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新版八年级英语unit4Section A-2

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Unit 4

What’s the best movie theater?
Section A Period 2 (3a-3c)

写出下列单词的比较级 quieter 1. tall _______ 2. quiet _______ taller 3. funny ________ 4. heavy_______ funnier heavier bigger 5. thin__________ 6. big _______ thinner 7. outgoing more outgoing 8. wild wilder _____________ ______ 9. little _______ 10. well ________ less better 11. bad ______ 12. many _____ worse much

形容词比较级一般用在比较两个人或事物 的时候。形容词最高级表示三者或三者以 上(人或物)的比较, 其中有一个超过其他 几个。 形容词最高级前要加the,后面通常带of (in) 短语来说明比较的范围(of 后的名词或代词 表示与主语属同一类;in 表示时间或空间 范围)。

他在我们班上他最高。 the tallest in He is __________ ( tall) _____ our class. 玛丽是这三个学生中最小的。 of Mary is the youngest (young) ______ the __________ three students.



构成规律: 规则变化 一般加 –est , 如: strong—strongest,fast—fastest 以不发音的e结尾, 加-st nice—nicest, large- largest 以辅音加y结尾, 改y为i, 加-est happy — happiest
辅音字母结尾的重读闭音节词, 双写末尾的辅音字母,加-est thin — thinnest 多音节词, 和部分双音节词, 在词的前面加most outgoing — most outgoing

常用的不规则形容词比较级和最高级变化形式 原级 good/well 比较级 better 最高级 best

many/ much bad/ill/badly old

more worse older/elder
farther/ further

most worst oldest/eldest
farthest/ furthest

最高级,很容易,一般词尾加est。 (cheap-the cheapest) 词尾若有哑音e, 直接就加st。 (close-the closest) 重读闭音节, 单辅音字母要双写。 (big-the biggest) 辅音字母若加y, 记得把y变为i。 (friendly-the friendliest) 多音节,考考你,the most到底加哪里? (popular-the most popular)

原级 big cheap new close expensive popular comfortable interesting 比较级 bigger cheaper newer closer more expensive more popular more comfortable more interesting 最高级 biggest cheapest newest closest most expensive most popular most comfortable most interesting

形容词的最高级常用“the + 最高级+

比较范围”结构, 比较范围为短语或从句。
She is the tallest one in her class.

The dog is the best present that I have ever received. 这只狗是我收到过的最好的礼物。

形容词最高级前通常必须用定冠词 the。例 如: The Sahara is the biggest desert in the world. 撒哈拉沙漠是世界上最大的沙漠。 形容词most前面没有the,在句中不表示 最高级的含义,只表示―非常‖。例如: It is a most important problem. = It is a very important problem. 这是个很重要的问题。

1. 最高级

用于三者或三者以上的比较,副词 最高级前定冠词the 可以省略,后面可以带of (in) 短语来说明比较的范围。 句型为:“A+ 动词+ (the) + 副词最高级 +of (in)…‖。例如: She runs fastest of the three. 她是三人中跑得最快的。 She works (the) hardest in her class. 她是她们班上学习最用功的。

2. Which (who) +动词+(the) +副词最高级, A, B or C? 表示三个或三个以上的人或事 物中“哪一个最??”。例如: Which runs fastest, a car, a train or a plane? 汽车,火车和飞机,哪一样跑得最快?

下列词或短语可修饰最高级:by far, far, much, mostly, almost。例如: This hat is nearly / almost the biggest. 这帽子差不多是最大的了。 注意: a. very可修饰最高级,但位置与much不同 This is the very best. = This is much the best.

b. 序数词通常只修饰最高级。例如: Africa is the second largest continent. 非洲是第二大洲。 最高级的意义有时可以用比较级表示出来。 例如: Mike is the most intelligent in his class. 马克是班上最聪明的。 = Mike is more intelligent than any other students in his class.


和 more 有关的词组
1) the more?the more? ?? 越??就越

The harder you work, the greater progress you'll make. 越努力,进步越大。

2) more B than A = less A than B 与其说 A不如说B He is more lazy than slow at his work. = He is less slow than lazy at his work. 他工作时, 与其说是反应慢不如说是懒。 3) no more? than? 与??一样??, 不比??多 The officials could see no more than the Emperor. 官员们看到的和皇帝一样多。

no less? than? 与??一样?? He is no less diligent than you. 他和你一样勤勉。 4) more than ? 不只是,非常 She is more than kind to us all. 她对我们非常热心。

和 less 有关的词组 5) less than 不到? 不太: In less than a week, the MS was ready. 不到一周稿子就准备好了。 6)no less than 多达 不少于 He won no less than $5oo. 他赢了不少于500美元。 No less than 2 million people came. 至少来了2百万人。

3a Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the words in brackets.
1. We went to the _________ (bad) restaurant worst in town last night. The menu had only 10 dishes and the service was not good at all! 2. Blue Moon is _________ (good), but Miller’s good is ________ (good) in town. the best more expensive 3. The Big Screen is _____________ (expensive) than most cinemas, but Cinema City is ________________ (expensive). the most expensive

4. Movie City has the ________ (had) service, worst most comfortably but we can sit the __________________ (comfortably) there. 5. Johnny Depp acted the _______ (good) in better that movie. He’s much _______ (good) than best others at finding the _______________ most interesting (interesting) roles.


ose the best answer.
1. It has the________ clothing store in the C town. A. goodest B. gooddest C. best D. better 2. This clothing store is ____ than that one. B A. bad B. worse C. the worst D. worst 3. This book is ____ of all. D A. cheapest B. cheap C. cheaper D. the cheapest

4. This is one of ____ films of this year. C A. more exciting B. exciting C. the most exciting D. most exciting. 5. This watch is ____ than that one. D A. much expensive B. expensiver C. more expensiver D. more expensive

3b Think of three stores that sell similar things in your town and fill in the chart. Then write six sentences using the information in the chart.
Service best: Quality best: Prices cheapest: worst: worst: most expensive:

3c Fill in the chart. Then talk in your group and choose the best one.
Restaurants Danny’s How much is a meal? How far is it from 10 minutes by bus your home? Danny’s is the Is the service good? best one Is the food good? because it’s the closest.

A model conversation
A: I think Tian Long has the friendliest service. B: I think Meet All has the best quality things.
A: I think Jean west World has the best quality. B: I think Blue Moon House has the worst service.

A: Nanfang Restaurant is the cheapest. Let’s go there. B: No, its food is not very nice. I think we should go to Huguang Hotel. C: OK. And it has the best music. D: And it’s only ten minutes on foot.

Discuss these questions.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Which has the best service? Which has the best quality? Which is the cheapest? Which has the worst service? Which has the worst quality? Which is the most expensive?

How do you think of your city?

Which is the best movie theater?
Which is the best clothing store?

What’s the best clothing store in Beijing?

Wangfujing Shopping Centre. The things there are of good quality and not very expensive.

【2012 湖北黄石】34.The _____ you work at D your lessons, the _____ results you will get. A. hard; good B. harder; good C. hard; better D. harder; better 【2012广西玉林】33. -Peter is _____ than you, C right? -Yes, but he is _____ runner in our class. A. heavier; best B. heavy; the best C. heavier; the best D. heavy; better

【2012天津】36. Who listens _________, Tom, Jack or Bill? A. the most carefully B. more carefully C. the most careful D. more careful 【答案】A

【2012黔西南】13. - Which city has ________ population, Beijing, Guiyang or Xingyi? - Xingyi, of course. A. the largest B. the smallest C. the most D. the least
【解析】B。考查形容词的最高级和对人口 的修饰词。修饰人口数量的形容词可以用 large或者small,而more或less 常用来修饰 water,这是习惯用法。兴义的人口肯定没有 北京和贵阳的多,因此答案选B。

【2012福建福州】36. Shu-How Lin is now one of ________ basketball players in the NBA. A. popular B. more popular C. the most popular 【解析】选C。考查形容词最高级的用法。由 句尾“in the NB

A‖可知这里的比较限制了范 围,所以考虑用形容词的最高级形式,one of +形容词最高级+名词复数表示“最??之 一”。句意为“林书豪现在是NBA最受欢迎 的队员之一”。故选C。

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