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2014人教版八年级英语unit6短语 用法集萃与句子

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1 work on 从事

2 as soon as 一……就……

3 take. . . . Away 拿走,带走

4 a good way to solve his problem 解决他的问题的好办法 5 a little bit 有点儿

1. repair the sky补天

2. move the mountains移山

the earth and stone from the mountains山上的泥土和石头

3. work on doing something从事…

4. build a road修马路

5. make a tunnel打隧道

for the first time第一次

6 seem very possible 似乎很可能

7 give up 放弃

8 agree with sb. 赞同某人

9 different opinions 不同的观点

10 the main character 主要人物

11 once upon a time 从前

12 at other times 平时:有时 在另外一些时候

13 make 72 changes 做出72 种变化

14 turn ... into 变成

15 hide his tail 隐藏他的尾巴

16 come out 出现:出版:结果是

17 the weak 弱者

18 make a dress 做衣服

19 fall in love with sb. 爱上某人

20 get married 结婚

21 open up 打开

21. walk to the other side 走到另一边去

22. a fairy tale 一个神话故事

23 cheat the emperor欺骗皇帝

24 make special clothes for the emperor为皇帝做特别的衣服 25 lived near a forest生活在森林边

26 in the moonlight在月光下

27 sleeping beauty睡美人

28 get wood砍柴

29 find their way home找到回家的路

30 show their way home向他们指明回家的路

31 the next morning/week/year第二天上午/第二个周/第二年

32 the movie was so touching/moving…这部电影是如此令人感动

33 the boy was so moved / touched…这个男孩子如此感动 34 all he could see= what he could see他所能看见的东西 35 the rest of the story 故事的其余部分

36 leave sb. to do sth. 让某人做某事

37 make a plan to do sth. 筹划/计划做某事

38 in the moonlight 在月光下

39 find one’ s way home 找到某人回家的路

40 send sb. to sp. 派某人去某地

41 be born 出生

42think of ways 想出办法

43 all over the world 全世界

44 sound stupid 听起来很愚蠢

45 in the forest 在森林里

46the whole family 整个家庭

47make a plan 制定一个计划

48 be quiet 安静

49 go to sleep 去睡觉

50along the way 沿路

51be lost 迷路

52wake up 醒来

53 go out 出去

54 pieces of bread 面包片

55never mind 不要紧

56 find ... Out 找出

57 inside the house 在房子里面

58 learn about 了解

59because of 因为

60put on 穿上 上演

61 day after day and year after year日复一日,年复一年 62 an emperor who loved clothes一个喜欢衣服的皇帝 63 keep everything for themselves把一切都据为己有 64 walked through the city wearing his new clothes 穿着新衣服走过城市

65couldn’t help/ stop smiling情不自禁地笑

66 get married to somebody和某人结婚


1 try to do sth. 设法做某事

2 finish doing sth. 完成做某事

3 continue to do sth. 继续做某事

4 make sb.do sth. 让某人做某事

5 keep doing sth. 一直做某事

6 instead of doing sth. 代替做某事

7 be able to do sth. 能做某事

8 become interested in doing sth. 对某事感兴趣

9 a new TV program called Monkey 被称为《美猴王》的新电视剧 10 It takes∕took some time to do sth 花费多少时间做某事 11 have no time to do sth. 没有时间做某事

12 can’t stop doing sth. 禁不住做某事

13 hear sb doing sth 听见某人正在做某事

14 lead sb. to someplace 带领某人去某地

15 leave sth. at∕in someplace 把某物遗忘在某地

16 show sb. sth 向某人展示某物

17 love doing sth. 喜欢做某事


1 Hou Yi shoots the suns. 后羿射日

2 How does the story begin?


3 As soon as the man finished talking,Yu Gong said that his family could continue to move the mountains after he died.


4 Finally,a god was so moved by Yu Gong that he sent two gods to take the mountains away.


5 This story reminds us that you can never know what’s possible unless you try to make it happen.


6 I think it’s a little bit silly.


7 It doesn’t seem very possible to move a mountain.


8 But the story is trying to show us that anything is possible if you work hard!

但这个故事试图告诉我们,如果你去努力,一切皆有可能! 9 Yu Gong kept trying and didn’t give up.


10 I think we should try to find other ways to solve a problem. 我认为我们应该尝试着去寻找一些其他的方法,来解决问题。 11 But what could Yu Gong do instead of moving the mountains? 但是不把山移开,愚公还能做什么呢?

12 You have different opinions about the story,and neither of you are wrong.

对于这个故事,你们有不同的观点,并且你们俩个人都是对的。 13 In November 1979. Pupils in England were able to watch a new

TV program called Monkey.

1979年11月,英国学生能够观看一部叫《美猴王》的新电视节目。 14 This is because he can make 72 changes to his shape and size,turning himself into different animals and objects,


15 At other times,he is able to make it big and long. 有时,他能让它变得又大又长。

16 And as soon as the TV program came out more than 30 years ago, Western children became interested in reading this story because the clever Monkey King keeps fighting to help the weak and never gives up.

30多年前这个电视节目一推出,西方的孩子对读这个故事很感兴趣,因为聪明的美猴王一直与邪恶斗争,帮助弱者,并从不放弃。 17 Because they were so big that it took a long time to walk to the other side.


18 The new couple were so happy that they couldn’t stop smiling when they got married.

这对新婚夫妇如此开心,以至于结婚时都不止不住的笑。 19 Nobody wanted to sound stupid.


20 The wife told her husband that unless he left the children to die forest,the whole family would die.


21 Gretel heard this,and Hansel made a plan to save himself and his sister.


22 Did you hear our stepmother planning to kill us?


23 I’m dropping white stones along the way. Unless I do,we’ll be lost. 我正在沿路扔白色的石头,除非我这样做,否则我们将会迷路的。 24 What a long time you slept in the forest!


25 I’ll drop pieces of berad. 我打算扔一些面包片。

26 Maybe it was the birds. 可能让鸟给吃了。

27 Unless we do,we won’t find our way out.


28 It’s leading us to that wonderful house made of bread,cake and sugar.

它在把我们引向那座由面包、蛋糕和糖果做成的美妙小屋。 29 Then they heard an old woman’s voice from inside the house.

随后,他们听见一个老妇人的声音从房子里面传过来。 30 The stones showed them the way home


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