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Unit 3 Teenagers should be allowed to

choose their own clothes.


What rules do we have at school?

get to school late

study with friends

Finish a test early

worry that you’ll fail a test

Read the questions. How often do you do these things? Write “A” ( for always) , “U”(for usually), “S” (for sometimes) and “N” (for never).

Do you ever…
1. get to class late? _______

2. study with friends? _______ 3. finish a test early? _______ 4. worry that you’ll fail a test? _____

Talk about your answers in 1a.

A: Do you ever get to class late? B: Yes, I sometimes get to class late.

2a Listen and circle the things in activity 1a that you hear. Do you ever… 1. Do you ever get to school late? 2. Do you ever study with friends? 3. Do you ever finish test early? 4. Do you ever worry that you’ll fail a test?

Listen again. Match these sentence parts.

c e a b d

1. Peter is going to…

a. take the best.

2. He isn’t allowed to…
3. Peter wasn’t allowed to…

b. pass the test.
c. fail a math test.

4. He could…
5. He should be allowed to…

d. take the test later.
e. get to class late.

Read the following statements. Then discuss Them with your group. 1. Peter should be allowed to take the test later. 2. Students need strict rules.
A: I think Peter

should …
B: I don’t agree. C: I think …

3. Parents should not be too
strict with teenagers.

Listening text


Man: What’s the matter, Peter? Boy: I think I’m going to fail a math test, Dad. Man: You are? Why? Boy: Well, I missed the bus and I had to walk to school. Man: So?

Boy: I’m not allowed to get to class late, and there was a big test today. Man: And you weren’t allowed to take the test? Boy: That’s right. But I know I could pass that test. Man: Well, Peter, the school has to have rules, you know.

Boy: I know. But I should be allowed to take the test later. It’s not fair. Man: I agree. Maybe you could talk to the teacher after school. Boy: Yeah. Maybe if I explain what happened, she’ll understand.

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