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七年级下册仁爱英语Unit 5 Topic 1 Section C

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What do you usually do after school?

read books in the library

see a movie


go swimming

listen to music

play soccer

play basketball


What does Jane usually on weekdays?

gets up

has breakfast

walks to school

has classes

watches TV does her homework has dinner 2014-4-19

goes to bed

How often do you … ?

every day


How often does he … ?

every day once a week 每周一次

twice a week 每周两次
three times a week

four times a week

Ask and answer:
A : What do you usually do after school?
B: I usually …, but sometimes I … A: Do you usually …? C: Yes, I do. A: How often do you …? C: Once a week / Twice a week / every day…


Tell the time.
8:00 a.m.? eight o’clock in the morning

9:05 a.m.? nine o five in the morning
10:15 11:30 12:45

? ten fifteen / a quarter past ten
? eleven thirty / half past eleven

? twelve forty-five/ a quarter to one

5:50 p.m.? five fifty / ten to five in the afternoon

Listen carefully and complete the table.
Time 6:20 a.m. 7:00 a.m. 7:30 a.m. 12:10 p.m. after school 5:30 p.m. after dinner 9:45 p.m. Activity gets up has breakfast goes to school has lunch plays soccer


gets home
does her homework goes to bed

Read the passage and answer the questions.
(1)When do the classes begin? Classes begin at eight. 开始上课 She has four classes in the morning. (3)Where does she have lunch? She has lunch at school. 在学校 (4)When does she play soccer with her classmates? She plays soccer after school. (5) How does she go home? She takes the subway home.

(2)How many classes does she have in the morning?

分小组,根据图片提示与1a 复述课文.




12:10 5:30 9:45 p.m.

7:00 p.m.

in the afternoon after school after dinner

Read and write the words.
read feet head great bridg e

Read the following sentences aloud, paying attention to the rising tone( ) and the falling tone ( ).

? 1. The Chinese judge
needs cheese, meat and bread. ? 2. The girl in jeans can cook great beef.

1. 短语 get home go swimming play basketball / soccer read books once a week twice a week three times a week 2. 句子 —How often do you …? —Once a week./ Never…

1. 背第一话题单词,周一听写。 2.根据自己的调查表写一篇作文。 (作业本上) 3.完成幻灯片上的词形填空和句 型转化作业。

一 选择恰当的词并当形式填空。 swim watch go to bed see 1. He often _____ TV on Sunday.


2. Tom goes _______ in summer with his friends.
3. How about _______ a movie this evening?

4. We have four ______ in the morning.
5. She ________ very early. So she can get up early. 二 就划线部分提问 She goes to the park once a month. _________________________________

Survey your classmates about how often they do the following things and fill in the table. Then report it to the class.
Activity name Wang Li watch

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