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一、单项选择: 从下列各题后所给的四个选项中选择最佳答案填空。(10) ( )1. My father_____ill yesterday. A. isn't B. aren't C. wasn't D. weren't ( )2. ______your parents at home last week﹖ A. Is B. Was C. Are D. Were ( )3.The twins__in Dalian last year.They___here now. A. are; were B. were; are C. was; are D. were; was ( )4. ____your father at work the day___yesterday(前天﹖ A. Was; before B. Is; before C. Was; after D. Is; after ( )5. —Who was on duty last Friday﹖ —______. A. I am B. I was C. Yes, I was D. No, I wasn't ( )6. I cleaned my classroom ___________. A with three hours B three hours ago C in three hours D three hours before ( ) 7. I _______ my house two days ago . A come back on B came back to C came to back D come back ( ) 8 . ___________? He did some reading at home. A What does your father do yesterday evening B What does your brother do in the school C What did your brother do over the weekend D Where did your brother go last Sunday ( ) 9. What did you do ________ ? I went to the movies.

A next morning Bover the weekend C in the weekend D next


( ) 10. The mouse sleeps _______,but gets up _________.

A during the day; at the evening B at day ;during night

C in the day ;during the evening D during the day ; at nigh


1. I _________ (have) an exciting party last weekend.

2._________ she _________(practice) her guitar yesterday? No,

she _________. 3. What ________ Tom ________ (do) on Saturday evening? He ________(watch) TV and __________(read) an interesting book. 4. They all _________(go) to the mountains yesterday morning. 5. She _________(not visit) her aunt last weekend. She ________ (stay) at home and _________(do) some cleaning. 6. When ________ you _________(write) this song? I __________(write) it last year. 7. My friend, Carol, ________(study) for the math test and ________(practice) English last night. 8. ________ Mr. Li __________(do) the project on Monday morning? Yes, he _________. 9. How _________(be) Jim's weekend? It _________(be not) bad. 10. ________ (be) your mother a sales assistant last year? No. she __________. 三、翻译下列句子(20) 1. 我过了一个忙碌但却刺激的周末。 I _________ _________ __________ __________ exciting weekend. 2. Jenny喜欢看书。昨晚她看了一本英语书。 Jenny likes _________ __________. She _________ an English

book last night. 3. Emma每天都看电视。可是昨天他没有看。 Emma__________ TV every day. But he _________ ________ ________ yesterday. 4. 上周六他们做什么了?他们做作业和购物了。 What ________ they _________ _________ Saturday?

They _________ __________ homework and _________ __________.

5. 为什么你昨晚没有看电视? Why _______ you _______ TV last night?


1、Lucy did her homework at home.(改否定句)Lucy ________ _______ her homework at home.

2、He found some meat in the fridge(冰箱).(变一般疑问句) ___________ he __________ ___________ meat in the fridge?

3、There was some orange in the cup.(变一般疑问句)_______ there _______ orange in the cup?

4. Frank read an interesting book about history. (一般疑问句) _______ Frank _______ an interesting book about history? 5. Why not go out for a walk? (同义句) _______ ________ ________ out for a walk?

6. Thomas spent RMB 10 on this book. (否定句) Thomas______ _____RMB 10 on this book.

(划线提问) ________ ________ ________ family _______ last week? 8. Sally often does some reading in the morning. (否定句) Sally _______ often ______ some reading in the morning. 五、完形填空(10)

Tom did not like doing his homework,because he liked to do some 1______ things after school.And his teacher always 2______ a lot of mistakes in his homework.

Then one day,his maths teacher 3______ at Tom’s homework and saw that he got all his answers right.He was very 4______ and surprised(惊奇).The next morning before class,he called Tom 5 his desk and 6______ to him,“You got all your homework right this

time.Did your father help you?”Sometimes Tom’s father helped him with his homework, 7______ this time he didn’t help Tom because he 8______ at home.So Tom answered,“NO,Sir.He Was busy last night,so I 9 ______ to do it 10______ .”

( )1.A.others B.another C.the other D.other ( )2.A.made B.found C.looked at D.looked ( )3.A.laughed B.knocked C.looked D.saw ( )4.A.please B.pleased C.pleasure D.sad ( )5.A.to B.for C.in D.at

( )6.A.talked B.asked C.spoke D.said ( )7.A.and B.but C.so D.or

( )8.A.isn’t B.won’t be C.wasn’t D.can’t be ( )9.A.wanted B.mustn’t C.liked D.had ( )10.A.itself B.of them C.myself D.himself

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