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浙江省温州地区2013-2014学年下学期初中九年级第一次模拟考试英语试卷 有答案

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英语试卷 有答案


1. 全卷满分为120分,考试时间100分钟。有7大题,76小题。

2. 本卷答案必须做在答卷纸的相应位置上,做在试卷上无效。答卷纸共2页。



(本题有15小题,第一节每小题1分, 第二、三节每小题2分,共25分)

Ⅰ. 听小对话, 选择图片(共5小题;每小题1分,满分5分)


Ⅱ. 听长对话,回答问题(共5小题; 每小题1分,满分5分)

听下面一段较长的对话,回答第6至7两小题。 6. What day is coming soon? A. Mother’s Day. A. His sister.

B. Children’s Day. B. His brother.

C. Father’s Day.

7. Who will help Frank wash the car?

C. His friend.

听第二段对话,回答8至10小题。 8. What is Rose busy with? A. Her trip plan.

B. Her school exam.

C. Her summer report.

9. Who will go camping with Rose?

A. Bill. A. Wonderful.

B. Her sister.

C. Her classmate.

10. How does Rose find Bill’s suggestion about camping?

B. Crazy. C. Strange.


11. A. Jack

B. Peter

C. Kevin

12. A. To keep healthy 13. A. In the gym 14. A. 3:00 pm 15. A. Running

B. To win the basket game C. To learn swimming B. On the playground B. 2:00 pm

第二部分 笔试部分(95分)


请从A、B、C、D四个选项中选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 16. --Why are you laughing?

--Oh, I’ve just read interesting story.

A. a 17. -- Is this your notebook?

-- No, it isn’t. Ask Bill. He is looking for ___________. A. mine

B. yours


C. In the sports hall

C. 5:00 pm C. Ball games

B. Swimming

B. the C. an D. /

C. hers D. his

18. -- Excuse me, where can I exchange _________?

--There’s a bank on the second floor.

A. books B. food C. money D. stamps

D.but 19. You won’t lose weight______you keep a diet and take exercises every day. A. because B. unless

A. look out of B. take care of C. if 20. Though Lin Tao’s parents work in another city, he can ______ himself. C. catch up with D. come up with

21. -- Mom, look at the kite. I made it alone.

-- Good job, Charlie. I’m _________ of you.

A. tired B. proud

C. sure D. sick D. why 22. Our government is trying to search for the airplane has been missing for many days. A. what B. that C. who

23 -- The city of Wenzhou looks more and more beautiful.

-- Yes. That’s because lots of trees ______ every year.

A. plant B. are planting C. are planted D. have planted

24. -- Can you guess _________ the new Nike sports shoes?

-- Yes, Maybe he asked his grandpa to pay for them, I think.

A. how he paid for B. where he bought C. when he paid for D. why he bought

25. --I’m worried about tomorrow’s math exam.

-- ______ . I’m sure you will make it.

A. Bad luck B. What a pity C. Take it easy D. Don’t mention it



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“Is there love you and Dad?” asked I.

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