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被动语态 revision

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By Zhao Ying Qiling No. 1 Middle School

A terrible earthquake happened in Ya’an on April 20th,2013. were destroyed Many buildings ____________(destroy ) .Many people got injured and many people lost their lives. cut off Ya’an was __________(cut off) from the rest of the world. What’s more , it caused many environment problems. were polluted (pollute ). It The water and the air___________ was reported ___________(report) that about 196 people lost their lives and 13,484 people got injured. Some buildings building needed _______(build) again .It is said that the earthquake is also a warning (警告).It reminds us to protect the environment.

To protect our earth, what should we do? The trees… The flowers… The water… The …

As students, how to make our school more beautiful ? What things should / can /must …(not )be done… You can use :the litter …pick up ;waster bottle…collect ;trees … plant ;waster paper …throw; Now some students pay no attention to their behaviors at school .I think … … I hope everyone can do their best to make our school more beautiful .

执行者 主动语态: 主语是动作的_________ 承受者 被动语态:主语是动作的_________ be +动词的过去分词 构成,时 被动语态由_________________ 态通过be表现出来。

we Trees


trees every year.

are planted by us every year 动作 动作执行者


S(主语)+am / is / are +动词过去分词 一般现在时: S+was / were +动词的过去分词 一般过去时: S+ will be +动词的过去分词 一般将来时: 当句中含有情态动词时,句子结构为 :

S+ can/may/must/should + be+动词的过去分词

S+am / is / are being +动词的过去分词 现在进行时: 过去进行时: S+was / were being +动词的过去分词 现在完成时: S+have / has been +动词的过去分词 过去完成时: S+had been +动词的过去分词


1. I bought her a gift. bought was _______ She ____ a gift. gift A for her. ___ ____was bought ____
2.I will give her the gift.
be ____a given gift. will ____ She ___ to her. The ____ gift will be given ____ ____

1.The students are made ______lots of home work every day. A. do B. to do C. to doing D. to be done 2. ---“Do you like the apple?” ---“Yes, it ____very sweet.” A. is smelling B. smelt C. smells D. is smelt

Li Lei is a middle school student .He notices some environment problems around him and calls on (号召)people to protect it. Write an article according to the chart (Try to use the passive voice as much as you can ) .
现象 建议 感想 大量树木被砍伐 种更多 至少写1-2 河水被污染,鱼被杀死 的树… 句 塑料袋带用于购物 垃圾被到处乱扔

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