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I only eat food that tastes good.

What do you prefer to eat? Why?


barbecued meat oil




Guess the meaning of the words
taste to be honest be bad for take care of actually mainly A. to do sth. bad for B. to look after C. as a matter of fact; in fact D. to say sth. true E. generally; to be the most part of sth. F. to use your tongue to eat a little of sth.

stay away from be in agreement that laboratory cancer increase risk even if

G. be the same to sth; agree with something H. the number grows bigger

I. danger; uncertainty
J. the place where scientists do some research K. to leave sth; be far from sth. L. even though

M. a disease which is hard to cure

A Free Talk
? Talk about the food you like and dislike and the reasons. An example: I like food that is delicious because it tastes good and some is good for my health. But I don’t like food that is barbecued because it will increase the risk of cancer.

increase the risk of obesity(肥胖症)
Linda’s diet
She prefers: to drink water

Jack’s diet
He prefers: to drink coffee

to eat brown bread and to eat white bread and rice rice
to eat fruit and fish to eat sweet desserts

Which diet is healthier? Why? I think …Because …

Answer the two questions

scan the passage

read the first paragraph and get the main idea

1. What are the young people talking about? The importance of keeping healthy. 2. How many people are there in the discussion? Who are they? Three. They are Peter, Tony and Laura.

Tell the following sentences true or false.

read sentences first

( T ) 1. Tony doesn't like eating too much food

that is fried, like French fries.
( F ) 2. Peter minds eating burnt food.

find details ( T ) 3. Laura is a strict vegetarian. (细节) ( F ) 4. Laura likes eating anything that carefully
has been cooked in oil.
( T ) 5. People who eat hamburgers and

biscuits should be less healthy than
those who eat a balanced diet.

Read through carefully, then find out Peter, Tony and Laura’s ideas about the food that they prefer.
read through carefully

Peter’s: I only eat food that tastes good !

change the answers or not

I love to eat meat that’s well cooked .

Tony’s: I prefer not to eat too much food that is fried.
I agree it’s good to eat lots of fruit and vegetables . It’s also fine to eat some meat or fish . I prefer to only eat food that I like .

Laura’s: I love to eat food that is healthy .
stay away from sugar. I never eat meat. I would eat nuts instead of meat. I

Match the statements with each person.
1. This person spoke last.

Peter Laura

2. This person says tasty food is bad for you.
3. This person eats a balanced diet. 4. This person is a strict vegetarian. 5. This person doesn’t mind eating burnt food. 6. This person is shocked by what others eat.


Fill in the blanks Peter likes to stay healthy . But to be honest , he only eats food that tastes good . In his opinion , the food that tastes good is usua

lly bad for our health. He also loves to eat meat that is well cooked , even if it is a little burnt.

Tony not only prefers to eat fruit and vegetables but alsosome meat and fish. He prefers not to eattoo much food that is fried. Most people are in agreement fruit and vegetables are healthy. that Actually, he believes that fast food isn’t always bad for you, but too much of it is not good.

Laura takes good care of her health. She never eats fast food and stays away from sugar. She mainly eats fruit and vegetables. Some tests in labs show that animal oil is bad for people. The cooked oil can increase cancer.
the risk of

Fill in the blanks with the words’ correct forms
? Many teenagers like food _____ (cook) in oil. ? Laura doesn’t like meat. She ______(main) eats fruit and vegetables. ? A ________ (balance) diet may help you keep _______ (balance) of yin and yang. ? You are supposed to eat less_________ (barbecue) meat.

? Look at the man______ (run) down the street. There must be someone ______ (chase) him. ? The photographs ______ (display) in the gallery are from a well-known photographer. ? Though I like singers _____ (write) their own songs, I don’t like this song_______ (write) by Jay Chou. It’ too loud.

1. Keeping enough sleep is good, but sleeping for too long

is for _______ bad _______ ________(对……有害的) people.
2. You should try your best to keep _____ ______ ______ (均衡的 a balanced diet 饮食).

is important to 3. Family ________ _________ _______ (对……重要的) everyone. 4. I hope that you’ll have a _____/ _____ great time _____ good nice / _______ (过得快乐) during the summer vacation.

take good care 5. Stop eating so much candy. You should ______ ______ ______ ______ (好好地保护) your teeth. of
stay / ______ 6. Bill is a problem boy. Many of his classmates ______ keep away ______ (与……保持距离) him. from are in agreement 7. We ______ ______ ______ (一致认为) that you should go to America on holiday.

increase the risk of 8. Eating burnt food can ______ ______ ______ ______ cancer (增 ______ 加得癌症的危险性).

Do a class survey about your classmates’ diets, and then fill in the chart.
A: What kind of food/ drinks/fruit do you prefer?
B: I prefer … A: What other things do you like?

B: I like … names

food drink fruit other things

Make a survey about your family or friend’s diet, then write a report.

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