C. Let’s A do you like animals? --- _____ they are cute. 3. --- _____ A. Why, Because B. Why, So C. What, Because B 4. Do you want ____? A. eat rice B. to eat rice C. to eat rices 5. A: Let’s see the monkeys first. B: _________? A A: Because they’re interesting. A. Why B. What C. Where 二)按要求完成句子 Why ______ do you 1. I like monkeys because they are cute. (就划线部分提问)______ like monkeys? 2. us let pandas see. (连词成句) _____________________________________________ Let’s see pandas. 3. do you tigers why like ? (连词成句) __________________________________ Why do you like tigers?

1. 总结所学过的动物的名称,用英 语写出来。 2. 缩写一个小对话来讨论一下你所


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