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him as an honest friend.

2. The building is some c (世纪)old.

3. To my 4.Look!She?s standing a _________the ten children.

5.Baby has a s

6. Eis Tom good at swimming.

7.They will h a meeting to discuss this problem tomorrow.

8.Can you c numbers?

9.Yesterday I bought a s(围巾)for my mother.

10. Tom is a t诚实的)boy.


1. He _____________ never ____________ (go) to the science museum.

2. ____________ you ever ____________ (drink) coke?

3.There are many toy ____________ (bear)in my home.

4.His brother never gave up ____________ (try)to help.

5.I can?t ____________ (raise)a family on what I earn.

6.My mom?s had a bread _______ (make)for a long time.

7. Last term I __________ (learn) many English words.

8. They ____________ (not read) the interesting books yet.

9.The museum _________ (be)here for over 20 years.

10.It _________ (be)one of the oldest buildings in this small town.



1. Li Hong has ________ the army for 2 years.

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A. joined B. be in C. been in D. joined in

2. We have been friends since ______.

A. children B. five years C. five years ago D. five years before

3. My best friend Neil is_________ honest boy. You can believe him.

A. a B an C the D /

4. Those foreign friends left Guangzhou _______.

A. since last week B. a week ago C. for a week D. since a week ago

5. I _____ at this school for two years.

A. am studying B. study C. studied D. have studied

6. They _________ in the city since last summer.

A. live B. didn?t live C. have lived D. live

7. Mrs. Wang has lived in Haikou _________ 1992.

A. since B. from C. after D. in

8. His father _______ for years.

A. has died B. has been dead C. died D. dies

9. He has a computer of his own. He ____ it two days ago

A. has had B. buys C. bought D. has bought

10. —Where is Li Lei? —He ___ Shanghai.

A. has gone to B. has been to C. went to D. goes to

11.The librarian ______ books ______ students

A. borrows; from B. lends; to C. returns; to D. gives back; to

12. I ______ this book for a week .I have to return it now.

A. borrowed B. have borrowed C. kept D. have kept

13. He ____ a cold for three days.

A. has caught B. has had C. has got D. caught

14.Mr.John considered _______ to see his old friends.

A. In B. On C. Of D. At

四、完形填空。 从A、B、C、D四个选项中选出可以填入空白处的最佳答案,将答案填入题前的括号内。 There are many words in the English language. You will never the meaning of every word in English. When you read,you will often find many you do not know. You will not have enough time to reading and try to find every new word in a dictionary.

Sometimes you can 4 a new word because you know some of the parts of the new word. For example,if a word ends the letters “er”,that word 共 5 页 第 2 页


(某个动作). A writer is a person who writes. 9 to know the parts of a new word to understand it, 10 it will help you many times.

1.A.know B.learn C.find D. look up

2.A.books B.letters C.stories D. words

3.A.stop B.enjoy C.keep D. start

4.A.find B.get C.study D. guess

5.A.in B.off C. up D. with

6.A.can B.might C. should D. must

7.A.friend B. boy C. person D. girl

8.A. Then B. Now C.Yet D. Sometimes

9.A.helpful B. useful C. enough D. good

10.A.but B.and C. so D. for


阅读下列材料,从A、B、C、D四个选项中选出最佳答案,填入题前的括号中。 Mrs. Weeks was reading a newspaper story to her class. The story said:Were you ever in a hospital when you were small? How did you feel? The doctors in Children?s Hospital are asking for money for children?s toys(玩具). Some children in the hospital must stay in bed for many weeks. Toys are needed to keep these sick(生病的)children happy and quiet. Money for them can be sent to the hospital.

After Mrs. Weeks read the story,she said,“This story gave me an idea.”

“You want us to bring some money for the toys.” “We could bring some of our own toys for the children in the hospital.” said the boys and girls one after another. “Well,your ideas would be nice,” Mrs Weeks said,“but mine is different.” “We could make some toys.” shouted one of them.

Mrs. Weeks smiled. “Do you think you could make toys?” she asked.

“Yes, yes.” the whole class answered.

“Great! Let?s begin to make toys tomorrow.” said Mrs. Weeks.

On Saturday afternoon,Mrs. Weeks took children to the hospital with the toys made by her students. The children in the class felt happy,too.

A few days later,Mrs. Weeks read another newspaper story to the class:

Some school pupils brought toys to Children?s Hospital last week. The toys were made by the pupils of Grade Three in Green Street School. The doctor said,“We have never had so many wonderful toys. Our children are very happy with them. They say,?THANK YOU,GRADE THREE.?”

1. What was the first newspaper story mainly(主要)about?

A. Sick children in Children?s Hospital B. Doctors in Children?s Hospital. 共 5 页 第 3 页


C. Mrs. Weeks and her students. D. Toys made by the boys and girls.

2. What “idea” did Mrs. Weeks have in mind?

A. Ask the class to give some money to the children in the hospital.

B. Ask the class to send some of their own toys to the children in the hospital.

C. Let the class make some toys themselves and give them to the children in the hospital.

D. Tell the class to go to see the children in the hospital.

3. Doctors in Children?s Hospital didn?t have ____ to keep the children happy and quiet.

A. enough time B. enough boys and girls

C. get money to buy toys for D. enough doctors

4. At first,the doctors in Children?s Hospital wanted to ____ the sick children.

A. give some money to B. make some toys for

C. get money to buy toys for D. borrow some toys for

5. What Mrs. Weeks really wanted to do is to ____.

A. let everyone know her class B. save some money for toys

C. make herself famous

D. teach the pupils to do things themselves and be helpful to others



The stories inside ?re still interesting.


have you had that bike over there?

I?ve had it for three years.

3. 他不再住在这了。

He didn?t live here any longer.

= He lived here.

4. 它在这附近至少二十年了

It? 5. 你的儿子拥有那套轨道火车多长时间了?自他4岁生日起,他就拥有了他。

the train and railway set?

He?s owned it 七、书面表达。

请以“My hometown ”为题,按以下内容要求写一篇80 词左右的短文。

1. 家乡的环境等基本情况;

2. 家乡的人们及其主要活动;

3. 对家乡的简要评价。

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1. yard sale 2. board game 3.Check out 4.no longer

5. to be honest 6. bring back 7. part with 8. clear out

9. according to 10. sweet memories 11. at least once a year

12. hometown feelings 13. search for 14. opposite the school

15. give up 16. a symbol of 17.ride a bike 18.a children?s home 二、词汇。


1. regarded 2.centuries 3. shame 4. among 5.soft

6. Especially 7.hold 8. count 9.scarf 10.truthful


1. has, gone 2. Have, drunk 3. bears 4. trying 5. raise

6. maker 7. learned/learnt 8. haven?t read 9. has been 10.is


1-5 CCBBC 6-10 CABCA 11-15 BDCCA


1—5 ADADD 6—10 BCDCA


1. A 2. C 3. C 4. C 5. D


1.may be a bit 2. How long, 3. no longer4 . at least 20 years

5. has, owned; since his fourth birthday.


One possible version:

My hometown

My hometown is a small village not far from the Chang Jiang River .A road runs

through it , leading to the nearest town . You can see houses behind green trees along both sides of the road .

There are about 300 people in the village. All of them are very friendly. In busy seasons most of them do farm work in the fields The village is famous for its fruits. When summer comes, many businessmen will drive here to buy them .

My hometown is becoming more and more beautiful .I love my hometown very much .

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