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辽宁省凌海市石山初级中学2014届下学期初中九年级第一次月考英语试卷 有答案

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英语试卷 有答案

时间 120分钟 满分 120分

第Ⅰ卷(选择题 共50分)

Ⅰ. 单项选择(15分,每题1分)


( ) 1.Li Lei _____knew any Japanese, did he ?

A. hardly B. didn’t C. doesn’t D. don’t

( )2. You should really smoking. It’s a terrible habit.

A. grow up B. set up C. give up D. turn up

( )3. — When did you buy this computer? It looks so new.

— I it for only a couple of days. A. had B. have bought C. bought D. have had

( )4. — Do you know the man came here yesterday?

— Yes, he brought me the most interesting book I had wanted to buy.

D. whom; that A. who; what B. whom; which C. who; that

( )5. — It is reported that it will rain this Sunday.

— . We’re planning to go boating that day.

A. I hope not B. I couldn’t agree C. I hope so D. I don’t think so

( )6. — What did your father ask you just now? — He asked me .

A. when do I come back B. whom I was chatting with C. where would I go with my friend D. if I will finish my homework

( )7. Mum, may I watch TV for a while ? –of course, if your work _____.

A. is finished B. finishes C. have been finished D. will be finished

( )8.Must we finish all the homework today or tomorrow?

– You ____ worry about it. You may hand it in next week.

A. mustn’t B. can’t C. needn’t D. shouldn’t

( )9.At last, Lucy make the baby ____ and the baby began to laugh.

A. stop crying B. to stop crying C. stop to cry D. to stop to cry

( )10.The president _____ all people _____ our environment.

A. urge, protect B. urged, to protect C. urges, protect D. urged, protect

( ) 11.There are many tall buildings on ____ sides of the street .


A. each B. every C. both D. either

( ) 12. The bridge _____ by the farmers themselves in 1982.

A. built B. was built C. build D. was build

( ) 13. Everyone is supposed ________ a seat belt in the car.

A. wearing B. to be worn D.wear D. to wear

( ) 14. The box is ________ heavy ________ I can’t lift it.

A. too, to B. very, that C. so, that D. too, that

( )15.I can’t wait ____ the present box.

A. open B. to open C. opening D. opened

Ⅱ.补全对话 (共5分,每小题1分)


A: Excuse me. How can I get to the park?

B: You can walk along this street. (16)_______You can see it between the post office and the mall. A: Thank you very much.. (17) ___________

B: You are welcome. Are you from America, if I may ask?

A: (18)________ But I’ve read so much about China all my life. (19) ________I want to see China

And I want to eat Chinese food

B: China is a great country and I’m sure you’ll like Chinese food and enjoy your trip here.

A: Thanks.(20)__________



In China,a lot of food is wasted every year and the waste food is enough for people.The food is wasted in restaurants,at home and in schools,etc.


In restaurants or at home,people often order or cook food.But they can’t eat it up.When they go out of a restaurant,full and happy,they never look back the uneaten food on the table again.Should Chinese consumers(消费者)feel for the terrible waste? In schools.we can often see a lot of students food away after meals and they only eat the food they like.

Everyone is supposed to have enough food to eat.However, in some places, the food is so little a lot of people died from hunger.Although China has tried hard to solve of hunger over the past thirty years,the job is not finished yet.Food is important to us all.We live without food.is necessary for us to love food and try to eat up everything on our plates.When we eat in restaurants,we should pack up the leftovers(剩菜剩饭).we also need to tell other people to stop food as soon as possible.

( )21.A.200 million B.200 millions C.200 million of D.200 millions of ( )22.A.too many ( )23.A.in

B.many too C.too much B.at


D.much too D.up

( )24.A.interested ( )25.A.throw ( )26.A.which

B.excited C.happy B.threw B.when


D.to throw D.that D.the mistake

C.thrown C.where

( )27.A.the problem ( )28.A.can ( )29.A.it

B.the question C.the danger B.can’t B.he

C.mustn’t C.she

D.may D.they D.to be wasted

( )30.A.waste B.to waste C.wasting

Ⅳ.阅读理解 (共 20分,每小题 1分)

单项选择 根据短文内容从各题的四个选项中选择一个最佳的答案,并将其代表的字母填在答题卡的相应的位置。

Passage A Holidays


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