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8B Unit4 Revision

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江苏省泰兴市洋思中学 李 飞

1.To review something about charities .

2. To review the Passive Voice.

3. To be ready to help others in need.

Project Hope helps schools _________________ and students in poor areas.

Save China’s Tigers tigers It protects ________and other big cats in China.

Spring Bud Project helps poor young ________return girls to school.

Project Green Hope rivers and lakes China. It helps protect ______________in

What will you do if you want to raise money for charity?

sell books

advertise on the Internet

give out leaflets to ask people to raise money

advertise on TV

organize a charity show

Revision Outline
Go over the whole text and try to complete the short passage .



Task 1. Complete the short passage: ousin He was the h______ ost of a Ricky is kitty’s c______. harity show. The show was to r______ aise some money c______
for Project Green Hope. He felt very excited when he hosento be a host. But he was also n_______ ervous was c______ because of the TV c_______. ameras Ricky’s job was to i_______ ntroduceeach pop stars. Everything went well. The show was a great s_______. uccess Many people was very g_______ enerousand d_______ onated money to Project Green Hope. And they also had a lot of s_______ upport from local b_________. usinesses Ricky was happy. He hoped more e________ vents like this would be h______ eld to raise money for charities.

Task 2. Give a report
要点: 1、当我被选为义演的主持人时我感到很高兴 2、在演出之前,我们做了大量的练习;重要 的那一天来了,剧场的大门打开了,人们蜂 拥而入;著名歌手的歌迷们发出很大的响声; 为了让观众听见我说话,我不得不大声讲话; 3、那天,很多人为 “希望工程”捐了钱。

Task 3. 词语辨析
introduce each star. 1. It was my job to ___________ My job was to introduce each star. =_________ job (可数) You did a very important ______. ② It was hard work. (不可数) ③ It’s my duty ________ to clean ( clean) the floor. many other duties 我有许多其他任务 Ihave_________________.

句型:It be +名词/形容词+ to do (It 指代to do)
pleasure (please) to meet you. It’s a _________ pleasant to meet you. It’s ________

2. success/ succeed/ successful/ successfully
success = Will it be __________? successful 1.Will it be a ________? successful salesman. 2.His uncle is a ___________ has succeeded in passing the English 3.Tom ______________ exam already. success at study or work. 4. You will have ________ 5. China has ___________ successfully sent ShenzhouⅤ into space. success n.成功(不可数);成功的人或事(可数) succeed v. succeed in doing sth. 成功地做某事 successful adj. 成功的 successfully adv. 成功地

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