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Nice to see you.


Grandpa and Tony



Grandpa Who used tolives a healthy lifestyle, grandpa or Tony? grandpa’s Tony’s do more lifestyleexercise lifestyle
take it easy

eat well

What was grandpa’s life like in the past?

What did he eat?
How did he go to work?

Did you work slowly and enjoy the sunshine everyday?

One day of Grandpa in the past
In the morning

7:00 am
During the work
At noon

After work

Task one: One day of Grandpa in the past
Grandpa lived a healthy life in the past. got up In the morning, he _______ _______at 7:00. rode Then he _______his bike to go to work. During ate _____ an ______ apple every the work, he usually ______ day. He knew apples were good for his health. At had _____ lunch in the park and ________ enjoyed noon, he _____ cooked the beautiful sunshine. After work, he ________ dinner over the stove (炉子). Noodles were the talked best choice. At dinner time, he usually________ with ________ grandma happily. A healthy lifestyle helps him live a happy life!

Grandpa wrote his first love letter 50 years ago.

The first time grandpa worked on the farm was
in 1959. Grandpa joined a sports club last week.

gets lives a busy life every day. He _____ Tony ______ up at 7:00 in the morning. He _______ brushes his ______ has a quick shower Then he teeth quickly and _______________. has a quick breakfast! traffic on the road is Tony’sThe day takeshim a long time to get to really heavy. It _____ likes work. During his work, he ______eating some thinks it is delicious. At noon, he junk food. He ______ sits in his has fast food in his office. And he _____ office the whole day! After work, it’s usually too heats some fast late to cook. So he always _____ food in the microwave oven for dinner. Do you think he lives a healthy lifestyle?

Our lifestyle a lot!

has changed

Since computers appeared appeared, entertainment time has become more but family’s gather time has become less. Since cars appeared appeared, travelling has become easier, but the traffic has become heavier. Since mobile phones appeared appeared, people can call anybody, but there has been less visit time between friends. For years years, we have done a lot of great work, but we’ve also been away from nature.

now, modern technology has already Up to now changed our lifestyles!

Task two: How Task has our one:diet changed?
In the past five years, some changes have taken place in people's diet. The proportion (比率) of grain has decreased by 4%. And the proportion of milk and meat in people's diet has increased. These changes in people's diet show some changes in people’s life style. Since China began her economic reform in 1978, different kinds of food have appeared in the market. Milk and meat now have become popular food in Chinese families. At the same time a lot of families have also realized the importance of fruit and vegetables in their daily life.

Task 3: My friend’s lifestyle has ch

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