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7A Unit1 Period2(Reading)

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7A Unit 1 This is me



1.阅读俱乐部______________________ 2.出生于上海________________________

3.迎接新同学______________________ 4.喜欢听音乐_________________________

5.留着短头发_____________________ 6.擅长游泳___________________________

7.带着眼镜_______________________ 8.又高又苗条_________________________

9.居住在南京_____________________ 10.正确的信息_________________________


1.Millie is twelve ______ (岁数)old.

2.My ______ (爱好)are football and volleyball.

3.After school,Daniel usually______(玩)with his friends.

4.She has ______ (短的)black hair.

5.It’s a fine day today.Let’s go out for a ______ (散步).

6.She is a ______(苗条的)girl.

7.You must be ______ (礼貌的).

8.My father often ______ (看)newspapers at lunchtime.

9.I’m free today.What about _________(去)to the park?

10.Please write down those ______names.(儿童)


1.She does her homework at home every day.(改为否定句)

She__________ _________her homework at home every day.

2.We are from America. (同义句转换) we ________ __________America.

3.He is in the Football Club.(同义句)

He is _________ _________ _________the Football Club.

4.They are old men.(改为单数形式) _________ _________ old _________.


6..(划线部分提问) ________________________________

7.I don’t know what to say at the meeting.(用John代替句子主语)

_________ _________know what to say at the meeting

8.Li Guanghua is good at playing football.(改为同义句)

Li Guanglma is _________ very _________ _________ _________.


( )1.Let’s _________good friends.

A.to be B.being C.are D.be

( )2.Does your father _________newspapers every evening7

Yes.he does.

A.watch B.1ook C.read D.see

- 1 -

( )3.Which do you like _________,swimming or running?

A.best B.better C.good D.well

( )4.Welcome to Beijing. _______________

A.OK. B.Yes.I am. C.Thank you. D.That’s all right.

( )5.My brothers _________glasses.

A.isn’t wear B.don’t wear C.doesn’t wear D.doesn’t wears

( )6.Jim and I are friends._________are in the same class.

A.They B.We C.You D.Our

( )7.There _________any children in the classroom.

A.is B.are C.isn’t D.aren’t

( )8.She is a nice girl with________.

A.1ong black hair B.a long black hair

C.king black hairs D.a black long hair

( )9.… _________are they from?… China.

A.Where B.What C.Who D.How

( )10.He comes______England and now he lives______Nanjing.

A.from.from B.in,in C.from,in D.in,from


Today is a happy day.It’.I have a big party for it.come to the party.We have a good time together.All of us feel very happy.

Look,food and juice on the table.too..My uncle buys me some comic books.My grandfather buys me some CDs..I must thank him.

A1l of us have a good time..Tom and Peter chat each other on the chairs.

At last,Happy Birthday”to me.After that.we share It’s very sweet(甜).How happy we are!

( )1.A.I B.mine C.my D.me

( )2.A.parents B.teachers C.students D.friends

( )3.A.drink B.milk C.drinks D.wine

( )4.A.flowers B.flower C.bread D.food

( )5.A.buy B.get C.give D.bring

( )6.A.reading B.listening C.1istening to D.hearing

( )7.A.talk about B.read about C.talk with D.1isten to

( )8.A.about B.with C.for D.to

( )9.A.speak B.read C.talk D.sing

( )10.A.cake B.presents C.song D.flowers


This is a picture.In the picture you can see some hills(小山),trees and a school.You can - 2 -

see some boys and girls.They are at school.The school is Hongxing Middle School.Lingling is twelve.Fangfang is twelve,too.They are in the same class.They are good friends.Miss Gao is their teacher.

( )1._______is Fangfang and Lingling’s teacher.

A.Miss Wang B.Miss Gao C.Mr.Smith D.Mr.Gao

( )2.The boys and girls are_________.

A.at school B.at home C.behind the hill D.under a tree

( )3.Lingling and Fangfang are_______

A.in difierent classes B.in different grades

C.eleven D.good friends

( )4.They’re in_________

A.Hongxing Middle School B.Hongxing middle school

C.Hongxing school D.Hongxing mid dle school

( )5.The hills,trees,the school and the students are_________

A.in a book B.on the blackboard

C.in picture D.in the wall




2. 我们放学后不打排球。








- 3 -


一、1.the Reading Club 2.be born in Shanghai 3.meet new classmates 4.1ike/enjoy listening to music 5.have short hair 6. be good at swimming 7. wear glasses 8.tall and slim 9.1ive in Nanjing 10.correct information

二、1.years 2 hobbies 3.plays 4.short 5.Walk 6.Slim 7.polite 8.reads

9.going 10.Children’s

三、1.Doesn’t do 2.come from 3.a member of 4.He’s an,man 5.Where do you 1ive?

6.What grade are Sandy and Amy in ? 7.John doesn’t 8.a,good football player




七、1.My twin sister is good at dancing.

2.We don’t play volleyball after school.

3.My cousin is in Class Eight Grade Seven.

4.Mr Wu wants to know the students better.

5.He was born in Shanghai.but now he lives in Beijing.

- 4 -

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