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7A Unit1 Period1(Comic strip & Welcome to the unit)

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7A Unit l This is me

Period1 (Comic strip & Welcome to the unit)


1.早上好____________________________ 2.我的主人______________________

3.电子狗的名字______________________ 4.互相问候_______________________

5.介绍你自己________________________ 6.阳光中学_______________________

7.认识新同学________________________ 8.照料你的电子狗_________________


1.Can you tell me your______ (名字), boys.

2.We are______ (主人)of our country(国家).

3.Jim______ (喜爱)playing football.

4.I say“Good ______ (上午)”to my teachers every day.

5.This is our ______ (第一)day at No.1 Middle Schoo1.

6.Does Daniel like______ (看)books?


( ) 1.?What’s this? ?_________.

A.This is a dog B.That’s a dog C.It’s a dog D.I'm a dog

( ) 2._______your father a teacher ?

A.Are B.Am C.Do D.Is

( ) 3.Good morning ______you!

A.to B.in C.for D.are

( ) 4.? ____________? ?My name is Mark.

A.Are you Mark B.What’s this in English ?

C.Hello.Mike D.What’s your name

( )5.It’s time to go to bed,Betty!?OK.____________,Mummy.

A.Good morning B.Good night

C.Good evening D.Good afternoon

( ) 6.Let’s ______ each other.

A.to make friends B.make friends to

C.make friends with D.to make friends with

( ) 7.These are your new books.Please them well.

A.look at B.1ook after C.see D.1ook like

( ) 8.Where ______my shoes? I can’t find ______.

A.is:it B.does;it C.are;them D.do;them


1.Its name is Hobo.(否定句)

____________ ____________ ____________ Hobo

2.He does his homework on Saturday evening.(一般疑问句)

- 1 -

____________ he ____________his homework on Saturday evening ?

3.My dog’划线部分提问)

____________ is ____________ name?


___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ now ?


It’s Sunday.We are in the park nowis a big and beautiful parkit.We all like this park.The park .too。We can boat on the 1ake.in it.It is dangerous.

Look at that family.the tree.The boy is on the left of his father.The family to the park.It is a cat,a white cat.hand.He wants to fly it.

look for the right place.It’s not a good place here.There are too many trees.

The mother has a beautiful handbag.It’I like the colour.It’s the color of the sky(天空).

.It says“ Don’t climb(爬)the tree!” But the eat is in the tree now.

( ) 1.A.He B.It C.They D.There

( ) 2.A.There are B.There is C.There have D.There has

( ) 3.A.have B.haves C.is D.has

( ) 4.A.can B.can’t C.must D.must’t

( ) 5.A.on B.in C.under D.into

( ) 6.A.son B.pet C.teacher D.cat

( ) 7.A.ball B.plane C.shirt D.kite

( ) 8.A.are B.must C.do D.can

( ) 9.A.yellow B.black C.white D.blue

( ) 10.A.sign B.newspaper C.book D.bag


Hi,everyone,Look at this photo.He is my pet dog.His name is Eddie.Eddie is four years old.He has short,yellow fur and a long tail.He is fat.He is very friendly.

Eddie lives with my family in our flat.He comes from a pet shop.There are lots of baby dogs in the pet shop.We call baby dogs puppies.

Eddie is a lazy dog.He loves eating and sleeping.Eddie says“woof’to tell me he is hungry.Eddie is my best friend.Every day I feed him and play with him.I love Eddie very much.

( )1.Eddie is a____________.

A.a puppy B.four years old C.in Grade 7 D.a cat.

( )2.Eddie has____________.

- 2 -

A.1ong yellow fur and a long tail B.long yellow fur and a short tail

C.short yellow fur and a short tail D.yellow fur and a long tail

( )3.Baby dogs are called____________.

A.kittens B.piggies C.puppies D.pets

( )4.Eddie says‘Woof’to tell Millie he is____________

A.tired B.angry C.hungry D.happy

( )5.Eddie loves____________

A.eating and sleeping B.eating and playing

C.playing and sleeping D.sleeping and singing













一、1.good morning 2.my master 3.the name of an 4.greet each other

5.introduce yourself 6.Sunshine Middle School 7.know the new students

8.1ook after your e-dog

二、1.name 2.masters 3.1oves 4.morning 5.first 6.reading


四、1.It’s name isn’t 2.Does do 3.What? your dog’s 4.What time is it

五、B A D B C B D C D A

六、B D C C A

七、1.My grandfather lived in Suzhou.

2.Welcome to our school.

3.She is our new English teacher?

4.Do you know who is the owner of the dog?

5.I like the dog, but I don't know how to take care of it.

- 3 -

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