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2014人教新目标八下英语unit5SectionA 第四课时

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Yesterday, there was a rainstorm.

What were they doing when the rainstorm came?

What were you doing when the rainstorm came?

I was studying in the library.

What were you doing when the rainstorm came?

I was talking with my mother in my house.

What were you doing when the rainstorm came?

I was waiting for the bus at the bus stop.

What were you doing when the rainstorm came?

I was walking home on the street.



亚拉巴马州 [‘?l?ba:m?]


Language points
1.With no light outside, it felt like midnight.

此句中介词with表示一种伴随的状况 “感觉像…” feel like (+n.) “想要做…” feel like doing sth

light 不可数名词“光亮” /可数名词“灯” e.g. There is no enough light in the room. e.g. Don’t cross the road when the traffic lights are red. 2)light adj “(颜色)浅的” e.g. He is wearing a light coat. 3)light adj “轻的” e.g. It’s as light as a feather羽毛.

2.The news on TV reported that a heavy rainstorm was in the area. 1)report that 从句 v “报道” 2) report 可数 n make a report “做报告” 3)Reporter n.“记者”

wood 不可数n “木头” a piece of wood“一块木头” e.g. He used to cut up wood for cooking every day.他过去每天天常常伐木做饭。
wood 可数n “树林”

e.g. There are few woods in that area. 在那个地区几乎没有树林

确保,确定… make sure (that) 从句 make sure of sth. make sure to do sth. Make sure (that)you turn off the TV before you leave the house. 确保关闭了电视在你离开屋子前。 Try to do everything to make sure of his safety. 要尽力确保他的安全。 Make sure to close the windows before you go out. 你出去之前确保要关窗户。

5 beat against the windows敲打窗户 beat sb.打败某人 (beat--beat)
我们3:2打败了他们。 We beat them by 3:2


外面没光亮 感觉像 在那个地区 几块木头 确保,确定 敲打窗户 首先 入睡 逐渐变弱 醒来 一团糟 倒下的树 坏了的窗户 打扫


with no light outside feel like in the area pieces of wood make sure beat against the windows at first fall asleep die down wake up in a mess fallen trees broken windows clean up

3b. Complete the sentences using information from the passage.
1.When the news on TV was reported, strong were winds ___________outside. 2. While Ben’s mom was making sure the radio was putting pieces of was working, his dad___________________ wood over the windows. _____________________________________ 3. Ben__________________________________ was helping his mom make dinner when the heavy rain finally started. 4. When Ben __________________________ finally fell asleep at 3:00a.m., the wind___________________ was dying down.

We should help each other.


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